Boosted on a Budget – Unlock Full Performance with Amazing New Electric Skateboard Hack

Today we’re putting a standard budget ESC up against the Focbox Unity to see if we can get some extra juice out of your ESK8 How you going ESK8 builders my name is Jason Potter from enertion boards today we’re at the local velodrome What we’re going to be doing is testing out the Focbox Unity, does it actually make a difference When you put it in a generic budget hub motor direct drive board whatever you want to call it does it make it better we’ll be doing three tests to measure the performance difference a thirty meter sprint a top speed test on flat and 100-meter Hill Climb tests will be measuring the time and frames and then converting it to a percentage to get our measurements We’ve got two flags set up one there and one over there how fast can we go from point A to point B with the standard setup then we’re going to put this guy in the Focbox unity and we’re gonna see if we can actually get a torque increase or a performance increase whatever it is the velodrome is right next to a nice steep Incline as well we’re going to do a similar test with the standard and with the Focbox Unity We’re here to do the testing now you guys are going to see it make sure you watch till the end and you’ll know whether this makes your budget eboard more powerful We wanted to make the testing as fair as possible so we use the same rider same distance and we charge the battery to a hundred percent for every single test Standard ESC did quite well although it was pretty slow off the line you can see it’s consistently getting around six and a half seconds with the last run being a little slow Now let’s see what the Focbox unity can do As you can see the unity did a lot better than the standard ESC in terms of acceleration It was consistently getting around the five-second mark with the final run actually going just under five seconds at four seconds and twenty three frames You can see the time difference between the two This is a good indication of how far ahead the Fockbox unity is in this test Okay guys we’re about to do a top speed test we’ve just recharged the battery to 100% and I’ve got an app on my phone that uses GPS positioning to get our maximum top speed and we’ll compare both For the speed tests we did two runs, each and pick the best run of each controller So with the standard ESC installed and at full power settings that is available with this board the maximum speed we reached was 33.8 km/h We still managed to get a solid improvement in the speed using the FocBox unity totaling out twenty five point five mile an hour or 41 kilometers a hour It may not sound like much but this is a big difference that puts you in the same speed category as much more expensive boards on the market We weren’t really sure what differences we’d see with the unity on the Hill Climb test We knew it would be something but we weren’t expecting that much of an improvement Okay, so we’re here at the Hill Climb test now we’ve got a starting point down at the bottom of the hill there and the hill starts going up so let’s measure the incline with this app on my phone and see how steep it is So it’s just over 10 percent there Okay, sitting over there at the start line we’ve got the standard configuration So let’s go and see how quickly we can get to the top of the hill up to those tiny little witches hats up there if you can see them So as you can see. I’ve just quickly swapped over to the Focbox unity we’ve got the Nano-X here I’m gonna go and Line up at the start and let’s see how quickly I can get up to the top Okay that was so much faster 31.3Km/h You can see with the standard electronics that the speed maxes out around this point on the hill and then start slowing down as the incline gets steeper whereas from the side angle using the focbox unity you can see it keeps accelerating most of the way up until it hits the steepest part of the hill but still maintains a good speed the entire way the way we swapped it out was really quite simple We use the included bullet connectors that come with the unity to change the motor connectors then we made a simple DIY sensor cable adapter and rerouted the cables so that the sensor cables lined up with the unity plug Once everything’s plugged in we ran the motor detection on the unity and we were good to go We also created a motor cable adapter so that we could hot-swap the ESC but if there’s enough interest we could look at making a specifically made adapter for the unity so that you can do this at home without having to worry about soldering anything Overall we are very happy with the results that we got and we can’t wait to see what else the Focbox unity is capable of Thanks for watching this video we hope you learned something new and why the unity is such a great piece of kit for any type of electric skateboard DIY leave a comment on what type of board you want or looking to build yourself and if you already have a board and you’re? thinking of upgrading it let us know in the comments

79 comments on “Boosted on a Budget – Unlock Full Performance with Amazing New Electric Skateboard Hack”

  1. huzzler g says:

    That’s nice ! Would make my Esk8 fresh again with this ! I have 2 diy projects .

  2. Keezer says:

    This was incredible.

  3. Nameless Vermillion says:

    Tuner eskate.

  4. Aaron Huang says:

    how does it effect battery life.

