Blackburn breaks down congressional efforts to combat coronavirus

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  1. Jerry Carnes says:

    Italy had 800'ish yesterday i thought?

  2. cldiehlYT says:

    The White House moved on Thursday to tighten messaging on the COVID-19, by requiring all government health officials and scientist to clear release of information concerning the virus with Vice-President Mike Pence's office.
    Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, one of the country's leading experts in viruses and Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told associates that the White House had instructed him not to say anything else without clearance.
    Reminiscent of Sharpiegate and the attempted gagging of the NOAA who was trying to issue TRUTHFUL information to the American Public that contradicted what President Trump was saying.
    How fortunate that the White House has soberly cultivated exactly the reputation for truthfulness, probity, and scientific acumen that will allow it to calm us in these troubled times.

  3. William Sullivan says:

    I would not be surprised if this virus was manufactured by a lab in China that had leaked, or was intentionally leaked. They were very quick to build a massive medical facility shortly after. The Communist Party in China knows they have population to burn. They knew our economy would slow before an election.

  4. DD SQUAD says:

    Dum people so the Chinese products are Coronavirused aswell think hit the like how come in the air to blackburn

  5. s w says:

    We shouldnt be getting our medications or ingredients for medications from China. They have already found blood pressure meds were tainted. And this from the country that keeps sending fentanyl.

  6. aldenthehunk Richard says:

    Listen to me this is not ordinay virus this is a bio weapon virus came from CHINA China is only one place have a bio lab in all over the world they invented the virus that they dont know that virus spreading all over the world

  7. Tony Dance says:

    Corona Virus HOAX — Corruption by the LEFT using more money requested for their pocket 8B vs 2.5B., But now Mike Pence oversee this effort they got sooo mad !!! DRAIN the SWAMP

  8. David Motyka says:

    The reason America doesn’t manufacture everything it needs is government regulations.


    WHO makes the "Test Kits," and is WHO (World Health Organization) have or getting their cut of patent royalties?
    Need to buy stock? Hmm, please inform of companies are?

  10. Gage Lazare says:

    Boomer plague 😬

  11. Mollene Parker says:

    I'm praying for all Democrats that they help the American people by helping our President! Thank You Jesus!

  12. Reddots InABlueState says:

    Calm down, Trump's got this.

  13. Roland Carver says:

    Deport all Asians

  14. Pat Walker says:

    Only the Chosen One can fix this; very strongly.

  15. David Garcia says:

    No politicians or talking heads should be on TV talking about the low number of cases in the US. This is idiocy. The math and the vectors are about to change the news over the next few days. We are NOT testing properly…don't have the resources yet.

  16. Zara ZevLunden says:

    How to stage a fake epidemic (and brainwash billions of people)
    read: No More Fake News dot com. I know President Trump is handling this very well. I sincerely hope that he eventually tells the world about how this "virus" was created ON Purpose!

  17. YinyangDogs says:

    Marsha Blackburn is a sycophantic moron

  18. Lodewyk Botha says:

    The largest problem is that if you get in a warlike situation with China, that produces 70% of your critical medicines, what would prevent them from "spicking" the meds with deadly poisons.
    They will inflict a more disarsterous effect on the USA , than all tactical casualties by their armed forces, and willingly accepted by the Citizens of the USA.
    South Africa

  19. Mary Brockman says:

    I was thinking this yesterday when I had a prescription filled.

  20. Kathleen 168 says:

    I like Senator Blackburn.

  21. Roy Scott says:

    Interesting that all of a sudden the Ukraine concerns etc., are no longer being even talked about

  22. Theresa Maloney says:

    Thank God we have Trump for President. He had the fortitude to move fast and not making the move to protect the country.

  23. Debra Sanders says:

    President Trump stopped travel in/out of China a few weeks ago. He asked for $$$ to assist control. Libs lost their minds.
    Now they claim he's not doing enough. Libs lose their minds.

  24. Keith E. Bilitsky says:

    We need to be 100% independent. We have the minerals, technology, scientist, resources etc. that we should not be in a position that we don't have meds or facemasks. That's insane.

  25. June Thomas says:

    Here we are paying China Mexico all high prices on our meds when we could make them here in America I thought we had manufactures here in our country why can't we make our own that's another reason we are losing so much money we can. Make meds here I don't trust other countries.

  26. iZi Z says:

    It’s so upsetting to see the scale of the outsourcing to China that’s been done. Is there anything vital to our country the corporations have not outsourced to China for short term profits???! Just when I thought it couldn’t be worse…

  27. heinzbruno1 says:

    More than reliance, it is a very dangerous dependance!

  28. Archie Carr says:

    The reason we pay so much for meds is because of greed for money by the pharmaceuticals. You buy one med your prescribed for your illness, take one to find out your allergic to it and told, don't take no more by your Dr. then, your prescribed another to counterac against the first one that you or Medicare has paid for and you have ( most of the time ) 29 left you can't take. What a money racket for all involved.

  29. Chas Peking says:

    The New World dictionary definition for 'stuffed shirt' features a little picture of a democrat.

  30. Bruce Edwards says:

    president trump should if necessary `!! declare state of emergency!!!! declare ,martial law !!!!!! round up homeless !! and all evil;; rino msm demonkkkcommierat traitors suffering from ;;; the incurable !!!extremely dangerous decease!!!! trump derangement syndrome !!!! put them all in fema camps !!!!!! ~!!! !!!1!!

