Best Electric Cars for 2019 & 2020 ― Top-Rated EV Cars and SUVs

Elena, when is getting charged with multiple
batteries a good thing? ELENA SCHERR: No– no– no– no. WILL KAUFMAN: What? ELENA SCHERR: No. WILL KAUFMAN: What? ELENA SCHERR: No, we
are not doing this. We are not doing the electricity
jokes in the EV video. WILL KAUFMAN: Guess
what, it’s too late, we’re already rolling. Let’s talk EVs. [MUSIC PLAYING] ELENA SCHERR: Electric
cars are good now. Did you get the memo? Yeah, they have enough
range and they’re available in enough
price ranges that they’re a viable alternative
for most commuters. Imagine never having to
go to a gas station again. Today, we’re rounding
up the best EVs so you don’t have to
go charging in blind. Oh, man now I’m doing it. WILL KAUFMAN: Gotcha. Everything we’re
going to talk about has been through our full
testing and rating process, which you can see more about– [BUBBLES POPPING] There’s a link. There’s a link– ELENA SCHERR: Somewhere. We put a link in. WILL KAUFMAN: This list
includes everything we’ve tested up until now. Our ratings are
updated in real-time. So if you don’t see the
vehicle you’re looking for, make sure to check
to see if it’s there. ELENA SCHERR: All right, let’s
actually talk about the cars. Tesla may have captured
consumers imaginations with its futuristic
and pricey vehicles, but there are affordable
EVs out there that cost less than $40,000. When the Kona electric
hit the market, it immediately became
our favorite new EV. Why? Well, because it’s
just a car, but better. You get a comfy
practical hatchback with Hyundai’s easy infotainment
and useful driver aids. Only it’s faster and more
efficient than the gas models. In our testing, the Kona EV was
more than a half second quicker to 60 mile per hour than
its turbocharged sibling. And all that power is
available right off the line. So you don’t have to wait
for a turbo to spool up or a transmission to wake up. WILL KAUFMAN: We picked a Kona
EV up for our long term fleet. I really enjoy
commuting in ours. I think it’s the stereo. It’s better than
most in the class. Although, that rear seat is kind
of tight for big infant seats. Rear seat infant
accommodations aside, we liked the Kona
electric so much we gave it our Editor’s Choice
Award for the top EV of 2019. ELENA SCHERR: Good job, Kona. WILL KAUFMAN: This
is one electric that won’t be wearing
the Kona shame. [MUSIC PLAYING] When it launched,
the Chevrolet Bolt leapfrogged the competition
with its 238 miles of range, quick acceleration,
and approachable price. Even with more competitors
on the market now, the Bolts strengths mean
it’s worth checking out if you’re shopping for an EV. ELENA SCHERR: The
Bolt isn’t perfect. The interior is
kind of plastic-y. And it has a unique infotainment
system that is just not as good as Chevy’s norm. The lightweight and firm
seats aren’t very adjustable. And some people
around the office felt they were a deal breaker. But your mileage
wattage may vary. WILL KAUFMAN: We put
30,000 miles on a Bolt as part of our long
term testing program. And its nimbleness
and small size made it a solid choice
for the daily commute. ELENA SCHERR: One thing
that’s awesome about the Bolt is its one pedal driving,
where lifting off the gas pedal causes the electric motors to
slow the car down so you don’t even have to touch the brake,
and you’re recapturing energy while it happens. That is a neat EV trick. For 2020, it offers
259 miles of range. Although, those few extra
miles aren’t enough to help it nab the top EV
spot from Hyundai. You can find out why on our full
video comparison of those two cars. WILL KAUFMAN: The Volkswagen
e-Golf, or e-Golf, as no one calls
it, is practically a dinosaur in the EV world,
having come out way back in 2015. We like the e-Gulf for
being, well, a golf– a likeable small car
with comfortable seats and Volkswagen
driving dynamics that make it more pleasant
than competitors from behind the wheel. For 2019, the e-Golf is
up to 125 miles of range. That’s well behind
top competitors, but still enough to get most
commuters through their day. You also get standard car
play and Android Auto, and a generous trunk
with folding seats that give the e-Golf
plenty of space for cargo. ELENA SCHERR: The e-Golf is
the affordable EV that feels the most like a regular car. But it’s not as torque and
quick as, say, the Kona, and it’s definitely
down on range. WILL KAUFMAN: If you’re willing
to skip the bells and whistles, the e-Golf’s base price
is pretty affordable. But you’ll have to pay extra
for things like active safety features. If you’re looking for a
friendly and familiar way to get into electric
motoring, the e-Golf is worth checking out. ELENA SCHERR: Nissan
doesn’t get enough credit for making the first
successful affordable EV. In fact, the Leaf is still the
top selling EV in the world. The current generation
Leaf introduced for 2018 is quieter, more comfortable,
and more rewarding to drive. It offers plenty of range. WILL KAUFMAN: The
Leaf’s steering wheel doesn’t telescope, making
the car a little less comfortable for taller drivers. And steering feels artificial. But overall, the Leaf has far
more strengths than weaknesses, especially if you don’t need
the chart topping range offered by the Kona or the
Bolt. And if you do, the Leaf plus variant
amps up the range to a competitive 226 miles. ELENA SCHERR: Kilowatt
hours, not amps. WILL KAUFMAN: Stay
in your lane, Scherr. ELENA SCHERR: Hey Will,
are you tired of hearing about the Edmunds long
term test fleet yet? WILL KAUFMAN: How
could anyone ever get tired of hearing about
such a valuable resource for shoppers and
enthusiasts alike? ELENA SCHERR:
Good, because we’ve had both generations
of Leaf in our garage. WILL KAUFMAN: And the
second generation really was a big improvement. Even though it was
slower, I liked commuting in the Leaf a
bit more than the Bolt just for the seats. Although for someone
my size, it felt a bit like driving a toy car. ELENA SCHERR: Will is
actually a lot taller than me. And I am standing
on a box right now. The Hyundai Ioniq electric
has a low cost of entry. Yet, it offers all
the user-friendly tech we expect from a Hyundai. It also has the most
efficient electric drive train on the market per the EPAs
miles per gallon equivalent– MPGE. Which means you’ll pay
less to keep it charged. The Ioniq isn’t the
