Bill Doyle: Treating cancer with electric fields

Everybody in our society’s life is touched by cancer — if not personally, then through a loved one, a family member, colleague, friend. And once our lives are touched by cancer, we quickly learn that there are basically three weapons, or three tools, that are available to fight the disease: surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. And once we get involved in the therapeutic decisions, again either personally or with our loved ones and family members, we also very quickly learn the benefits, the trade-offs and the limitations of these tools. I’m very thankful to Jay and to Mark and the TEDMED team for inviting me today to describe a fourth tool, a new tool, that we call Tumor Treating Fields. Tumor Treating Fields were invented by Dr. Yoram Palti, professor emeritus at the Technion in Israel. And they use low-intensity electric fields to fight cancer. To understand how Tumor Treating Fields work, we first need to understand what are electric fields. Let me first address a few popular misconceptions. First of all, electric fields are not an electric current that is coursing through the tissue. Electric fields are not ionizing radiation, like X-rays or proton beams, that bombard tissue to disrupt DNA. And electric fields are not magnetism. What electric fields are are a field of forces. And these forces act on, attract, bodies that have an electrical charge. The best way to visualize an electric field is to think of gravity. Gravity is also a field of forces that act on masses. We can all picture astronauts in space. They float freely in three dimensions without any forces acting on them. But as that space shuttle returns to Earth, and as the astronauts enter the Earth’s gravitational field, they begin to see the effects of gravity. They begin to be attracted towards Earth. And as they land, they’re fully aligned in the gravitational field. We’re, of course, all stuck in the Earth’s gravitational field right now. That’s why you’re all in your chairs. And that’s why we have to use our muscle energy to stand up, to walk around and to lift things. In cancer, cells rapidly divide and lead to uncontrolled tumor growth. We can think of a cell from an electrical perspective as if it’s a mini space station. And in that space station we have the genetic material, the chromosomes, within a nucleus. And out in the cytoplasmic soup we have special proteins that are required for cell division that float freely in this soup in three dimensions. Importantly, those special proteins are among the most highly charged objects in our body. As cell division begins the nucleus disintegrates, the chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell and those special proteins undergo a three-dimensional sequence whereby they attach and they literally click into place end-on-end to form chains. These chains then progress and attach to the genetic material and pull the genetic material from one cell into two cells. And this is exactly how one cancer cell becomes two cancer cells, two cancer cells become four cancer cells, and we have ultimately uncontrolled tumor growth. Tumor Treating Fields use externally placed transducers attached to a field generator to create an artificial electric field on that space station. And when that cellular space station is within the electric field, it acts on those highly charged proteins and aligns them. And it prevents them from forming those chains, those mitotic spindles, that are necessary to pull the genetic material into the daughter cells. What we see is that the cells will attempt to divide for several hours. And they will either enter into this so-called cellular suicide, programmed cell death, or they will form unhealthy daughter cells and enter into apoptosis once they have divided. And we can observe this. What I’m going to show you next are two in vitro experiments. This is cultures, identical cultures, of cervical cancer cells. And we’ve stained these cultures with a green florescent dye so that we can look at these proteins that form these chains. The first clip shows a normal cell division without the Tumor Treating Fields. What we see are, first of all, a very active culture, a lot of divisions, and then very clear nuclei once the cells have separated. And we can see them dividing throughout. When we apply the fields — again, in the identical time-scale to the identical culture — you’re going to see something different. The cells round up for division, but they’re very static in that position. We’ll see two cells in the upper part of the screen attempting to divide. The one within the circle manages. But see how much of the protein is still throughout the nucleus, even in the dividing cell. The one up there can’t divide at all. And then this bubbling, this membrane bubbling, is the hallmark of apoptosis in this cell. Formation of healthy mitotic spindles is necessary for division in all cell types. We’ve applied Tumor Treating Fields to over 20 different cancers in the lab, and we see this effect in all of them. Now importantly, these Tumor Treating Fields have no effect on normal undividing cells. 