Blu-Ray – How to connect to a wireless network

hi I’m Todd from Sony and I’m going to
take you through the steps for setting up your sony Blu-Ray disc player to
connect to your wireless network which features this type of menu system your Sony Blu-Ray disc player has the
capability to connect to your wireless network and internet this allows you to stream a wide variety
of movies tv episodes music videos live sports events and more for my demonstration I’m using
the BDP-S580 and a KDL-32BX310 products can be slightly different so be sure to check the owner’s manual
or visit us at for your specific features and menu options you will need to ensure that your Blu-Ray disc player
is connected to your tv and you are able to view the menu of
the Blu-Ray disc player on the tv if you have not done this yet you can
find the steps to make this connection with the quickstart guide owners manual or visit
for specific directions to get started you will need to turn on
your tv and your Blu-Ray disc player make sure you select the proper input that your blu ray disc player is connected to for my example I’m connected to HDMI 2 using the remote for your Sony Blu-Ray disc player press the Home button using the remote arrow keys scroll to the far left to the Setup icon using the remote arrow keys scroll down
to Network Settings press Enter highlight Internet Settings press Enter highlight Wireless Setup
press Enter highlight Scan and press Enter you will see a screen showing Searching for available wireless networks your Blu-Ray disc player is looking for
all wireless connections within your range this screen shows a list of available
wireless connections highlight your network press Enter if you have a password on your network you’ll need to enter it at this point you will now see a screen that shows
Please select how to set up the IP address and proxy server settings of the unit
highlight Auto press Enter you’ll see a screen that shows you how your network is configured this is just an overview of your network you do not need to take any action at this screen use the right arrow key to continue you’ll see a screen that shows To establish a connection select Save & Connect highlight Save & Connect press Enter you’ll see the message Connecting to the network Please wait the connection to your wireless network
is now complete and you can see the confirmation that
you’re connected on the screen OK is highlighted press Enter we are now back at our home menu we’re connected so let’s go to the internet using your left arrow key go back to Network Settings use the right arrow key to go to Network highlight Internet Browser and press Enter press the Options button on the remote and the browser setup is displayed highlight URL entry and press Enter this displays a software keyboard which
allows you to type in a web site address for our example we’re going to type in use the arrow key to select each letter once a letter is highlighted press Enter once you have spelled out the complete
website address press the green Enter button on the remote you can use the arrow keys to move around the web page for more tips tricks and how-to videos
please visit us at or on our SonyListens youtube channel thank you

99 comments on “Blu-Ray – How to connect to a wireless network”

  1. Mathew Mcdonald says:

    I do not have the scan option to set up mt blue ray to netflix, cab anyone help me out

  2. Ken Otter says:

    Hi, could you tell me if my sony blu ray DVD is wireless ready pls
    I can't get the option to come up to search for wireless connection :-/

  3. OfficialEfra says:

    This guy is the next Morgan Freeman

  4. Todd Grant says:

    My BDP-S590 was connected to the internet and now it says it can not find the wireless LAN that is built in.  It does not give me the option to scan for available networks as if can not find the built in wireless card.  how do i get it to recognize the built in wireless?

  5. jake peter says:

     I have bdp-s185 but there is non Wireless internet connection built in how do i get Wireless internet connection

  6. MJBrowder says:

    I could get on any of the apps that were included with the blu ray player it was working yesterday but now it says theirs no wireless WiFi but their is and I'm getting very frustrated and I reset it and everything but nothing works

  7. Tippy H says:

    easy 4 u 2 demo.!  the dvd is in other room!!!!

  8. ashlei xoxo says:

    hi, my blurray player doesnt have built in wifi but it is exactly like that one the model # is BDP-S370. i would like to connect to the internet but the wifi for my house is in another room of the house, so i was thinking could i connect the blueray player to where the tv and internet is in the other room and set it up that way … Please Help!

  9. Fiona Johnstone says:

    That's all very well for the first time. I have a new router and cannot now connect at all. I did factory reset but still get wireless connection failed. What should I do?

  10. mallubhai0MBBS says:

    There is no wireless setup it's already says connection method as wired in BPD S1200 how to change connection method Wired to Wireless?

