Best Wireless Mouse? Logitech Performance MX Review

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  1. P says:

    Yup, definitely the best overall mouse right now! Definitely won't be getting anything else. Unless they make a second gen?

  2. swashin says:

    Best mouse ever! The unofficial "YouTuber mouse" lol

  3. Ali Maged says:

    Great video! Didn't know that the receiver can handle up to 6 compatible device. Also I like the lighting in your videos and I am about to buy a lighting kit for my videos. Which one would you recommend and do you use sunlight as well?

  4. ApeWatchingTV says:

    Too bad it's a right handed mouse. This makes it useless to me as I'm a proud lefthander. I'll stick to my customizable Razer Ouroboros despite its lacking battery.

  5. Caramel says:

    Cool , I've been looking for a mouse

  6. Paul Bradford says:

    Love this mouse!  I use it everyday.  I really like the ergonomic feel and the two programmable buttons that I can use in editing.  Great review!

  7. blueboi05 says:

    I've had the same mouse for a few years now and it really is a great mouse.

    I have smaller hands than you seem to so I've never encountered the accidental right click issue but i seem to hold my mouse slightly lower so the weight of my fingers is never an issue.
    The weight of the mouse can be a bit daunting at first for smaller people or anyone that isn't used to pushing around a heavier mouse. But you quickly get used to it.

  8. Dapper Panda says:

    Great video, makes me want to ditch Apple's mouse and buy one myself. lol

  9. Michael Nguyen says:


  10. NETVO TV says:

    How does this compare to g602 for video editing?

  11. TodaysFreeApps says:

    Looks like a great mouse! Great video, Andy!

  12. Roel Mata says:

    This will for sure be my next mouse 👍😛

  13. Bruce Wayne says:


  14. Darth Vader says:

    By far the best gaming or overall mouse in my opinion is the Logitech G700, a pretty good looking mouse. 13 programmable buttons! Doesn't look as good as the MX but still worth checking out! 🙂

  15. Aberidius says:

    I've used this a few years, i can feel how it lags right now.

  16. Michael Nguyen says:

    Should have waited man, the new Logitech MX Master just came out.

  17. Daehawk says:

    Been using this mouse for years.

  18. Carlos Flores says:

    you should have waited for the new one that just came out. The MX Master!

  19. Joe Tubb says:

    Can you change the DPI on the fly? Can you program two of the buttons to allow you to do this?

  20. AwesomeFace also on steam says:

    Actually, I've had this mouse for 6 months and I've never had problems with the right click. And i play cs go alot

  21. adora h says:

    "So you can creep on peoples tweets from 5 years ago" 😂😂😂 your hilarious, and your videos are so informative. I am definitely interested in purchasing this.

  22. Ivaylo Nikolov says:

    Do you think it's durable and MADE TO LAST ? I'm seriously contemplating on switching from my corded gaming mouse to this one.

  23. Jairon Cora says:

    Great video!! It is compatible with Mac products?

  24. 333DFG says:

    I got one of these from pcworld uk, and the battery life is crap.  I have to charge it up every day and drags.  I hate it.  Now I know why it was reduced.  All the logitech mice I've had have been excellent but this one lets you down big time.

  25. Thad Davis says:

    I've been using this model for several years now and will stick with it.  I listen to streaming audio on and off every day and am able to adjust volume and mute the audio signal from ~40' away.  The only problem I've had is loss of settings during a few restarts.  An easy fix is to delete the Setpoint program and reinstall from Logitech's web site.

  26. Hakkarî Kurdistanî says:

    Really nice but too expensive for me!

  27. Vank says:

    is it good for gaming?

  28. mystarstudios says:

    Unfortunately I'm a lefty and it's righty only 🙁

  29. jasoom issa says:

    thank you so much i buy it before 2 day and it will come to me after 10 days thank you for your review i will try it i buy it 45$

  30. VL T says:

    1 month later: the MX Master has launched… WITH BLUETOOTH INCLUDED!

  31. lovelle spice says:

    Is there a good left handed mouse?

  32. Seth Leblanc says:

    🔴I plan to get the MX master, but I got a question.🔴

    if anyone can answer it feel free to, the question is,
    can the mouse buttons be modified to operate photoshop commands?
    it would seem a mouse like this could speed thing up if possible.

  33. starkness65 says:

    $49.99 on Amazon now and Free 2 Days Shipping with Amazon Prime!

  34. BJSteigner says:

    Can the battery be taken out and replaced with an alkaline???

  35. Nicholas Erwin says:

    Hmm..this mouse or the Master. I like the fact the Performance has replaceable battery.

  36. Mark Bedoya says:

    will this mouse work on the surface of a basketball?

  37. oisin mcmanus says:

    you did another review on the logitech trackball m570 because of your frequent use of computers, which one would you say is better the performamce mx or the trackball?

  38. Tom Antrim says:

    I bought a cheap Gear Head and while using FaceBook it has scrolls sideways.

  39. MaxiFlame says:

    What charger do you use to charge it?