10 years ago, Dr. Palti founded a company called Novocure to develop his discovery into a practical therapy for patients. In that time, Novocure’s developed two systems — one system for cancers in the head and another system for cancers in the trunk of the body. The first cancer that we have focused on is the deadly brain cancer, GBM. GBM affects about 10,000 people in the U.S. each year. It’s a death sentence. The expected five year survival is less than five percent. And the typical patient with optimal therapy survives just a little over a year, and only about seven months from the time that the cancer is first treated and then comes back and starts growing again. Novocure conducted its first phase three randomized trial in patients with recurrent GBM. So these are patients who had received surgery, high dose radiation to the head and first-line chemotherapy, and that had failed and their tumors had grown back. We divided the patients into two groups. The first group received second-line chemotherapy, which is expected to double the life expectancy, versus no treatment at all. And then the second group received only Tumor Treating Field therapy. What we saw in that trial is that that the life expectancies of both groups — so the chemotherapy treated group and the Tumor Treating Field group — was the same. But importantly, the Tumor Treating Field group suffered none of the side effects typical of chemotherapy patients. They had no pain, suffered none of the infections. They had no nausea, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue that would be expected. Based on this trial, in April of this year, the FDA approved Tumor Treating Fields for the treatment of patients with recurrent GBM. Importantly, it was the first time ever that the FDA included in their approval of an oncology treatment a quality of life claim. So I’m going to show you now one of the patients from this trial. Robert Dill-Bundi is a famous Swiss cycling champion. He won the gold medal in Moscow in the 4,000 meter pursuit. And five years ago, Robert was diagnosed with GBM. He received the standard treatments. He received surgery. He received high dose radiation to the head. And he received first-line chemotherapy. A year after this treatment — in fact, this is his baseline MRI. You can see that the black regions in the upper right quadrant are the areas where he had surgery. And a year after that treatment, his tumor grew back with a vengeance. That cloudy white mass that you see is the recurrence of the tumor. At this point, he was told by his doctors that he had about 3 months to live. He entered our trial. And here we can see him getting the therapy. First of all, these electrodes are noninvasive. They’re attached to the skin in the area of the tumor. Here you can see that a technician is placing them on there much like bandages. The patients learn to do this themselves And then the patients can undergo all the activities of their daily life. There’s none of the tiredness. There’s none of what is called the “chemo head.” There’s no sensation. It doesn’t interfere with computers or electrical equipment. And the therapy is delivered continuously at home, without having to go into the hospital either periodically or continually. These are Robert’s MRIs, again, under only TTField treatment. This is a therapy that takes time to work. It’s a medical device; it works when it’s on. But what we can see is, by month six, the tumor has responded and it’s begun to melt away. It’s still there. By month 12, we could argue whether there’s a little bit of material around the edges, but it’s essentially completely gone. It’s now five years since Robert’s diagnosis, and he’s alive, but importantly, he’s healthy and he’s at work. I’m going to let him, in this very short clip, describe his impressions of the therapy in his own words. (Video) Robert Dill-Bundi: My quality of life, I rate what I have today a bit different than what most people would assume. I am the happiest, the happiest person in the world. And every single morning I appreciate life. Every night I fall asleep very well, and I am, I repeat, the happiest man in the world, and I’m thankful I am alive. BD: Novocure’s also working on lung cancer as the second target. We’ve run a phase two trial in Switzerland on, again, recurrent patients — patients who have received standard therapy and whose cancer has come back. I’m going to show you another clip of a woman named Lydia. Lydia’s a 66 year-old farmer in Switzerland. She was diagnosed with lung cancer five years ago. She underwent four different regimes of chemotherapy over two years, none of which had an effect. Her cancer continued to grow. Three years ago, she entered the Novocure lung cancer trial. You can see, in her case, she’s wearing her transducer arrays, one of the front of her chest, one on the back, and then the second pair side-to-side over the liver. You can see the Tumor Treating Field field generator, but importantly you can also see that she is living her life. She is managing her farm. She’s interacting with her kids and her grand kids. And when we talked to her, she said that when she was undergoing chemotherapy, she had to go to the hospital every month for her infusions. Her whole family suffered as her side effect profile came and went. Now she can run all of the activities of her farm. It’s only the beginning. (Applause) In the lab, we’ve observed tremendous synergies between chemotherapy and Tumor Treating Fields. There’s research underway now at Harvard Medical School to pick the optimum pairs to maximize that benefit. We also believe that Tumor Treating Fields will work with radiation and interrupt the self-repair mechanisms that we have. There’s now a new research project underway at the Karolinska in Sweden to prove that hypothesis. We have more trials planned for lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer and breast cancer. And I firmly believe that in the next 10 years Tumor Treating Fields will be a weapon available to doctors and patients for all of these most-difficult-to-treat solid tumors. I’m also very hopeful that in the next decades, we will make big strides on reducing that death rate that has been so challenging in this disease. Thank you. (Applause)