  11. Jeffrey Janosko says:

    I have Sony Blu-Ray Disc DVD Player, model BDP-S1100.  Does this blu-ray player have wireless access setup or not. Based on my struggles, I assume the answer is no.

  12. Jennifer Boardman says:

    My WPA password is case sensitive.   My sony remote does not capitalize which the WPA password requires.  How do I get around this???

  13. Ora Yemini-Morrison says:

    We follow the steps to connect our new Blu Ray BDP-S3200 DVD player to our wireess network. We entered the key to our Verizon Fios router. We tried again with all Capital letters. The system says connection FAILED. Why is it failing to connect? We need help with that.  

  14. mjr102395 says:

    can i get xbmc on this player?

  15. kaw blay says:

    How to connect iOS ipad to TV?

  16. cabbieone1 says:

    I have A BDP-S3200 on network set up shows I am connected to home broadband and can use browser but system will not connect to Sony services to update services so unable to use Netflix or other webmaster services. I used my phone as the server and all services were available through its 4G connection, I have tried both wireless and wired connection and both are unable to load premium services but can access browser

  17. Sheree Kosokowsky says:

    Hi there; I am trying to set up my Sony Blue Ray BDP BX 110 but it only gives me the option to set up Auto or Custom.  Auto does not work and custom asks to set up IPv6? I don't know how to get it to set up wireless

  18. bodybyraven says:

    I need help when I push network setting it goes straight to auto and custom not to the setting where I can get to my WiFi networks y how can I get that on my screen

  19. Adri K says:

    Hello, can I connect a BDP-BX520 to a Vaio Pro computer through WiDi/Wifi Direct so that I can wirelessly display the contents of my computer on a TV ?

  20. tom riddle says:

    It just goes directly to auto or manual, and I'm not connected to anything

  21. Belinda Jackson says:

    I have model # BDP-BX120, it goes directly to auto or manual and says wired setup, I have wireless router

  22. Jim Woods says:

    I have the Sony Blu Ray Player BDP-BX510, I bought a new modem and wireless router to save $8 time-warner rental fee. It says I am connected, I can go to web pages, but I get connecting to internet video service, then network error when trying to see netflix hulu or amazon. Please Help

  23. Steve Ellis says:

    I have a Sony BDP-S1200; every time I switch the player on and play a DVD or access an online app, I cannot access the internet through my laptop, or ipad. Can you help, please?

  24. Patricia Rooney says:

    I have a bdp-s185/bx18 blu-ray dvd player its supposed to have wi-fi but I cant find it

  25. Rixar13 says:

    Thank you so much → Save and follow, thanks Sony.

  26. Sandra Borrelli says:

    I got as far as "Activate Enhanced Features" on my Sony Bravia InternetVideo. But when I went to find my registration code, it was "registration code: Device is registered", so I couldn't continue because I don't have a code.. What now?

  27. Lorena Esquivel says:

    Hi I have a Sony BDP-S185, BD RMT-B119A Blu-Ray Player. Does it have built in Wi-Fi?

  28. Lauren Baker says:

    I have a BDP-S1200 and set it up as a wired connection. I have since moved and would like to set it up wireless and can't figure out how to change it from wired to wireless

  29. Alejandro Ayala says:

    I have a problem with sony bdp-s590, when i need to conect to internet by internet setting i have a message  wireless connection OK, but internet access Failed. How i have solve this problem?? Thanks

  30. StarKiller says:

    the wireless setup( built in) is not one of the options. What should i do?

  31. Vanessa Bovis Bamback says:

    I've been trying to hook this up for hours and my system does not give me these options.

  32. Revanth Shanker says:

    Hey, I did connect my Sony Blu-ray to my WIFI but when I select the YouTube App ,It says Checking Network Connects and returns to the Home Screen… Tried all the ways but no use !! Please Help

  33. Sisi p says:

    my SONY BDP S4200 shows that its connected to the wireless internet but when we try to go on NETFLIX or YouTUBE, we keep getting a "network error has occurred" message

  34. Cindy Vuu says:

    does the model BDPS3200 have this feature?

