Audi e-tron Defined: Electric Drive

We’ve developed cars for more then 100 years
and we create really great combustion engines. But the Audi e-tron projects we started 4 to 5 years ago
on a white piece of paper, to design those electric axles for that car. My name is Joachim Doerr, I’m responsible for the
electric machine design and the electric axle design. Of course we thought about all kinds of electric
machines at the beginning of the project. One goal was to develop the main components.
For example power electronics, electric machine and the gear. And to combine it so that you get a really intelligent axle kit for the car. We decided to make the complete axle drive kit with Asenburneres Machines
because you do not need the magnets with the rare earths. In electric car the battery has direct voltage and our electronics switches
this to three phase alternating current, which goes to the electric machine. The starter creates magnetic field which closes through the rotor. For example for our Asenburner Machines this creates torque. So the rotor turns and a thousand times per second we can control the power
of each axle, which is normally not possible with a conventional 4 wheel drive. With a normal combustion engine you have that big gear box
which is trying to deliver the power as good as possible to the axles. And with the electric quattro you are fully free
and you can create an awesome driving feeling. From the beginning of the project we took a lot of effort to
make a really good cooling system for the machines. We having cooling water around the staker, also rotor internal cooling and
pier inplate cooling so in fact the electric machine is completely packed with water. And this is special for Audi. Normal electric cars can
manage to accelerate from 0 to 100 maybe 4 to 6 times. And we can manage this maybe 10 times, 15, 20 times
no problem without making the machines to hot. Our Audi e-tron is an SUV but for a special period of time we can
put much more current into the machine, it accelerates like a sports car. This is the boost mode, we can really power forward.
The first few seconds you can beat almost everything. What I’m really proud about is what we reach
with our team, they did a really good job. This is very exciting to see the car drive on the
streets and to read comparison tests in magazines. I’m sure that we beat some of those competitors.

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