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    @sexyloser Unfortunately, due to your youtube name your comment is insignificant.

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    @alfkeh How would you explain the recovery of Robert? Just a coincidence?

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    Super informative

  4. natushkatzm says:

    This method was approved by FDA, and people are still alive 5 years when they wouldn't survive even a year. Two reasons why TTF is not spread: first, they need more time to conduct studies, and second, financial – it costs, probably, a lot if it really cures. Besides, it is more profitable to treat people not to cure in the monetary system.
    There is another treatment out a while now by Dr. Burzynski who had long legal battle with FDA and won to use Antineoplastons treatment.

  5. holyhell5050 says:

    Interesting stuff, but I'm not impressed by the presentation.

  6. str3123 says:

    How is it that this method doesnt prevents normal cells (like blood and similar) to multiplicate?

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    Notice one word you will never hear during a cancer talk "Cure". Its too profitable to "Treat", if everyone was cured, than no profits.

  8. Andrzej Kowasz says:

    @djnoobcake Notice one phrase you will never hear from a troll is "I'm sorry". Go through about 8 years bumpy road between inviting new molecule and being able to sell in on market as a cure and then come back.

    And have a nice day 😉

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    I wonder why this talk from last fall is only coming up now…

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    @andrzejkowasz Understood like every other word u said. Care to elaborate?

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    @sexyloser Does that mean that it would work just as good if you just stick big strong magnets to your head?

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    It is true, in fact, Rose from LOST got rid of her cancer as soon as she arrived on the island, which was filled with electromagnetic energy (true story)

  13. ShrinkingDad says:

    @farvision Intercessory prayer itself had no effect on complication-free recovery from CABG, but certainty of receiving intercessory prayer was associated with a higher incidence of complications. So, these with the most faith were more prone to post-surgical complications? Were you trying to prove my point? Thanks.

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    Have you considered that this might still be in such early phases of research that publications have not been released yet? Science takes time…it's an arduous process but it works. Give them a little more time.

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    @stardust005 YEP.

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    Funny how the FDA destroyed William Reich and let this guy go forward ^^

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    The answer is within.

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    @CorrelatedCausation it affects all dividing cells. Because cancer cells divide, at times exponentially, faster than their "normal" counterparts it impacts cancerous cells more than non-cancer cells.

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    @Shredderof7Seas I don't think you value scientific facts or statistically significant correlations (which "the china study" does not provide). You're just a pitiful conspiracy theorist with a voracious apetite for fandom.

  20. Kristoff B says:

    The problem with this kind opinion is that you don't understand science. Science gives you proof (it works) without certainty, hence "treatment" not "cure". It is a bit similar to phrase used in ads eg. cleaning liquid which "kills 99.9% bacteria". However, if you want certainty (without proof) I would suggest religion.

  21. The Ultimate Rage says:

    @sdceoltatney Cannabis is not a "cure"; it's a viable treatment. Many people who have had cancer and smoked weed/consumed cannabis products have still succumbed to the disease. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE weed and fucks wit' it supa heavy (I went to the Detroit Cannabis Cup last year for my birthday and had a GREAT time, though, sadly, not too many of the lovely ladies were present) and recommend green for EVERYONE, but let's not kid ourselves here.

