Bipolar Junction Transistor Concept – Bipolar Junction Transistor – Analog Electronics

Hello friends today we’ll start with the introduction of BJT BJT means Bipolar Junction transistor what is this Bipolar means Bipolar means a transistor in which current is due to both the carriers that is majority carriers as well as minority carriers so we’ll start with the BJT today they are also called as Bipolar Junction transistor in BJT basically there are two junctions now we’re going to see different types of BJT first so there are two types of BJT first is NPN BJT and second is PNP BJT you will be having a question what is this NPN and PNP let’s see that NPN means this is n semiconductor P semiconductor and n semiconductor together in other sense P semiconductor is sandwiched between two n semiconductors a piece ma conductor is sandwiched between two n semiconductors this will give you n PN BJT the symbol for NPN BJT is now next is BJT is three terminal device it consists of three different terminals one terminal from n semiconductor the other terminal from P semiconductor and again one terminal from n semiconductors so it is three terminal device all these terminals are called as base emitter and collector so terminal which is sandwiched between two other semiconductors is called as base whereas two similar types of semiconductors are called as emitter and collector respectively so if it is emitter then this is your collector so these are three terminals of BJT emitter base and collector similarly PNP transistor can be drawn as follows the only difference is that Arrowhead will be going inside BJT or towards base this is a difference between NPN transistor and PNP transistor now the terminals will remain same collector base emitter so these are two basic types of BJT one is called as NPN transistor and the other is called as PNP transistor thank you

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