Best Wireless Mic for iPhone! (and Android)

what’s up guys i’m ben from authentech,
and this audio is being recorded wirelessly over into my iphone in this
video i’ll be showing you guys why and how i’m recording wireless audio over
into my phone i’ll also be shown a little comparison of the built-in
microphone versus a wireless mic and as a little bonus at the end i’ll be
comparing all these lenses versus each other on the iphone to see which one is
best note this video is not sponsored by anyone here i paid for all myself
all the links to the products and adapters will be down below make sure
you’re following me on instagram for my behind the scenes shots and let’s jump
right in now it’s been said over and over that video is very important
nowadays it’s just about everywhere on our phones we see these platforms
popping up left and right a lot of people are trying to get into the video
content creation game and i’m on the train that it’s not the fanciest gear
that’s needed nowadays especially when you’re starting out but it’s often the
best camera is right here the smartphone that’s in your pocket and a lot of
people say half a video is the audio so it’s so important to be getting good
clean audio now the video quality on our phones is getting better and better but
there’s only so much that the built-in microphones can actually accomplish i
personally shoot so much of my b-roll footage on my phone for workflow and
efficiency now sometimes i’m doing an unboxing
let’s say and i need good clean audio and this is what took me down this
adventure for this microphone system owen don’t worry all this isn’t just for
the iphone but it’s for androids as well i haven’t forgotten about you i’ll show
you all that at the end as well now i also pretty deeply researched a lot of
those plug-in shotgun microphones and they seemed okay but it’s going from
like a d-minus to a c-minus it was just a small step up but i was looking for an
a+ audio option and I wanted something wireless and this brings it so for the
main microphone system I’m using the rode wireless go now there’s a lot of
pros to the rode wireless go system for example I saw its pricing is down to
$180 right now on prime again compare that to historical and other competitors
on the market and that’s actually a fair price it’s super time
and portable I love these little grips nice attention to detail there’s rubber
for extra grip in there it’s perfectly sized to slip into a cold shoe mount
they both are USB C rechargeable internal batteries there’s lots of
utility that a wireless mic system will give you I love the built-in microphone
on here we just turn it on and the auto pair plus there’s a mic jack in so we
can plug in a wired laugh or even better closer quality audio the lav mic that
I’m using today is from rode as well again I’ll link that down below I think
this came in that Wireless filmmakers kit I bought a long time ago which is
way more expensive than this so here’s the little lightning to mic Jack dongle
that goes into our iPhone I’ll also show you the USBC dongle that I found that
works on my Samsung we’re gonna use the trrs the three rings adapter going into
the iPhone the TRS goes into the receiver here it’s receiving that signal
sent from the transmitter and then from here we can use the built-in microphone
clip it anywhere or plug in a wired lab for even better quality audio here’s an
interesting low comparison of the internal mic versus the rode wireless go
microphone plus the wired lav in there as well and this is audio on the road
Wireless go I’m about 10 feet away and I can be talking here I can be facing this
way or this way and you should be hearing some crisp clean audio and this
is audio on the road Wireless go how does the audio sound and this is audio
on the wired lavalier microphone shooting over to the road wireless go
how does the audio sound this is audio on the road Wireless go through a
lavalier standing about 10 feet away shooting on the iPhone 11 Pro how does
it sound powering up the cycle board rover
putting in the password send speed to level five and we’re off
now here’s just one cool little example of a wireless mic system if I was
normally zipping along here on the path going about 20-ish miles per hour the
footage on this iPhone might look good but the audio is gonna sound like trash
but with this wireless mic system and a lavalier we should be able to pick up
some crispy clear audio while scooting along plus camera can be looking at me
or we can slide it down to be looking at whatever subject we want flying around
look at these cool wheels here’s this big motor
yada-yada we’re down here at the lake and the audio should be sounding pretty
good if only we had some image stabilization on this ultra wide lens
that would be really nice but what we don’t so that’s unfortunate maybe a few
things to note here now of course the obvious a wireless microphone system is
gonna offer a million times better and more options in capturing clear quality
audio that otherwise would be impossible with the built-in microphone or a wired
lav only also this rode wireless go system has been performing really well
for me I’ve been really impressed and satisfied in the purchase again the
price point seems to be pretty budget-friendly the built-in mic on the
road go transmitter isn’t bad and I totally forgot to use their included
dead cats which would have probably helped minimize that wind noise a wired
lav mic is gonna get you even better quality audio but it’s not needed for a
lot of cases and that should save you some money the distance here is
impressive now rode rates them up to 70 meter range or about 230 feet I’m not
exactly positive on my distance here but google map says I walked about 200 feet
away to those trees and it sounded fine the whole time and of course I’m still a
huge Android fan I tried it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 eating a
slightly different adapter this one is USB type
see I found it on Amazon for about ten bucks it works great just plug straight
in we have a mic in Jack worked perfect audio check this is going into the note
10 plus and here’s a fun video quality comparison test of that front camera
versus the rear primary lens versus the rear ultra-wide this is 4k 30 video on
the rear-facing primary lens how does it look about dynamic range and this is
video 4k 30 on the rear-facing ultra wide lens
now it should look drastically different but how’s dynamic range clarity and
quality now this is video 4k 30 on the front-facing camera which is pretty
awesome it can do 4k 30 and here’s a little stabilization test some of the
key details I noticed first the HDR and dynamic range looks really great on all
three even that front-facing lens however there’s plenty of this obvious
flickering effect from the HDR I believe and it sort of ruins the shot now I hope
Apple can improve this down the line secondly I was surprised that that
front-facing lens was as wide field-of-view as it is this is great to
see it’s good for action shots selfies vlogging or whatever as for clarity well
I’m grateful all lenses can record up to 4k resum however you should be able to
see slight sharpness differences like that primary rear lens is the best
quality then I’d say the other two are sort of tied that front-facing lens
looks a little bit soft and that ultra wide can appear a tad pixelated it’s not
bad by any means now this is a great reminder for all if you want the very
best quality shoot on that primary rear facing lens I hope this video was
helpful in some way or another thank you guys so much for watching and until I
see you next time let’s live authentic

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    I used the wireless go mic with my iPhone in New Zealand I got a-lot of feed back on alot of my shots and could not figure out what the problem was. I would say 30% of my footage was messed up with the audio I used a splitter for the audio input and wired charger. There was a strong static noise but you could hear my audio really clear just a-lot of static feed back.

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    Can you believe I took my wireless go on a trip and plugged in to the phone with the iPhone dongle thinking it would work and I practically ruined my day at the Peruvian desert. All I had to do was do a simple google search to see you need another dongle 😭
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