best driving EV, and the rear seat is not
particularly comfortable, nor roomy. But it gets a shout
out for offering a lot of features at
an appealing price and for being so efficient. If you want to go green and
you want to go all the way, the Ioniq electric
is the current champ. WILL KAUFMAN:
Luxury electric cars aren’t just about adding
luxury features and performance to the EV formula. They’re also about
pushing boundaries. Luxury brands work hard to show
off their visions of the future and attempt new and
younger buyers like you. [MUSIC PLAYING] ELENA SCHERR: The
Tesla Model S might be the oldest Tesla
in production, but it is still our favorite of
the company’s three offerings. And it is only now seeing
serious direct competition. It combines a roomy attractive
cabin with astonishing speed and outstanding range. Depending on how it’s
equipped, the Model S can be staggeringly
quick in a straight line. The price tag, however,
is equally intimidating. And compared to similarly priced
internal combustion sedan, it feels a bit unpolished
and lacks some of the luxury features like massaging seats. But if you’re after
something with a Tesla badge or serious bragging rights,
the S is the best of the bunch. WILL KAUFMAN: You know, we’ve
owned all 3 Tesla models. So you can find out what
they’re like to live with in our long term blog. In fact, I did the math
and we’ve given Tesla a total of $295,700. ELENA SCHERR: I mean,
Elon should really send us a thank you note. WILL KAUFMAN: The BMW i3
does have the shortest range of any of the luxury
electrics on this list with just 153 miles. But it does offer the
option of a range extender that gets you up to 200 miles. The i3 is a unique little car. From its funky looks outside
to its truly special interior, we think the i3 has one of the
best interiors on the road. It’s stylish and modern
with novel materials, but it’s still user-friendly. And the i3 drives the way
you’d expect a BMW to drive. ELENA SCHERR: Between
the rear suicide doors, big wheels with skinny tires,
and that dramatic interior, the i3 really isn’t like
anything else on the road. Our long term i3–
yeah, we had one– made a great city run about. And if you’re looking for
something a little different from your EV, the
i3 is a standout. WILL KAUFMAN: The Tesla Model 3
encountered some early growing pains. And the elusive $35,000
model didn’t exactly live up to its advanced billing. But if you don’t mind
the teething issues, you’ll find the Model 3 a
remarkably sporty electric car with a healthy amount of
space for its small footprint, and an interior that pushes
the definition of modern. ELENA SCHERR: I’m going to
be the Tesla complainer. Oh, no. I’m not a big fan of having
all the cars controllers go through that big
center touch screen. And the displays
sort of made me feel like I was driving in
a room with someone who was playing a video game. WILL KAUFMAN: It’s
definitely more distracting to adjust vehicle settings,
even simple things like adjusting your mirrors. But the Model 3 performed
so well in our testing that we had to give it its due. In fact in a recent head
to head comparison test, our own Carlos Lago said
that it was more fun to drive than the new BMW 3 Series. ELENA SCHERR: I’m not
going to argue with Carlos. The I-Pace is an
impressive machine that exudes style,
poise, comfort, and technical sophistication. The all wheel drive
electric SUV delivers plenty of range and good utility. But Jaguar is relative
inexperience with EV technology results in surprisingly
high electricity consumption and a lack of
smoothness when braking at low speeds. One of the things I personally
liked about the I-Pace was how it melded a sci-fi
future with classic design, especially in the interior. It’s one of the prettiest
EVs out there even if it isn’t the most efficient. WILL KAUFMAN: This is
also one of those cars where we’ve seen some
really strong discounts. So you might be able to
find a deal on it too. [MUSIC PLAYING] The Tesla Model X is currently
the only electric vehicle you can get with
three rows of seating. It also has the most
personality of any Tesla, which is a mixed bag. The Falcon wing doors
and panoramic windshield set it apart. But these features could also
be viewed as gimmicks that don’t really add functionality. ELENA SCHERR: Either way, the
Model X’s firm to rough ride doesn’t do it any favors. Still, there is no denying
that this is one quick SUV. Our long term Model X
launched to 60 miles per hour in a truly ludicrous
3.5 seconds. And you can get all
the futuristic tech that make Tesla Model special. But there are so many
new EVs on the way. WILL KAUFMAN: Volkswagen’s
got the ID coming, which is a whole new
electric platform for them. And Ford says they’re making
both an SUV and a pickup truck. ELENA SCHERR: Yeah,
they partnered up with Rivian, who are making
a truck and a large SUV. There’s also the Mercedes
Benz EQC and Audi e-tron. WILL KAUFMAN: We have an e-tron
coming in for testing soon. So keep your eyes on our
electric car rankings to see how it stacks
up against the Model X. ELENA SCHERR: For
our sports car fans, Porsche just
unveiled the Taycan, a pricey high performance sedan
that could give the Tesla Model S a run for its money. I mean, not like directly
dollar for dollar for the money. Anyway, it’s really
fast, it’s really cool. We think people are
going to like it. We just had a chance to
check it out in person and we were pretty impressed. WILL KAUFMAN: And
there’s even more. The Polestar 2 looks great. The new generation Kia Soul
is getting a new EV version. And of course, Tesla has
the model Y coming, along with the new Roadster– ELENA SCHERR: Roadster. WILL KAUFMAN: And
their own pickup truck. ELENA SCHERR: It feels
like new electric cars and new EV technology are
being announced every day. So stay tuned to
Edmunds for news and reviews on the latest EVs. You can also read full
reviews of every car that we talked
about in this video and find great deals on
electric vehicles near you. WILL KAUFMAN: Did we
mention our long term blog? ELENA SCHERR: Shockingly, yes. WILL KAUFMAN: Whomp. Whomp. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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    Loved this summary, but was annoyed by repeatedly mispronouncing Hyundai. It rhymes with Sunday. It's not hund eye.