  31. Wei Zhang says:

    Coronavirus is same as plants and animals in terms of ‘living
    environment’. It has no natural enemy when it is moved to a brand new
    environment, thus, can spread very fast. Therefore, the fact that coronavirus
    spreads so fast in China proves that it was NOT originated in China. It was
    someone who brought it to China from another country in the world. The world scientists
    should find out where it is originated and the ‘birth place’ of coronavirus
    should be responsible to clear it. Otherwise, it will be a forever thread to
    the world.

  32. Della W says:

    I don't know about anybody else. It will Be a real cold day,before I'd kiss zzz ,and bow down to Pelosi,Chuck and Schiff,all these rotten spots. They have broke every law possible. Now still taIking politics!!!. While People are trying to prepare for this virus. Y'all don't care about People at all!

  33. lou starnley says:

    Pharmaceutical companies leave America and make drugs in different countries then they charge an arm and a leg to Americans

  34. t henderson says:

    Maybe BIG PHARMA can start making penicillin again.
    If we can't get it from China, guess BIG PHARMA will make it for us.
    Are those of you on the left OK with this?
    You can lie there and die or you can take penicillin made by BIG PHARMA, your call.

  35. j says:

    Let all the prisoners out if prisons get infected!

  36. Dan Thompson says:

    Dems have their heads do fr up theircolons, they are looking at their tonsils. Typical ems

  37. Ohm says:

    CCP mindset is more danger than the virus 🦠

  38. anthony bourdon says:

    Virus only effects democrats , and that's ok .

  39. Troy Thomas says:

    Seems to me that….
    The wall
    Bringing back manufacturing
    Suspending travel

    Are all things Trump did that were the right decision and this virus is proving so.

  40. Kendel Khalidashad says:

    So sad to see politics come into this as I continue to politicize the outbreak throughout the rest of the interview. The media and politicians are the same breed of cat and they never change.

  41. t h says:

    Every libertard wants to sell the soul to COMMUNIST CHina

  42. Common Sense With Elizabeth says:

    We need to ban all international travel. Not just back and forth to China. We're still allowing planes to go back and forth into Canada and they haven't banned travel to China. . So people from China are still coming into Canada. We should ban International commuter travel for the next 3 weeks at least. We don't know if this wave is waning or if it's heading towards the second wave yet.

  43. Daryl Morrell says:

    Time to illegally migate to Mexico. I'm sure there's only a one way walk right. I'm thinking of a tunnel.

  44. 马勒隔壁 says:

    Do you know what is made in America ? Spainish flu was made in Ameirca…H7N5 was made in America…The new coronavirus ? Maybe…thousands of people died in this flu season…who knows..

  45. Sagacious Rex says:

    EVERY sovereign nation should do this!! No-brainer!!

  46. Leonard Wong says:

    Just keep infected illegals from entering…… beware sanctuary cities.

  47. Ben Cook says:

    Get rid of WHO. They're all corrupt! Distributions of funding goes right into their own pockets for constant lip services and cover-ups!!

  48. Brian B says:

    Most of the deaths are in China. They have Poor Air quality already… A lot of them wear masks just because of the pollution. Masks have been normalized and a style of dress over there… Compromised lungs because of pollution, Crap communist medicine… China kills their own people anyway… NO deaths in USA yet and if there are, I bet the people have compromised immune systems already just like with the FLU… QUIT FREAKING OUT, our 401ks are crashing because the MEDIA… This is clicks and money for them…

  49. Marc Baker says:

    When in danger or in doubt run in circles scream and shout

  50. Kim Nguyen says:

    USA has the better healthcare in the world now because Evil lie Democrat rat won’t take over USA yet ! Thank you 🙏God safe USA

  51. Cynthia Feick says:

    Interesting that both the perpetual problem of viruses and the solution of virus vaccines come out of China, year after year. The USA needs to develop and manufacture the pharmaceuticals necessary to prevent and eradicate all viruses being produced by China (and any other country), including this latest mutation of the coronavirus. Assuming, of course, that we can focus on the problem instead of the politics, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer.

  52. paradigm respawn says:

    To Start with ☆ N95 Masks & Surgical Masks DO NOT Filter Out Virus or Bacteria and CANNOT PROTECT against any Illnesses.
    Profiteers have wiped out US Inventories for Tiny Profits while preventing American Workers protecting their Lungs against Industrial Dust.

  53. good things says:

    Love Marsha!!!

  54. Santos Sumergida says:

    Blumberg was in ABC and said the Corona virus is working with Trump

  55. Santos Sumergida says:

    They are the wouner of the market at all level. Bring the manufacturer to here. No everything to others country. All Data Entry and customer service are in others country.

  56. Melody says:


  57. Dan Wheeler says:

    70%of everything is manf. in China for 4 decades at least.

  58. Glen Baker says:

    I'm praying for an earthquake to put California into the Pacific ocean

  59. M. Pardew says:

    We built nice modern chinese cities while ours delapidated

  60. M. Pardew says:

    Marsha "see all those muslims in Nashville!!

  61. gizmo1 says:

    Trump is someone who can live without a friend, but can’t live without an enemy.

  62. Jim Jones says:

    Mr. Trump, Sr. who. in 2018, fired the scientists who were conducting years of research into anti-viral and other medical issues, then cut funding for the National Institutes of Health and the CDC. If not for him, we would most likely have an antidote by now since with no scientists working on the problem we have lost almost 2 yrs of research. This is just one of many examples of how Mr. Trump has-and is- hurting the people in this country and their families. But hey, he increased funding for his wall!!! Bless his heart!

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