  5. Gregory Patzelt says:

    I think you should make the adapter…. This is a total GAME changer. Something like a Meepo AWD GT is help back due to its cheap and choppy ESC but if you put a focbox unity in there not only will it bring put the performance specs but it will solve the issue of the jerky controls. This is something I may be willing to try.

  6. Chris Neru says:

    Can u test it on a evolve CGT.

  7. Nicholas Gianoplus says:

    Can't wait to change my meepo esc @ 11s to the UNITY! Thanks for the benchmarks!

  8. dcxeternal says:

    Another question is what does it do to the lifespans of the hub motors? This is like adding a bunch of boost (turbo) to a engine that wasnt meant for it.

  9. Chris Rathjan says:

    I want to know how hot those poor little hub motors were getting and how many extra motor and phase amps were going in. I'm really not trying put it down just curious. Were there thermocouples in the hubs?
    Yes connectors would be great for a lot of people who are keen on DIY but really want plug and play. I think if you could offer a product that plugs in and is pretty much self tuning you would definitely open up a whole new market (evolve kit would sell like hot cakes). Well done mate great vid.

  10. turbotrana says:

    Yes, those generic, non programmable ESCs are a PIA. You are stuck with the programming from factory and different configured hubs require different programming to work properly. I have a 4wd setup with these generic ESCs and just managed by fluke to mix and match a master and slave to work well (braking was sudden on one master but changed to another master (different programming) and worked good??) .Would much prefer a programmable setup. I looked at Focbox the other day and the only thing stopping me is cost. I considered ordering when I thought AUD, but when USD too much. Also I would suggest having a discounted price for multiples. I looked at the cost of two focboxes and two sets of powered hubs it worked out quite alot. The aim of my custom 4wd setup is to be able to go thru grassy hilled parks which does well with the 110mm PU on generic hub setup.

  11. ESK8 Stickers UK says:

    This was a superb comparison guys, I was truly gob-smacked at the difference the UNITY swap made… especially on the point-to-point acceleration and hill climb. The better wiring/connectors would have made a difference too so fair play!💯

  12. Stuart Kendall says:

    Do the same test with an evolve GT or GTX please. Just for laughs

  13. Steven Sam says:

    Whoa! That’s awesome 😃👍🏽👍🏽

  14. What’s says:

    I like your business model, create an ESC that you can mod on any board. Not only making money on your own board but taking a little advantage over every other board. Wow smart

  15. Nathan Glass says:

    I'd love this but does it decrease range by giving the board more torque and does it make braking stronger?

  16. Lex Summer says:

    Jason strikes back 🙂 hehe to be honest.. Kerian took some ideas from you and implemented on his own products… Its just fair to show the difference.

  17. Med Chenafa says:

    You are strong jason for foxbox unity. Raptor 2.1 number one. I buy. Cool ingénieur. Good job

  18. Electric Crow says:

    I am definitely interested but i can do 30mph with out the unity, so with It i reckon I could go 40mph easy

  19. Nik Leiser says:

    I have a BIG PROBLEM with these tests, since more speed, better acceleration and more consistent speed also translate to higher amp draw, less batterylife and higher load.
    You could have solved by measuring certain numbers like max Amps, average amps and battery consumption. A simple Wattmeter from the RC-Hobbyshop might be the solution, not sure if the Focxbox itself is able to measure that kind of data.

  20. Aldous Yelxuh says:

    6:22 Unity adapter? Yes Please! =)

  21. Maltom Barn says:

    That would be great if you guys could make it so no soldering was required! Also you never did a range test? How did you guys manage to put the unity in while unsticking the old ESC since it is super glued in there? Did u guys glue the Unity back in?

  22. Timo Birnschein says:

    Even assuming the efficiency of the FOC box is much better, the increase in current should decrease the battery life (Not talking about range) because you might be over-powering the pack. If you swap the controller, you have to make sure not to exceed the max current you can pull from the (likeky cheap) battery pack or it might become a fire hazzard.

  23. Daniel Mirsharifi says:

    Landwheel gen5 here. Hope it will fit. 😁 what do you think? 🤔

  24. okcrc says:

    I'm curious about what kind of improvement I might expect on a Backfire Ranger? Does anyone at Enertion have an educated guess? Would it just mirror the results in the video or could I expect different results?

