7 comments on “Ask an MIT Computer Scientist: Describe programming in six words”

  1. Alan Q says:

    The art+science of generating behaviors

  2. Naofumi Iwatani says:

    Interesting how they dont show asian men. Considering how asian men are over represented in this field. Just a coincidence right?

  3. tod4y says:

    No black homosexual? What a racist video…

  4. Keteo says:

    This sums up my entire experience with MATLAB

  5. alxrdv says:

    Python's not a language, use C.


  6. Batuhan AKTAŞ says:

    I am not an M.I.T. student but my 6 words are:
    "Making inventions with computer and brain."

  7. sp15b e0012 says:

    Logic implemented to enslave computers!

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