  22. Andrzej Kowasz says:

    @djnoobcake like no.

  23. renegade4dio says:

    @christo930 I didn't think you chould be right, so I ran the math. At the upper bounds of Low Earth Orbit (2000km), one would experience a 6.3% decrease in gravitational effects. So, as counter-intuitive as I found it, your comment was confirmed by my calculations.

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    @andrzejkowasz language barrier got your tongue? How do i english?

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    Current trial and links to relevant publications:

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    That is clever. Even more so if it works. 0o

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    @christo930 dude that is not gravity that is inertia

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    @mybass101 The ship is falling around the curvature of the earth obviously it reached the speed it reached from it's engines, but that doesn't change that there is over 90% of gravity at low earth orbit where the shuttle goes. If you slowed the shuttle down, it would fall fight back to earth.

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    @renegade4dio Thanks.

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    @Shredderof7Seas I have only stated the facts. "No statistically significant correlation" <- go figure what that means and why it is important to scientists and mathematicians.

  31. The Ultimate Rage says:

    @sdceoltatney True true true, I can agree with all of that. I'm just saying that cannabis alone isn't a cure all but it's definitely got some medicinal purposes. More testing definitely NEEDS to be done and I would volunteer myself to be a willful participant haha.

  32. Sean Clohesy says:

    @christo930 analogies don't have to be exactly right, just convey the message :

  33. Jonathan Freeman says:

    I love how this ignoramous doesn't even MENTION the 1st Treatment that is a CURE for cancer; The Gerson Therapy… How can you be so intelligent but be so stupid and uninformed?

  34. epicwisdom says:

    @Shredderof7Seas Just because there are good alternatives to meat does not necessarily mean that vegetables can replace every nutrient found in meat. Humans are naturally omnivores; we have canines, don't we?

    wikipedia. org/wiki/Meat#Health — Eating processed meat and meat you find in most stores is bad for you, but if you limit to fish and the occasional organic chicken, you'll increase your lifespan. Interestingly, vegans had the same mortality as regular meat eaters. Balance > extremes.

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  36. teenspirit1 says:

    @Shredderof7Seas well I'm telling you, the "study" you present has no parts that are published to a scientific journal and presents no statistically significant data. If you want to learn, start with reading what standard deviation is.

  37. teenspirit1 says:

    @Shredderof7Seas I don't care what vegans want why vegans want it. You are an omnivore, not a herbivore, and there is no "agricultural conspiracy" going on. I could just as easily tell you that soya exporters want your money and that is why they push their secret vegan agenda. Correlating meat consumption with cancer with no statistically significant data in your hand is just spreading FUD.

  38. teenspirit1 says:

    @Shredderof7Seas Hey this is Turkey, we all enjoy our kebab once in a while. Too bad your meat is made of pink goo rendered from intestines and bone marrow.

  39. SantaBJ says:

    @Shredderof7Seas …and yet it could be argued that the high rates of cancer, obesity and disease are a result of high life expectancies, which is another thing that seems to coincide with high meat and dairy intake. Your problem is a classic logical fallacy; correlation does not equate causation. Also, try googling "The Naive Vegetarian". Check out the first result.

  40. John Newton says:

    This sounds very similar to Dr Royal Rife work back at the turn of century – look up Dr.Royal Rife

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    @djnoobcake No idea how do you english, but I hope you will get better at it every year. Maybe you'll be able to talk like a decent human being soon, which I sincerly wish you. 😉

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    Slight lie about the astronauts and gravity. They are still effected by gravity (quite strongly or they would just shoot off into space!) however they are falling "around" the earth at the same rate gravity is accelerating them down. But, we can let it slide all physics teachers lie.

  43. Penelope Ahearn Er says:

    Dr. Royal Rife … brilliant San Diego inventor whose work was destroyed before computers in a "mysterious" fire.