  25. Med Chenafa says:

    vs can tell me if soon there will be a complete test of the same theme as the raptor 2.1 jib with speed and tilt power for me this kind of video will help me comfort on this huge product please please say yes jason de take the test

  26. Arek R. says:

    I'm going DIY, nothing special, 12S batt, 2x SK8 6374 149kv, trampa MTB and belt drive 72t/15t.

  27. Jeremy Gold says:

    Real question is how is battery Drain % loss is this ESC more efficient ?

  28. Glenn Hamilton says:

    I have a meepo v2plus this would be a great diy build to upgrade the board nice video

  29. mst2512012 says:

    I would love to try a unity box in my build and review if it works as shown. Thanks

  30. Enertion Electric Skateboards says:

    Thanks for all the great comments so far! Glad to see so many people interested in upgrading their boards. We're working on a how-to guide now and we'll be sourcing the adapter cables over the next few weeks. Some motors don't event need adapters (if they are 3.5mm bullets) so please check your motor cables before buying! cheers.

  31. Portable Electric Vehicle says:

    No comments or test on range! I am pretty sure you loose around 50% if not more of the range since the Chinese esc are designed to withdraw from 18 to 25 amps max – depending on the board model. They can easily increase the amps through their esc settings but then it will be like a standard boosted V2 max range of 3 to 5 miles.

  32. Mike 1 says:

    Can you upgrade a paean skateboard h2b max?

  33. SleptOn says:

    Did I hear that right that the Focbox gets the 29mph advertised meepo to 25mph?

  34. Mykel Hardin says:

    Looking to get one. Do I have to preorder or will you have alot of stock? Your second shipment says "February" does that mean early or late February or do you have a exact date?. Thanks

  35. Marcus Padilla says:

    An adapter for an Evolve GT would be amazing. It’s already a great board but being able to customize it easily would be a game changer. Also it would give people the opportunity to experiment with different motors. Or maybe just motor adapters, larger motors would be really nice on my Evolve GTX

  36. cbr954glen says:

    My Verreal V1 has monster big windings and would benefit so much from a better ESC like the Focbox. Nice

  37. SleptOn says:

    Doesn’t the stock meepo v2 get up to 29mph?

  38. Jimmy Skejt says:

    Can I put it into my Majestic Board?

  39. Shinobi Burn says:


  40. Subi Kazaferi says:

    Meepo board V2

  41. Subi Kazaferi says:

    Man your Meepo board is brpken i make 41km/h with a normal speed controller. I have a foto on Instagram (subilazaferi)

  42. Christian Quabeck says:

    I have a koowheel 2nd gen and I already build a diy 3p10s battery for it, so a better esc would be something im looking into.
    And also nice vid. 👌

  43. bradburnneil says:

    Could you do a video on how to upgrade a budget board also can I get a focbox in the uk. Great vid love watching all your stuff keep up the good work.

  44. xBlueExilex says:

    Hmmm I see ACTON has some competition

  45. Raul H says:

    You should try out the braking system and see which one is more effective.

  46. Steven Zaychuk says:

    I would definitely buy at least one for my Ownboard, if you made an adapter! And, maybe a second one for the next board I get.

  47. Daniel Eng says:

    What about a plug and play Focbox Unity for and Evolve Bamboo GTX and Carbon GT ?

  48. pariocean chicago says:

    I'm gonna have a double drive belt…but before that I need to get my Unity but they posponed the delivery!! Good video.

  49. Dan Kron says:

    What about range? How much range do you lose by getting all this extra power, something has to give…

  50. Olloxan says:

    This is so cool. It opens up a whole new set of opportunities. I have already got a focbox unity at home but I never even thought of this idea to just swap it. Keep going with this 👍

  51. KingYS Tech. says:

    The range will drop! But if you use the same current settings as the original ESC (~12 amps for each motor), you will get the ~ same range (Except if you play around will battery current max). Since this is an upgrade, you wanna punch for higher power so you gonna need a higher "C rating battery". ANd one more thing, these hub motors work fine on 12 amps (and even get hot a lot) while this unity controller can even handle an 80amps motor! You wanna be careful with motor current max setup or you will ruin them.

  52. The BBQ Bodybuilder says:

    I'm too stupid (and lazy) for most of these comments. budget is 450 which is the best board on the market? i'm thinking meepo because of the customer service and the frequent updates. PLEASE HELP THIS LAZY PERSON!

  53. Tuan Dang says:

    So I got a evolve bamboo gt bamboo, with a lhb battery with 23t and 90m abec 11 refly. My board max is around 28mph. Could this fox box improve my board? I see that it fits the meepo type board, would it fit the evolve?

