Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones you can buy in 2019 –

Hey guys, Marc here from, and today
we’re going over the best wireless noise cancelling headphones we’ve tested so far
and that you can buy in 2019. We’ve reviewed quite a few wireless noise
cancelling headphones, so to keep this list manageable we’ve prioritized our selection
criteria based on noise isolation performance, sound quality, comfort, battery life, portability
and build quality, so there may be a few headphones that didn’t make the cut based on our tests. However, for a more complete list and comparable
results, you can check out our recommendation article linked in the description below. Also, there are quite a few notable mentions
at the end of this video for headsets that didn’t make the list but are still good
options so have a look at those there might be a model in there that better fits your
needs. With that being said let’s start as always
with the best budget options. In the budget category. So, you if want to spend the least amount
of money on a wireless noise cancelling headset that still delivers on performance. Then check out the Mpow H10. The Mpow H10 deliver a good value for their
price, with a decent noise cancelling performance that should be good enough to isolate you
fairly well while commuting or travelling. They have a satisfying sound quality for bass
heavy genres, although they may sound a bit sharp on lead instruments and vocals and lack
a bit in the mid-range which tends to push instruments to the back of the mix. On the upside they have a good battery performance
lasting up to 23-hrs on a single charge and they are comfortable to wear for long listening
sessions. Unfortunately, unlike some of the other models
on this list their sound quality isn’t the best or adjustable with EQ. They also have a pretty plasticky build quality
that creaks a lot and doesn’t feel very durable. And lastly their noise cancelling, while decent,
will not isolate as well as the higher end models on this list. You may need to play a little music to further
drown out the ambient noise in your environment especially in very noisy conditions. If you need a bit more noise isolation then
consider the Anker Soundcore Space NC. However, except for their surprisingly good
noise cancellation at this price point their sound quality is mediocre and way too bass
heavy for most. In that sense if you want the best bang for
your bucks then consider the Plantronics Backbeat pro 2. The Backbeat Pro 2 are one of the best values
for your money in terms of performance. They deliver in most aspects that make a good
wireless over-ear; with an easy to use physical control scheme, an excellent 30 hour battery
life with an auto-off timer and a well-balanced sound especially of you like a bit of bass. They have a sturdy build quality that will
last you a while and are even versatile enough to use as a home theater headset thanks to
Aptx-Low Latency as long as you have the right transmitter source. Unfortunately, their noise cancellation feature
is mediocre-at-best especially when compared to some of the more premium options on this
list. They also do not look as sleek or as some
of the premium models and don’t fold so portability could be an issue. Also, despite their fairly balanced sound
they do have a more pronounced low bass than most of the other recommendation on this list
and they do not have an adjustable sound profile so they will be a bit more suitable for fans
of bass, and bass-heavy genres. If you prefer a more portable format that
you can have on you at all times but still want good active noise cancellation to get
rid of some of the lower frequencies, like those of the a car or bus engine then your
best in-ear and earbud options are the Bose QuietControl 30, the Sony WI-1000X or WF-1000XM3
if you prefer a truly wireless design. Now these models are not cheap but offer better
portability than some of the other full-sized over-ears on this list. The QC30 cancel a lot of noise thanks to their
stellar ANC performance and would be suitable for most noisy environments, especially if
you have a bit of music playing in the background. They have a very well-balanced sound that
caters well to both bass and instrumental-heavy tracks and would be one of the better sound
earbuds but unfortunately their soundstage is not the best. On the upside they have a more earbud-like
design that most find a bit more comfortable than typical in-ears and a decent 11-hour
battery life with an auto off timer that you can adjust in the app. Unfortunately they do not have an adjustable
sound profile or EQ like the Sonys and their build quality though decent, does deteriorate
quickly over time. Our model as you can see is already peeling
off which is not ideal if you’re going to use these as your daily drivers. In that sense if you want better built around
the neck design and a more customizable sound then go for the Sony WI-1000x. The 1000x have an in-ear fit that won’t
be quite as comfortable as the QC30 but if you can get the right tips for your ears,
they seal a lot better passively and thanks to their great noise cancellation they block
a lot of noise. For some they may even isolate better than
the QC30 but this will vary from person to person depending on the quality of fit you
can get for your ears. They have slightly better cable management,
easier to press buttons and thanks to the sony headphones app you can more freely customize
their sound profile your liking. Unfortunately, their battery performance is
not as good as the Bose since they won’t automatically turn off like the Bose when inactive but still
paired to your phone. Also, the around the neck design of both the
QC30 and 1000x can be a hit or miss for some. In that sense you prefer something truly wireless
go for the WF-1000Xm3 instead. The Xm3 are a good noise cancelling option
with a long battery life for their truly wireless design. They also look and feel very well built, premium
and have a customizable sound. However, getting a great fit for your ears