  35. Bri Gonzalez says:

    I have DMP-BDT220  and theres no wireless setup

  36. akin ogudeji says:

    Smart and portable. I like it. Tkx for sony

  37. Whitney Vowels says:

    I have a BDP-S185 and there is only wired setup not wireless

  38. Arts Amuse says:

    it says it's connected but doesn't connect to content like pandora or netflix.  I've tried resets, various internet connections etc.  It takes forever to check for connection to pandora then says it's not connected to the internet.  When I check the connection it says it's connected.  This happens often.  This is the worst it's been but it's such a tired process…it should just work.

  39. Gerry Murphy says:

    Hi I have a new  Sony bdp 3200, it shows my samsung tab 4 as connected for mirroring, but nothing shows on screen. Any ideas? Thanks Gerry

  40. Gerry Murphy says:

    Hi sorry gave the wrong model No. earlier, I have the bdp – s3500.
    thanks for any help you can give

  41. Kai Kia says:

    Hey sony when I first got my blueray player witch is the bdp s3100 it allowed me to go wireless but now it wont. Why is that ???

  42. warren fenner says:

    Hi, um, when I go to Internet Settings, it doesn't give me the built in one, can you tell me why? Or is my model just not built with it?

  43. SonyListens says:

    Hi warren fenner, yes it's possible that yours is not built in. May I know what is the model name of your Sony blu-ray player? Visit our website for more information. -Jen

  44. LuAnn Godbee says:

    I have a Sony BDP S3500 Blu Ray player that received error message when trying to connect to Netflix. Forum said Change Primary DNS to and secondary to but I can't get to a screen that will allow me to manually change can you help!

  45. Sowdas Pm says:

    I have a Sony KDL-46×750 TV and a Panasonic DMP- BDT110 Blu ray Disc player. Is it possible to connect tirelessly each other?

  46. Sowdas Pm says:

    Not tirelessly but wireless.

  47. Sowdas Pm says:

    The TV model is SONY BRAVIA KDL 46H X750. THANKS.

  48. Sowdas Pm says:

    Not a SONY BUT A Panasonic Blu ray player.

  49. Peace Out says:

    When i select connect it says cannot connect to the access point? I have a sony blu ray and the wireless sony thing that is plugged in the front of the blu ray player

  50. Ricardo Rubio says:

    Hey when I'm trying to conect my. bluray to the internet It won't let me why es that

  51. LatinEarthAngel says:

    i have a question my sony blue ray player doesn't have wireless capabilities its wire connection only it work fine for a couple of weeks but now can't no longer connect to the internet i have changed modem and ethernet cable and nothing worked can you help me

  52. mRajh3 says:

    Trying to hook up Netflix to play on my BluRay. I set up the WIFI and it's connected to my router but when i try to access any of the video options it says "The service cannot be accessed at this time because the server replied with incorrect or invalid information".

  53. lynne keightley says:

    my sony bdp bx520 says cannot connect to server. when i go to network under server it shows my user name for my computer then shows failed. i am not the server. trying to get internet content to tv. i get music, netflix, movies (on pre=programmed on bluray) fine.

  54. cmediya says:

    I'm trying to hook up some Netflix on my Sony Blu-ray and was able to connect to the internet. However, I didn't see any Internet icon or apps so I cannot download Netflix. My model number is RMT-B104A.

  55. Lissa Bruce says:

    might be a good idea to maybe add an annotation at the beginning (if possible and not too much trouble for you) of this video saying "please check your Blu Ray player model number to ensure it has Wi Fi/Wireless capability". I consider myself tech savvy, and have set wireless connections up for a few other TV's recently but luckily they were all wi-fi capable; I didn't even think to check that this latest Blu Ray Player had that ability until I saw this video blush I just assumed all newer players had it. Thanks for video too, very well done for the most novice of users. 🙂

  56. Dillian Adams says:

    it doesn't give me the option for wireless setup just usb wireless setup what can i do

  57. iamconniec says:

    I hooked my Sony blu ray player to a hotel tv to connect to the free wifi at the hotel. The set up to wireless does not give me the option to enter the password for the hotel internet. The set up says that it is connected to the internet but when i try Netflix it says it is not connected. How do i get to the enter password page on the set up process? It works at home, but not at the hotel. 🙁

  58. Gilberto says:

    My bdp-s590 does not connect wirelessly and says I need an adapter? Why?

  59. Gilberto says:

    ir used to work. Now only with net cable.

  60. Gilberto says:

    Should I use an usb wireless LAN adapter to force it to work? Which model? I know it is a wifi DVD player.