  88. A F says:

    this list sounds fair! wait… where's the Model 3? mmmm

  89. Fazal Rabbi says:

    Nice video

  90. ManateeWithAHat says:

    Tesla Model 3 best car in the world under $40,000, regardless of being electric.

  91. tony cao says:

    the title is missing"exacpt Tesla Model 3"


    Edmunds, when you're gonna do another Electric Vehicles Real World Test?

  93. ابو حيدر آل شاهين says:

    I couldn't finish the video because of the very stupid and very lame Jokes.

  94. Brett Heppes says:

    Would anyone here wait for the VW ID. series of cars over the next 3 years? Not just the Micro Bus ID. Buzz, but the ID.Vizzion, the ID. Crozz, and rumored to be more in coming years.

  95. Adriano Pereira says:

    I like your jokes, but never tell a portuguese: – "Good job Kona!"

  96. Frank Short says:

    What did you think about the Kia eNiro?

  97. Billblom says:

    The Leaf is now under big lawsuits down-under because of battery expense.. like after 3 attempts to get dropping range fixed, the Leaf came up with a 33000 bill for a new battery. Design problems: no water cooling on the first 3 years or so of prodction, so that kills the battery in warm climates.

  98. Milk Hsieh says:

    No Honda E in the report?

  99. S.L.S says:

    This is just another useless video about electric cars that never mention the major problem with those cars. The problem is that the US electrical grid is sooooo out of date that it has to buy electricity from Canada in order to meet Americans current needs. What happens when many more people decide the price drop on electric cars has made them affordable to more people so they buy one. The US electrical grid will have constant blackouts across the country and eventually it will simply collapse. Lets talk about that before you talk about which electric car is better. It's called putting the horse before the cart.

  100. Graham, King of the Britons! says:

    Renault Zoe? Peugeot e-2008? Vauxhall/Opel e-corsa? VW ID.3?

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