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So this is the fastest wireless charger
on planet earth. Hey what’s going on guys its Shivam here. Oh by the way new haircut! But before getting to the video if you
want to watch this video in Hindi you can do that from the top right corner in the info card. But today’s video is all
about the fastest wireless charger. So up until now wireless charging technology wasn’t something that you can rely on to
charge your phones on daily basis. If you ever had used the wireless charger then you know the pain. All of these wireless charger works very
slow to charge your devices. It takes forever you to charge a
device on a wireless charging pad. You can charge your devices relatively
quickly by just plugging a cable inside your phone. And you can charge your
devices in just one and a half hours. So why would someone just go ahead and take
the pain of charging through a wireless charging pad. So why this wireless charging
technology is so slow. So this is because this wireless charging pad cannot supply so much of this power supply. So this is because of the low power output from
this wireless charging pad. And also depends upon the phone capability. And most of these phones doesn’t accept this much of power. So in result we get a very long
charging time. But recently Xiaomi changed the game .t They always do! They stunned everyone with their me9 which
is capable of 20 watt or wireless charging. Yes it’s 20 watt wireless charging capable
device. It’s one of the fastest wireless charging capable device in the market right now. And along with the Mi 9, Xiaomi also launched some new products
like a wireless power bank, a car charger, mi power bank 3 pro. Side note I made videos on all these products which you can find in the top right corner in the info card. But along with all these products they
also launched this 20 volt wireless charger. So there are a couple of things
I want to say about this charger. But before that let’s just unbox this
and see all the contents of it. And then we will talk about it. So for the unboxing, here is the parcel in which the mi
wireless charger came. This is from banggood and you can also check out from
the links down below in description. But without wasting any time let me quickly open this up. But for that I need my knife. I guess I’ll do that without a
knife today. With this pencil I guess. So here is the retail packaging of the
mi-24 wireless charger. I guess this is the fastest wireless
charger you can get right now. which is 20 volt maximum. And now let’s quickly take this plastic
sheet off. So here is the retail packaging. Looks very clean. And here we can see a circle which is the wireless charger itself. And as we move to the
back of the box. We can see that it says 20 watt. And down here we can also see it
says 5V-20V and 1.35 ampere max output. Now there is nothing else we can
understand because most of this is in Chinese. So let’s just don’t waste any
time and quickly open this up. Now as we get into this box we have this…. we have some documentation but… most of this is in Chinese. So we don’t need this I
guess. So here is the charger itself. It’s very rubbery which is very good because
it can stick your phone tightly. And we also have this type C connection on the
back to charge this device. And there are also some vents here for cooling. And we have the mi logo on the back and the input and output on the back. And that’s it for the device itself. And let’s put this aside for a moment and see what
else do we have in the box. So there is nothing else in the box. I guess they should include a Type C
cable in the Box also to charge this device up. But unfortunately we don’t have any. And that’s pretty much it for
the unboxing of the Mi 20 watt wireless charger. And now let’s move to the review
of this device. So first up is this is how the pad looks like. It only comes in this white colour and have this rubberized material all around finish. Which personally I’m not a big fan of because firstly it gets very dirty than anything on your desk. And secondly this is way harder to clean this up. Marks and dust just won’t go away from the surface. You can try to clean this thing
but it won’t let you do that. Think it off this way, have you ever tried to
clean a white eraser? Of course you did Then this is exactly the same feeling. I will say the finish is pretty identity to a white non-dust eraser that we used in childhood. But on the flip side this also helps to stick the phone onto the
pad. And then you don’t have to worry about the phone slipping away while
sucking up all that juice. And also on the bottom we have
the same rubberized material which makes the pad glue to the desk. Other than that we have a USB
type-c port on the back to connect the power to this pad. And on front we have this LED indicator. But now speaking of technical stuff, let’s talk about how much power is
required to make this thing work. So first of all you will get
the wireless charging pad in the box So you are required to have a USB-C cable and a charger that can output maximum of 27 watts. Which is 5-20V
at 1.35 ampere maximum. So I couldn’t find anything with this
much of specific power output other than the mi 27 watt wall adapter. Because I have tested some
of my samsung chargers and other wall adapters. And just so you know it will
give three slow lights for the power-on indication. And then if it starts blinking fast that means your charger isn’t supported. But if it goes off after the first three blinks then it means it’s on standby and it’s ready to be used. So I highly recommend you should get the mi 27 watt wall adapter. And if you want to buy that you know where the links are. So for this I also bought the
mi 27 watt wall adapter separately to make this charging pad work. So essentially this will give 27 watts to this wireless charging pad. And give us the best out of it. And that’s all what you need to make this thing work. Just keep in mind to know it provide more than 27 watts or otherwise it will fry some circuits. But once you get this successfully set up this is a joy to use. Charging pad can then charge your devices at up to 20 watts of power. If your smart phone is capable of. Like if you have the me 9 then you can charge
your device in one and a half hour which is a lightning-fast speed for a wireless
charging technology. Up until now wireless charging was like
3-4 hours of a task to charge a smartphone. And smart phones were only
going fast in the wired charging only. Like we have the supervooc which can
output up to 50 watts of power. And it can charge the device in 30 minutes. But now smartphones are also getting
better at wireless charging technology. And with the Xiaomi’s Mi 9 we have this 20 watt of wireless charging in a smartphone. But if you don’t have a Mi 9 and you still want the fastest wireless charger like I have bought this for the Samsung galaxy S9 plus for future proof. Even if that device still can take up to 15 watts of wireless charging, and the pad charged it in one and a half hours, I still bought it for future proof. Just so that I won’t have to buy another wireless charger when 20 watt of wireless charging becomes a normal thing. So now this also brings us down to the
pricing of this device. So you can get this wireless charging pad for a price of
$35 or 2500 rupees from Banggood. Which you can find all the links in the
description. But for the price this is also including all the shipping and
taxes. So you won’t have to pay a single penny after that. And just for my experience with the site as my wireless charger came from the Banggood as well. So the site is completely safe and there
is nothing to be scared of. And I totally recommend buying anything from this site and product as well. But overall I think the product is priced well. And there is no other charger in the market that can
output this much of power and have this quality standards of Xiaomi. So if you’re looking for the best and fastest wireless charging solution then I
totally recommend this product. But other than that, that was today’s video. Hope you guys enjoyed this and
if you did still like button below. Share this video with your friends and subscribe
to the channel if you haven’t yet. And I’ll catch you guys in the next one!

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