Belly – Laugh ! Funniest Baby Reaction Electronic Device – Funny Baby Videos

Your baby’s reaction to electronics device makes you laugh.

15 comments on “Belly – Laugh ! Funniest Baby Reaction Electronic Device – Funny Baby Videos”

  1. RU PRESENTS says:


  2. Figen Yelkenci says:


  3. Venn Jocelyn says:

    very special. The reactions made me unable to help laughing.

  4. Mai Phương Nguyễn says:

    8:06, there are many kids who like to play in this way. But, I find them very dangerous to the children.

  5. Luccichio says:

    8:48, this boy is thinking of wanting that Apple watch. lol

  6. Jung Huyn says:

    This is what I thought after watching this video: want to quickly try to see the reaction of little sister.

  7. Anh Khôi Trịnh Hoàng says:

    Babies are not afraid of this device, they respond more to noise.

  8. Amy Loy says:

    Big eyes. small mouth wide open, …-> typical but too adorable reaction of babies.

  9. hiên mai says:

    I guarantee the following after watching your video: BELLY -LAUGH

  10. Натали Шульга says:


  11. Rakiah Baker says:

    I love the second baby!

  12. Doodle Real Funny says:

    Really cute and funny. Like: If you miss being a baby again!!

  13. Well_that escalated_quickly says:

    All these babies are truly adorable and just make me want to make more and more and more Reborns. I watch these just to get ideas but then I get lost and I'm going to end up watching a hundred of them but I must say that baby @3:25 he is gorgeous that is a stunning baby and I guess it doesn't hurt that he's got an outfit that matches his baby recliner … in the bathroom no less.and i gotta give a shoutout to Kim Kardashian @1:52. You got it going girl and my heart goes out to your family because no one will grandstand you!

  14. BIG DADDY says:

    Great reaction, I can't stop laughing

  15. Lolabean says:

    4:09 who is the lady on the video the baby crying about? Lol 😂 Not a fan I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️

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