  44. Penelope Ahearn Er says:

    Dr. Royal Rife – very similar procedure indeed. Please google it.
    For more amazing cancer work, Check out the Burzynski Clinic in Houston
    Also, YouTube's own "Run from the Cure".
    FDA? don't trust it, unfortunately;-(

  45. Penelope Ahearn Er says:

    OH! I see. We must undergo the hideous, barbaric radiation and chemo FIRST (aka, feed Big Pharma) and THEN, only as a last resort we get to have the real treatment… Interesting.

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    or you could get a zapper

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    Atleast it's a start……

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    horrible memories of bio 100 and 200

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    There a great article titled 'Does DNA emit light'. Some of the description & science describes this affect.

  50. CB says:

    There are way more cures than just those three… look into changing your bodies PH Acidity vs Alkaline.

    What about remembering how to instruct the body to heal itself. Vibrational energy.

    Others have mentioned cannibus (sp?) and hope

    There are others, one thing is for sure, I would not choose any of those three as my first, second or third choices, no matter what big pharma and the AMA would like to force me to do.

  51. autismtreatedcured says:

    Energy therapies have been around for close to 100 years to treat tumors (Albert Abrams, Royal Rife, all TCM physicians) plus diet therapies (Gershon). Why is this guy getting so much attention? This is nothing new! Have the CDC and NIH done an about-face? No. They can market this electronic headset and make money.

  52. DeoMachina says:

    @cbemerine Yeah, but this actually works so…

  53. AQGOAT24 says:

    @natushkatzm Please don't mention Dr.Burzynski's pseudoscience on a TED video. His treatment has not been clinically tested, and studies haven't shown it be a an effective cure for cancer. I am sad to see Pseudoscience been rated as the top comment.

  54. natushkatzm says:

    Thanks for correcting me, but there are controversial information on Burzynski and his practice, for example, in Science-Based Medicine. I got mine from the movie called "Cancer is serious business". Taking into account huge business over this illness and FDA's position, it is hard to say either he is a pseudo-scientist or not. More investigation needed. As far as TED, they get a wide range of speakers here.

  55. Sam Barai says:

    I love it. I have learned a lot.

  56. wonderland78 says:

    Some notes from my study on Burzynski:
    1996 – due to pressure from congress and the public, the FDA agrees to accept all of Dr B’s patients into a series of FDA-approved phase II clinical trials.
    72 different phase II trias for different types of cancer.
    Federal prosecutors concede that the Dr B’s cancer treatment has been “saving lives.”
    This is the first time the FDA has tried to jail a scientist for using a drug which is being used in FDA-authorised clinical trials.
    Forgive brevity!

  57. Spaceisprettybig says:

    Neat, but I'm curious as to long term risks of blasting your brain with an electric field that functions by preventing cell mitosis. Not to mention it took a year to affect the tumor. Some people don't even have a month, so the next step would be finding a method for immediate cure.

  58. Emma Que says:

    How long do you have to keep the treatment going? longer than 12months? longer than 5years?

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    Finally i understand TTF!

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    please tell me more about Mr Reich!

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    It's not funny, it's deplorable.

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    Big Pharma will never give you the cure for aids cancer auto immune diseases depression schizophrenia you name it. They only give you "treatments" to milk you like a cow.

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    I love how TTF's have been given a back seat to radiation and chemotherapy.  The pharmaceutical companies who stand to lose billions of dollars from this technology since it works so well.  They have already infiltrated this company.  Its amazing.  Why are the trials only on recurring tumors?  Don't they want to treat people with this technology who HAVEN'T suffered the side effects of surgery, chemo and radiation???? 

    The pharmaceutical dogma will not allow a cure to exist.  It will only be a successful supplement to the lucky people who can afford this after all else fails.  Also I guarantee these devices are astronomically expensive, not covered by insurance and hard to find.  

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    Plese somebody kindly transfer to Chinese? It will be very helpful for many patients!

