Atomic DRZ 1/28 RWD Drift Budget Electronics

Hello everyone! Welcome to Beaver’s Hobby channel. In this video I am going to show you the budget electronics for Atomic DRZ RWD drift car. These are what I’m going to use. First, Gening servo. It’s a digital metal gear servo. I know it’s not the cheapest in this size but it’s very good for the price. Gyro is Slidelogy. It’s very good for RWD drifting even though it’s a bit big for micro car. ESC is XC-10A, because it’s small and has all forward, brake and reverse. You should get the programming card with it too because you have to fiddle with some settings especially the cut-off voltage. And the motor is Surpass Hobby 1410 6000KV. It’s the cheapest 130 brushless motor in the market right now. Links for all these items are in the description. As you can see, they are not expensive. Actually all of these combined are cheaper than what I paid extra for ESC, servo and gyro in my kit. The only problem that I found is they make the car much taller and putting the body on is a bit of a struggle. You can trim all the wires to make them smaller but I didn’t do that because I use these electronics in another car. Also, this motor is too fast. So I limit the throttle with EPA to 50% Apart from that, nothing much, this ESC is not as powerful as the one from Atomic but the servo is better. I don’t have much else to report because this ESC has been with me for a long time now and it is still working perfectly. There you have it, if you are on a tight budget this is the way to go about building a DRZ. I have nothing else to say except let’s see how it drifts.

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