  54. Ghost Mafia says:

    new supporter great channel feel free to support back

  55. Alex Elsyard says:

    Nice product . Only downside and the reason iam not buying a Raptor 2.1 .. is that shipping cost is 206€ to Denmark

  56. supersaw says:

    I have a Backfire G2. Would be nice to upgrade with Focbox Unity.

  57. REPLAYY_ GAMING says:

    No o yeah yeah thank god

  58. Alexander Djamirze says:

    Is the component adaptable to the Evolve series of boards? Will it enhance their performance also? Thanks

  59. Ethical GG says:

    You are putting a $80 electric speed controller vs yours which is $250, the choice is simple if you are in a budget like the title of the video says… if I had an extra $170 I would buy a better prebuilt or look into other vesc’s or a better battery. Yes your electronic speed controller is nice but not for the cost on a budget.

  60. gg e says:

    Are there differences between the Raptor 2 and the Raptor 2.1 in the specs?

  61. Gareth Dix says:

    This is game changing, I run a Louboard 3.0 and as much as I love it, the electronics are not perfect. The ESC and battery fit inside the deck itself and there’s not a lot of space. How much space does the unity need to be installed? does it need any room for heat dissipation?

  62. Daniel Ribeiro says:

    I pre ordered this in November still not here. Yet u can order it now for less then the pre order. Wonder if I'll ever get mine .

  63. artefactom says:

    What’s that app? to measure the Climb %

  64. artefactom says:

    $300+ ??? Lol
    450w x2
    36” deck
    90mm 80A wheels
    eboard was $232.
    Come one!

  65. Nye Martin says:

    Have you guys seen this? I think this dude is stealing peoples video's and uploading them as his own, not cool.

  66. Cris Monterroso says:

    I have been looking to add this type esc to some 3rd party dual hub motors to a build i have from my older blink s this seems perfect for my situation. Great idea guys.

  67. Albert Robinson says:

    Im really excited to start my first electric skateboard build soon. I love watching all your videos and vlogs! Im sure they will be a huge help when i get all the parts accumulated. Im a starving artist flipping burgers to make ends meet but im determined to build something reliable that will give me the thrill i miss so much from surfing! Thanks again for the information!

  68. ארז אבנילוב says:

    Can it be used somehow with meepos regular remote ?

  69. Mykel Hardin says:

    Went with a flipsky vesc 6.6 didn't want to wait indefinitely or as vague as "after February " whatever that means. Oh well

  70. RBassKaloqn4o says:

    And with Great POwer comes Great Battery Drain

  71. Devin Bardot says:

    Pretty sure I fried my electronics on my genesis. Any chance I could order a focbox and premade adapter to upgrade it?

  72. Sk8teordie88 says:

    The hobbywing is the standard. That’s just the cheap Meepo esc that no one but Meepo runs anymore. The hobbywing is by far the best esc on the market even over foc

  73. Sk8teordie88 says:

    Also how about you let me know when you can dunk a foc in a bowl of water and everything continues to work properly. Hobbywing is 100% waterproof and shock proof

  74. Kmannnnni says:

    So as performance improves the range decreases right?

  75. Bruno Džambić Nađ says:

    unity costs more than that board you tested it on so its not on a budget xd

  76. joey f says:

    I have a unity coming tomorrow 🙂 i plan on giving it a go in my wowgo 2s!

  77. Claudio Muller says:

    Hello Jason
    how do you connect the hall sensor to the foc box, because you got on the box a 6 pin cable and the hall sensor cable from meepo hub motor got only 5 pin it doesn't have the white temp sensor,help me how do you do thaht🤔

  78. Larrley Vue says:

    Would this improve the performance on the haloboard2?

  79. Anton Stupak says:

    I want to upgrade Leiftech (electric freebord – snowboard on wheels) with Unity.
    The point is that I brake with those regular “edge” wheels while only “rotating” middle wheels are actually motorized.
    Can I completely disable braking function with Unity? Because I don’t need that even accidentally to be activated. Which’s why I need to make an upgrade – as in stock setup when remote control looses connection with the board then the default mode is hard brake. And it’s extremely dangerous and is equivalent to catching an edge. When actually riding on two wheels it’s hard to maintain balance when the board suddenly gets into a complete stop.

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