  67. Alan Brunton says:

    The Rife treatment was doing this back in 1934. It's just that Fishbein a.k.a. AMA paid $10s of k to doctors to bad mouth Rife.

  68. Kevin Campbell says:

    In 1934 Dr Royal Rife was attacked and his facility raided for curing thousands of cancer patients with this technology. Now we hear 80+ years later the FDA approves the very same type of technology. This means the government knew the cure for cancer 80 years but did not release it to protect the cancer drug industry. How sad this is. I'm sure they will require the traditional treatments be administered first before this 4th method is allowed. This should be the fist method used and chemo and radiation sent to the garbage can as the worst injustice in medical history.

  69. Lucas Seiden says:

    Seeing this TED talk gives me hope that my dad's quality and duration of life will be improved by this device! My dad was diagnosed with primary glioblastoma June 21 this year. He went through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. His MRI results came back today, and it appears that most likely there is a recurring mass. Some other treatments they discussed were continuing lower doses of chemotherapy, as well as a vaccine made from his white blood cells and tumor cells from his surgery so his immune system will learn to target and destroy the tumor cells (he was going to be part of a clinical trial, but will likely need to be removed, but will still be able to use the vaccine knowing it is not a placebo since the vaccine is created for all participants). They also mentioned using Avastin to slow blood vessel growth in the tumor. What the doctor said and what I read about Avastin scare me, the chemo has already shown ineffective. So we're pretty much hinging on the trial, and this device, which has already shown effective in trials and has been approved by the FDA for treatment of his specific form of cancer. Luckily he is being treated at The University of Kansas, which is a certified provider of this therapy. I'm hopeful he'll have similar results to the cases in this talk!

  70. KNOW HOPE says:

    This treatment been approved by the FDA only on condition that it be combined with chemotherapy. Otherwise it would never have been approved, since it would cut into Big Pharma's profits from chemotherapy and one cannot patent electricity. BUMMER.

  71. roquitas, alimento para perros says:

    one century ago multi wave oscillator or the so called radio cellular oscilator…. was succesfully used. …Nicola Tesla changed many things… but this ihidden news ….s a crime

  72. MaleAdaptor says:

    Dr Royal Rife perfected the technique 70 years ago.

  73. Winter Star says:

    In most other research, there can be a point where one treatment or the placebo causes bad results;
    at that point, research is stopped;
    ESPECIALLY if the old treatment or placebo adverse effects are so markedly above the rates of [no] harm caused by the experimental treatment.
    Research is usually ethically stopped, and put all participants ONLY on the new, effective, non-adverse effect TTField treatment. WHY didn't that get done in this case?
    It would appear as deliberate malfeasance, to force chemo treatments that cause adverse effects, on patients who respond so well to just the TTField alone, even if it takes more time.

  74. Tjutju Rahayu Liusman says:

    Teknologi ini dikrmbangkan Dr Yoram Palti dari Israel. Metoda serupa dikembangkan Pak Warsito di Alam Sutra Tangerang Sel…namun di sini dilarang karena murah meriah sehingga jadi alternatif yg menyedot pasien RS dalam jumlah banyak….
    shg RS merugi… hehe… u.u.d..

  75. Tjutju Rahayu Liusman says:

    Teknologi ini dikembangkan oleh Dr Yoram Palti dari Israel. Di negeri kita teknologi ini oleh Dr Warsito di Alam Sutra Tangsel yg jadi alternatif banyak pasien kanker karena murah meriah sehingga banyak pasien RS tersedot ke sini namun ahirnya dilarang mungkin karena menjadi saingan berat bagi bisnis banyak RS….hehe… u.u.d….

  76. Darrell Waters says:

    Is this the same thing someone had a youtube video about this osolating electric machine that does stuff like this that makes a sound adn if someone has metal on them it sparks but no noe gets hurt?

  77. Dwight Frost says:

    Early in the talk concerning electric fields Bill Doyle uses a phrase "three dimensional" in describing the chain of chromosomes if I remember correctly, the issue I have is with the "three dimensional" phrase, all matter has this unless we've entered into a new physics aspect of the talk which I doubt so what exactly is the significance of this description? unless I'm not seeing something obvious I'm a bit suspect at this point in the talk particularly when a new idea is being put forth.