  61. Gilberto says:


  62. Marcela Ruiz says:

    how about bpd-1500

  63. alejandro perez says:

    Hola, tengo el bluray 3D BDP S5100, trato de conectarme a Internet pero no puedo. Cuando intento me sale conexión inalambrica OK, conexión a Internet FALLO. A que se debe eso, sera por que solamente tengo una sola barra en la señal inalambrica y si es así como puedo aumentar la potencia de mi señal.

  64. alejandro perez says:

    Hola, tengo el bluray 3D BDP S5100, trato de conectarme a Internet pero no puedo. Cuando intento me sale conexión inalambrica OK, conexión a Internet FALLO. A que se debe eso, sera por que solamente tengo una sola barra en la señal inalambrica y si es así como puedo aumentar la potencia de mi señal.

  65. Robunni Lynn says:

    I have no option for wireless setup, only wired I can't change it

  66. David Sandford says:

    i bought a new sony bd s3500 bluray and I can't find my registration code. There is no "enhanced services button".

  67. John Reiniers says:

    I have a BDP-S590/BX59. Completed the wireless internet settings successfully. (the screen that says "Wireless connection: OK . . . Internet Access: OK") I then click on 'OK'. But instead of being able to enter an URL (by pressing the option button on the remote, I'm takine to an 'End User License Agreement' screen. When I click on 'Agree and next', it then tries to connect to the internet but this time I get a screen that says 'A network error has occurred. Do you want to set the internet settings?" This is after I've already been told that I have connected to the internet successfully. If I press 'Yes' than I'm just repeating the WPA key code I already entered and repeating the entire process again. If I press 'No' then the entire process ends. Please advise – John R

  68. Michael Byrd says:

    mine doesnt come with wireless setup

  69. Rodds Riggin says:

    I have a Sony BDP-S6500 and I successfully connected it to my Tv with HDMI and to my WIFI home internet. However it stops and starts when I try to view Netflix or Youtube. My computer in the same room plays both Netflix and Youtube fine. My Speedtest results are Ping 10ms Download Speed 48.78 Mbps and upload speed 6.50 Mbps. What can I do to Play Netflix and Youtube without skipping?

  70. Rodds Riggin says:

    10 ms ping, 59.27 Mbps download, 6.76 Mbps upload. Same problem on Netflix and Youtube..

  71. Christina Trombetta says:

    I have a BDP-S390 Blu-ray with a wireless LAN built-in and a working wireless network at home. My blu-ray used to connect fine to our network. It stopped working about a month ago after I cancelled my Netflix subscription. Every time I follow the steps for the "wireless setup(built-in), I get an error message that says the following: "USB Wireless LAN Adaptor cannot be found. Please insert a compatible wireless device into the unit's USB port and try again. If a wireless device is already inserted, please check the device." I don't understand what I'm supposed to be plugging in. It's a wireless network and the blu-ray has a wireless LAN. For reference, I have already attempted restoring the factory settings on the blu-ray, unplugging the blu-ray for a minute and plugging it back it, and unplugging my wireless router to restart it. Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated!

  72. MusicMaing says:

    Does anyone know why I can't stream YouTube to the Bluray player from my laptop? I can stream YouTube from my iPhone and iPad just fine. I can also stream movies from my computer's hard drive using a shared folder, so the Bluray player knows my laptop is there. When I'm using my laptop, there's no icon to allow me to broadcast YouTube video to the Bluray player. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!

  73. Flea says:

    Hi, my blu ray has worked fine for a long time and all of sudden has dropped off and says that my wireless connection is not working. It is working fine with other devices. I have tried the other trouble shooting tips on sony's site (unplugged modem for 2 min) but nothing is working. The option to scan not even an option.
    The message it is giving "USB Wireless Lan cannot be detected"
    Nothing has changed and I have not moved anything or switched wires in literally years.
    Please help!

  74. Paranormal Girl says:

    No no no, I have done everything you mention and I have wired as a connection method. I don't even have an option to change it to wireless. I only got this at Christmas and am not very happy at not being able to view any of the apps. This is the latest 2015 model. I have even tried the dongle that came with my smart TV which I got during the summer and it says the dongle is not supported. Very angry now.

