Best INSIDER Wireless Headphone Deal of 2020 (VS Expensive Bose Pair!)

33 comments on “Best INSIDER Wireless Headphone Deal of 2020 (VS Expensive Bose Pair!)”

  1. Soren Felix says:

    Cool video.

  2. I-CARRIED -_PLAT_- says:

    Awesome video matt!😎

  3. Studio1231 says:

    Check in at 3.

  4. Bass Town Ncs says:

    awesome video

  5. June VanDerAa says:

    I need a pair for tv listening because I am hard of hearing

  6. June VanDerAa says:

    Will these work for the tv viewing

  7. Belkis Garcia says:

    Great deal Matt

  8. Rick Courchaine says:

    Or just go to amazon and by them for the listed $49.99 from decibel.

  9. Dee Deedee says:

    Got one, thinking about another, thanks so much for the link!

  10. KC Kara says:

    Hi Matt!

  11. Prickly Pear says:

    Matt, this deal sounds good.👂🎶😉

  12. Lisa Cutler says:

    Always love you're videos Matt 👌 thanks once again 😊

  13. Aiden Pearce says:

    Too bad ,only usa shipping

  14. Aaron D says:

    Thanks, Matt!

  15. cornell 749 says:

    Thanks Matt

  16. Donna Battles says:

    Thanks Matt !!

  17. Barb Foss says:

    I just bought headphones for my husband two weeks ago…..I know I should have waited!

  18. christopher Pire says:

    Win win win

  19. jim cricket says:


  20. Rohit Tawani says:

    thanks for helping us every single day 😇😇

  21. Alexi N says:

    What do you think of JBL speakers and headphones?

  22. u4ea says:

    Great deal as usual Matt! This deal "beats" Dr Dre…

  23. Joseph Guy says:

    you left out soundcore life q10 60 hours of battery less then 40 and sound good

  24. Megan Blafkin says:

    Thanks Matt. Retired now. Great for when I'm exercising.

  25. Karen Pratt says:

    Thanks, Matt!

  26. Redonna Leckie says:

    Have a blessed day!

  27. seventhson72 says:

    Great stuff as always!

  28. Cyn Dad says:

    Great deal if only!!

  29. Dorito 100 says:

    Any deals on lawn mowers.

  30. purna karanam says:


  31. thawk4life says:

    Any deals for good headphones like $150 and up

  32. LoveTheDeals LoveTheDeals says:

    Thanks for the savings

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