can be a bit tricky which does impact their noise cancelling. They’re also a bit bulky and have limited
controls but if you want a deeper dive into the XM3 performance you can check out our
video linked in the description below. Lastly, for the best noise cancelling headphones
overall that we’ve tested so far. You have the option between the Bose NCH 700,
the QC 35II and the Wh-1000Xm3 since the Xm4 are not out yet. The Sony WH-1000Xm3 are probably the best
for most users. Offering more flexibility when compared to
the bose headsets and a strong noise cancelling feature that you can more freely adjust to
meet your needs. They’re a well-designed and comfortable
wireless headset with a decently well-balanced sound that you can customize via the Sony
headphones app, a good 27-hour battery life, and an improved build quality over the previous
generation in their lineup. They also fold making them a bit more portable
than the NCH 700 when travelling but not by much. Unfortunately, their touch sensitive control
scheme is not the best for colder climates. The controls tend to go haywire in below 0
weather which may be a deal breaker for some. On the upside they do well in almost every
other category and their noise cancelling is good enough to isolate you in most environments
and you will rarely hear your surroundings, especially if you have bit of music playing. The Bose NCH 700 are a strong contender though
and would be a better option specifically if you make a lot of phone calls which is
not one the considered crucial categories for this selection but does set them apart
since they have one of the best wireless mic on any over-ear headset that isn’t specifically
meant for gaming. They also isolate very well against ambient
noise but unfortunately do not have as many customizable options and features for their
noise cancelling or sound quality as the Sonys. They sound fairly neutral with most tracks
so you may not need an EQ but they may not be an as good option as the Xm3 or even the
QC35II if you prefer a bit more bass. The NCH 700 are good choice is you don’t
need the additional customization options of the Sonys and like the sleek new design,
but if you already have a pair of QC35 II then you may not need to upgrade to the NC700. The QC35 Ii are still an excellent pair of
noise cancelling over-ears and are bit more comfortable than the 700. They also have a more balanced sound that
still delivers a satisfying amount of low bass without being overly bass-heavy like
the Sonys out of the box. They’re also a bit more portable since they
fold, they are more easy to use thanks to the physical controls that will not be an
issue during winter and overall, their noise cancellation is still one of the best in the
business despite the issues raised with the firmware updates. This issue seems to affect some units more
than others but if your satisfied with your QC35 IIs then they’re one of the best Wireless
Noise cancelling headphones you can get in 2019 so far. So for a quick recap before we move on to
the notable mentions. The best buget option is the Mpow H10. They won’t be the most isolating or well-built
but they get the job done at a budget price For the value for your dollars, the Plantronics
back beat pro 2 provide an excellent performance to price ratio especially for fans of bass
and do not isolate as well as some of the more premium options. For the best noise cancelling in-ears and
earbuds you have the QC30 and WI-1000x in an around the neck design and if you prefer
a truly wireless option the WF-1000XM3. And for the best overall you have the option
between the WH-1000Xm3 the Bose Noise cancelling headphones 700 or the Qc35 II. They are all great choices that won’t disappoint
but the Xm3 edge out a little bit thanks to the more in depth customization options. As for the notable mentions They didn’t
make the cut since the models recommended may offer a better value or performance for
similar features but they are still good choices which is why we felt they needed to be included
in the video. Jabra Elite 85H: have a great well-balanced
sound and easy to use physical controls but a mediocre noise cancelling thats good but
not quite on par with some of the other headsets in their price range. Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless: are built
like a tank and look great but do not offer the best value to performance when compared
to the Sonys or Bose. so they might not be the best value for everyone unless you like
the retro look of the momentum line up. Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless. like the Plantronics are a great value for
your money. They’re comfortable and packed with features,
but their noise cancelling is not as good as some of the other models. Microsoft Surface Wireless Headphones have
great controls and a sleek design but don’t quite beat the bose or sonys. They’re good contender but for most the
bose or the sony may provide a better value. AKG N700NC Wireless have a great sound but
mediocre-at-best design and build quality is pretty platicky for the price
Dolby Dimension Wireless are one of the more premiums designed headsets. They look great feel high-end and their very
comfortable but definitely feel a bit overpriced for their noise isolation and sound quality
performance. The headband also unglues quite easily which
is not great. Similarly, the Bowers & Wilkins PX7 are well
built premium looking wireless noise cancelling headset. But seem like a bit of a downgrade when compared
to the ordinal PX. On the upside they’re a bit more comfortable
and sound a little bit better for most. And that’s pretty much it, you can check
out all our measurements for the headsets recommended here on our website. If you like this video subscribe to our channel
or become an insider and if you think we’ve missed any wireless noise cancelling headphones
that should be on this list let us know in the comments below we may get a chance to
do them if we get enough requests.

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