  40. Dude says:

    It does not have zoom+ zoom- and onesearch buttons, which I used as vol+ vol- and mute on my old MX600. So it suuuucks. Focus switch is so useless. Trying to find used MX610 or just it's guts /w receiver to implant in the corpse of my beloved MX600. There's no new mouse in the world right now which I would buy after I had MX600 for 8 years.

  41. Sydney Shields says:

    horizontal scroll is great for league

  42. Dbeast300 says:

    "But its still light enough to be picked up easily with one hand" THANKGOD, my current mouse, made out of adamantium weighing about 70 pounds usually requires two hands to pick it up and movin my whole body to use.

  43. feels_bad-man says:

    Can you remove the battery?

  44. Tiago Ruivo says:

    How do you change de DPI?

  45. Andy Slye says:

    Best deal on Amazon:

  46. 6Ranger66 says:

    Did you get he new MX Master mouse that you can do a review on?

  47. Jonathan Moore says:

    it was a god mouse but after about a year the battery went out and now the mouse is a throw away im done with high dollar mice

  48. StarSkull_Cyborg says:

    how does it make you wrist feel? is it slanted like the MX master?

  49. hhh says:

    not even close.

  50. Marian Pelmus says:

    it would be nice if the button for changing chanels was on the side, NOT under

  51. imnh says:

    Love Performance Mx, one of the best mice I ever used. HATE the newer Performance MX, hurt my wrist/hand for prolong use (Even though the shape/size kinda look similar, but feel VERY different). Too bad where I live the older Performance MX is not stock anymore anywhere.

  52. Owen says:

    I have had this mouse for 1 year and it used to work perfect on the counter but now it does not at all. I would not recommend this to people who rage a lot because my brother rages on minecraft and I think that is what messed it up. The silver line on the left side also has worn to the point where the is a large spot that is just plastic.

  53. ٴٴ says:

    how much DPI?

  54. Sabeel M says:

    Do you know of any wired equivalent with a similar erganomic design?

  55. mobuis juan says:

    Can this be used in games also?

  56. Michigan Mister says:

    Logitech mice have always been great on batteries. did you find this mouse too big? I use the small mouse, but would love the features here if it didn't feel too large. thanks!

  57. Nathan Brown says:

    Except I am on my 4th one of these now, the left mouse click has failed on all of them after about 8 months. This was my go to mouse but not anymore, they just don't last.

  58. eXamp1e says:

    I have been used that mouse 2yrs now and played cs:go my rank is Le

  59. twisterrjl says:

    This mouse ruined my right wrist in 1 week.
    The battery life is FAR less durable as advertised.
    Personally I do Not recommend for gaming, hell even editing. I am going back to Razer mice.
    I have the Logitech M800 keyboard, and I can say, it's my favorite keyboard ever.

  60. dwarfer777 says:

    jesus f christ!! u can’t tell me it’s not retarded of these idiots that pressing right button is too light to press. i’d say”WAKE UP MORONS!!” but i think mental retardism is more in order

  61. Martin Slater says:

    I love mine and it still stays charged for ages even after many years so I recommended to a friend, unfortunately theirs started playing up after about a year / stops starts.
    Shame the receiver dosen't work with another similar mouse for troubleshooting, they seem to be dedicated to each mouse to avoid interference.

  62. Savagr Playz says:

    Can it be used on Bluetooth

  63. the777 says:

    All of these $40-$80 mice….bluetooth, wireless, etc….and my $10 corded mouse outperforms them all.

  64. Vizious Limit says:

    Is there a way to use it without the usb chip I lost mine

  65. Rishikesh Sadanandan says:

    Can you change the DPI?

  66. ROBERT BUTLER says:

    And when the battery comes to the end of its life you have to throw it away!!

  67. Paul Hubert says:

    I configure the buttons as COPY, Paste, SELECT ALL, Delete – for me, makes editing much faster. It is effectively a TEN button mouse when you configure the wheel left-right tilt AS keystrokes. Also the 'zoom' button. The lower thumb button I use as Command-C (Mac). I see the new MX is listed as a 7 button mouse – not quite up to my needs!

  68. Rudolf Usselmann says:

    Piece of crap, I went through two of them. They last about 3 months of heavy use … now I buy $10 USD mice, just as good and last longer … plus does not support Linux …

  69. Roman Barnoul says:

    typical mouse from the morst manufacturer. sensor is located under the thumb is the dumbest fucking decision. it's completely out of your control.

  70. Damian Williams says:

    Honest opinion here: I've had mine for nearly 2 years, and love it… its really comfortable and accurate. MY only two complaints are… The normal click button is starting to die; unintentional double presses , and sometimes have to click hard to get it to click.
    And, it's too easy to accidentally click the 'zoom' button when clicking left mouse button hard; frantic gaming moments.
    Also, the AA battery doesn't last very long

  71. Stavros Nikolopoulos says:

    Dear Andy, i am using the Logitech Performance mouse MX the last three years. At times on the same mouse pad surface does not scroll easily, accurately. After cleaning (!!) the mouse pad surface it works better, but it is annoying not to scroll well all the time. Is there anything i can do to feel, work better with the movement, accuracy of this mouse? Thank you.

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