  78. poppy cee says:

    Six years on, if you've had this treatment or know someone who has, LEAVE A REPLY under mine I hope to see heaps of happy people, who knows maybe thousands….

  79. Doug Ribot says:

    so this video was 5 years old.  What's new? What's the update?

  80. jmpfjoy9858 says:

    Where is the stained-cell visual for healthy cells? This would prove that it doesn’t affect healthy cells. Don’t have it? Why?

  81. Prashant Rokade says:

    Hoping for more of miraculous invention in treatment of cancer ☺️👍

  82. roger m says:

    Could the field be 'shaped and targeted ' somehow? Would this improve outcomes?

  83. Sachin Singh says:

    why re invent the wheel……..there are 200 ways to kill cancer…

  84. Surp Andy says:

    Sad that they call it TUMOR treating fields. They are ElectroMagnetic Treating Fields and they treat cells, not just tumors. I tend to think that we can avoid naming any disease and just think in terms of healthy cells. This type of devices exists for at least 50 years. They were built for astronautes. It is called PEMF. The medical arena wants to dissociate with the term PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields) and put a disease in the name to make sound "medical". Look it up. The Rife device is also a Field Therapy device… The pulsation, from what I know about it, is part of the success. The body tends to get use to a field rate and adjusts itself to it. The fact that it is pulsing makes it harder for the body to adapt to it. That is why, the best devices changes the pulsation rate during treatment.

  85. Rene P says:

    Here's a great article on the RIFE Machine history

  86. pege 63 says:

    Its nothing new it was known by N.Tesla in 1880s then discoverd again by Royal Rife in 1930s.

  87. Aiden Johns says:

    This raise the question? if small electrical impulses can kill cancer cells, then what electrical impulses caused the cancer cells in the first place?.. bluetooth WIFI mobile phones perhaps, and has cancer gone through the roof since mobile phones, just because you can.t see it doesn't mean it's not there.

  88. Wenwu Xu says:

    amazing technique. I wonder why the process does not affect the division of normal cells?

  89. sean j says:

    Looks like the AMA won't be able to kill this technology this time around, they successfully destroyed Royal Rife's development of this technology in the 1930's…it's taken almost 100 years for it to go mainstream….. Remember there is no money to be made from HEALTH, when this technology is fully developed the medical field will be never be the same.

  90. honndo100 says:

    There are SO MANY natural treatments for cancer that don't cost that much, And they all have no side effects. DR. Stainislaw Burzynski cured cancer with Peptides that naturally develop in healthy people since 1974. Dr. Tullio Simoncini used Sodium Bicarbonate- Baking Soda, Eaten or transfusion, Depending on the case, As it kills Fungus, And this is what the doctors says CANCER is, This is why CANCER develops so rapidly in people who won't lay off sugar. And of course doctors won't tell you that. The ONLY reason Chemo and Radiation are forced on cancer patients is, YOU CAN"T PATENT something that occurs naturally in nature, There for you can't put a MASSIVE price tag on it. DR. Royal Rife developed this electro treatment in 1934, And the medical community destroyed him and his family because IT WORDED and didn't cost much.

  91. yeison orozco says:

    They are Electromagnetic Fields? or just Electric Fields?

  92. secretspy711 says:

    Awesome to see this technology come to fruition. Just started wearing Optune a few days ago.

  93. Healthy News Hub says:

    This should be first line treatment. Being only approved for recurring tumors shows that profits from the sale of drugs and the use of expensive equipment comes first! Not the life of the patient. It is disgusting that modern medicine puts profits first over human life.

  94. gro bennett says:

    My husband was cured of stage 4/5 secondary bone cancer with this treatment

  95. ciprian ionut says:

    The Earth is flat
    Wake up cowards
    The big G is from Freemason
    Gravity is a lie

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