  75. john lindsey says:

    amusing that it is so simpe yet doesnt work. my new x1 will NOT let it connect.

  76. Destry McNellis says:

    I do not have the wireless option available

  77. pursang833 says:

    I should have bought a Panasonic. My old Panasonic Blu-Ray player I just plugged it in and I could access Netflix. I've had this Sony for 3 months and still haven't been able to get it to work. Too bad I listened to the Best Buy salesperson as he talked me out of the Panasonic and into this BDP-S6500 that is horrible.

    Almost as bad as being overly complicated and not being able to access Netflix is the fact that the remote has a very small range for it work.

    Sony used to be the best but it appears that they've been passed by a lot of their competitors.

  78. Joel Collins says:

    I just got the blue ray dvd wireless player #BDP-1500 it only say for wired. How do I sent it to wireless mode

  79. Helmy Hussaini says:

    BDP-S1100 cannot setup internet/ wifi. can help me??

  80. SkittyGirl300 says:

    I have the same thing but the only difference is that my device doesn't have the wireless option so I have no choice but to connect it to the internet with the ethernet cable.

  81. Rheanon Jasmyne says:

    OK, I have the BDP-S580 player, well I had bought it for my brother when his went kaput, then mine went kaput and he graciously gave me his to use since he really wasn't using it. We no longer have cable as we now have the Amazon Firestik, but I still like to watch my DVD's and BluRay's since most of them have working subtitles. A lot of times subtitles don't work well with Firestik. Anyway I have a bluray that will only work when connected to the internet which we DO have, so I thought I might try this out. Now I looked through the online manual since I don't know what my dear brother did with the manual. I have my player connected to a Westinghouse tv, But our router is in the other room so not sure if this will work, but will try.

  82. Rheanon Jasmyne says:

    I have another question. I haven't tried anything yet, but all I wanted to basically do was watch my " Prometheus " blu-ray so after I do everything and get connected do I just put the blu ray in as normal and watch it ? Sorry for being a noob………….:(

  83. H20 and the rest r the best says:

    Trash useless

  84. cortnei cooks says:

    I have a BDP-S1200 and I dont have the option of Wireless when I go to Network Settings and click I go to Internet Settings and click my only options are Auto and Custom to the question, Please select how to set up the IP address and proxy server setting of the unit. What do I do?

  85. Toxic Stealth Gaming says:

    it didn't work it only gives me the option to wired

  86. carolina spaccavento says:

    I have a BDPBX110 and it will not give me the option of a wireless setup, just ask me how I want to set up the IP address and proxy server.

  87. xxxxx3765 says:

    This worked well, I saw the sony page but desire to add Amazon prime, how do I download channels or sites to save?

  88. kelemua mekonnen says:

    I couldn't find the youtube option ?

  89. Hadley Scott McIntyre says:

    I need the old firmware back so I can get youtube. I need my youtube back.

  90. Trash Panda says:

    my wifi doesn't show up. there are tons of wifi routers around my house but not a single one shows up. why?

  91. Clarkie Cook says:

    we had a lighting strike and had to change modem and the blue-ray is not finding the new site

  92. Lesli Riggins says:

    We don't have internet at home. We're trying to use the Wifi on our Verizon Samsung gallaxy 8 cellphone. Neither the wifi or the mobile hotspot will work with the set up on our UBP-X800 Sony blueray. What do we need to do to get it working right.????

  93. Oscar says:

    I have a sony blue ray that don't show WiFi to watch my Hulu plus Netflix WCW and my music on wifi it don.t show letter only number but I it doesn't show my settings wifi with letter I bought it cause it said wifi to watch my Hulu plus show movies and Netflix what can I do model number is bdp bx1 and here is another number of my blue ray player is 1020462 bc can u check on if it has Wi-Fi on it doesn't work please help me connect to my wifi I need letter to write my connection on

  94. Yamile is that says:

    What if it says that the wireless connection and the Internet access failed? It works on all the other Blu-rays in our home, yet it won't on this one.

  95. Hylend Cooley says:

    Mine Just asks for Ip Address info

  96. Laquisha Jordan says:

    My blu-ray player is
    VB100…says wired. What adapters do I need if any?

  97. honoluluhonie says:

    i have a insignia tv. can my blueray disc player hook up to get netflix

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