Are New Galaxy Buds+ Worth It for iPhone users?

Last year I recommended iphone users to buy
Galaxy Buds even though there were certain limitations, but a year later things have
changed, both for Samsung and for iOS. So today I’ll be answering if the new Galaxy
Buds+ are worth it for iPhone users, and if so, what kind of things do you gain and also
miss out. To get it right out there, Yes, even though
we have the airpods Pro, I think for a lot of iOS users the Galaxy buds may be a better
buy than AirPods, but not for everyone, and I’ll tell you exactly why in just a bit. Last year I used the Galaxy buds with an S10
for a week before trying with my iPhone, but this time I skipped the Android altogether
to get a pure iPhone experience which was made much better thanks to Samsung releasing
an iOS app just before launching the Buds+. Let’s start out with the first enticement
with the buds+, and that’s the price. They officially come in at $50 less then 2nd gen
Airpods with wireless charging but if you buy through our Amazon links in the description
the difference is only $20, and if you don’t care about wireless charging Airpods can be
had for $10 cheaper. But in a lot of ways the Galaxy Buds Plus
compete more against the AirPods Pro which I’ve been happily using since they came
out, and here we have a $100 price difference. The second reason you might want to go with
Galaxy buds is battery life. The Originals lasted about an hour more than the Airpods
but the plus take it to a whole nother level being rated at more than double the battery
life thanks to better efficiency and a larger battery. Now at first I was sceptical about this rating,
especially when changing the EQ, but in the real world they do seem to get very close
to that 11 hours. Now I think most people don’t listen to music for that long without
taking a break but if you are someone that listens for more than 5 hours at a time the
Galaxy buds will not limit you, at least in terms of battery. Comfort is a different story, personally I
find Galaxy buds less comfortable then either Airpods but I’ve heard the opposite from
some people, one thing that I am certain of is that if you’re very active the adjustable
wingtips included will give you a very good seal and even though I don’t have fit issues
with AirPods, if you do, Galaxy buds will likely fit better. Another benefit is that they don’t stick
out of your ears looking like a toothbrush head or mini blow dryer, so they work better
with hats or helmets. If you’re using them like that you might want to use the Ambient
mode. Last year this wasn’t available for iOS but now it is. This is great since the Galaxy buds use a
sealed design but unfortunately even though the ambient mode has gotten better is still
far behind the Pro’s and with AirPods unsealed design you don’t need it. Now one thing that surprised me was how quickly
and constantly they connected. Last year they were ok but noticeably worse than Airpods
with the H1 chip, but this year I might dare to say that sometimes it seems like that actually
pair faster. You do miss out on iCloud integration so you’ll
have to go into the settings of each iOS or Mac device but the buds plus do support multiple
saved connections. It will automatically disconnect from my phone
if I select them from my Macs bluetooth menu just like AirPods. Now another reason to want Galaxy buds for
your iPhone is Sound quality. Even though they are quieter than AirPods the Buds absolutely
smoke the AirPods and actually beat out the AirPod Pro’s as well once you tweak the
EQ. Out of the box they default to the Normal
Setting but changing that to Dynamic increases output and bumps up the mids and highs while
just slightly decreasing the bass. Now sound preferences are subjective but what
isn’t are the dual drivers that the buds plus pack. Having two speakers instead of
one helps to keep the mids and highs sounding rich and crisp while maintaining good quality
bass so if you care about sound quality the Galaxy Buds sound better and for $100 less. One feature you’ll miss out on is the valve
that releases the pressure you get when using sealed earbuds making them more comfortable,
but on the plus side since they don’t have this they seal in most of your audio where
the airpods Pro’s have noticeable more sound leak and with the originals everyone can hear
what you’re listening to. Being that these seal in ear, you’re automatically
going to block out noise which Airpods won’t do. In our office this gets rid of the louder
than average HVAC almost as well as the AirPod Pro’s active noise cancelling but for louder
noises like Airplanes the AirPods do way better. One thing I didn’t have to dive into much
in last years video was software, but now we have the galaxy buds app and new software
features for AirPods as well. I’m glad iOS users can now use Ambient mode, tweak their
EQ, and customize what happens when you use the controls including having physical controls
for volume which you don’t get with airpods. Unfortunately, with an iPhone you’re still
going to miss out on a few features compared to Android. The first is the gaming mode which lowers
latency and almost matches AirPods on IOS. Since Galaxy Buds also use AAC theres no lag
when watching videos but when playing a game sounds will be more than half a second off
compared to about 150ms, so if you play a lot of games that’s one area where the Buds
aren’t worth it. The other feature you miss out on is auto
launching spotify by tapping your bud, but since you can use Siri by pressing and holding
on the touchpad, and after the initial setup you can ask Siri to start playing music on
Spotify which works almost as well. The one feature you won’t get with Galaxy
Buds+ that I really enjoy is hey siri which works really well to change volume, launch
apps, play music and one specific feature that we didn’t have a year ago, which is
Siri reading out texts messages and allowing you to reply hands free. After I got used to using Siri hand free and
this new texting feature I definitely miss it with Galaxy buds. Overall, if you don’t need hands free siri
or very low latency in games I think the Galaxy Buds+ absolutely destroy the original Airpods,
especially if you want a sealed fit. I think they compare closer to the Pro’s than the
Originals even though they cost $100 less, and you get better battery life and sound
quality. You do still take a tradeoff in microphone
quality as you can hear here: If those Airpod features don’t matter to
you the galaxy buds are definitely worth it for iPhone users. We have links to the best
deals in the description and go ahead and let us know what you think down in the comments
section below. If you want to see my full detailed comparison
click up there to subscribe and if you want to see great Galaxy Buds vids click right
over there. This has been Max and I’ll see you in the next one.

25 comments on “Are New Galaxy Buds+ Worth It for iPhone users?”

  1. Calvin Green says:

    Cool video…interested in this information! Thanks!!

  2. Siriraj Manakhantikul says:


  3. David Gaming says:

    3rd comment

  4. Mohamed Kokhi says:

    Pls like legend

  5. 媽媽 says:

    but everyone would rather buy airpods pro

  6. Glacier Family Treks says:

    Galaxy's buds are far better than ibuds!!

  7. thefairplayer says:

    Anyone facing issues with touch and hold for Siri? My Siri gets activated and deactivated immediately so I literally can’t use it via touch control.

  8. Ian Rose says:

    Love these Buds+, but using the ambient mode on an iPhone is a little shaky. It works when listening to music and watching video, but completely gets disabled with Siri and when on calls even when you switch the option on in advanced settings. I hate a muffled voice on calls

  9. Artur Mavlyuchenko says:

    It’s strange that everyone says Galaxy Buds+ call quality has been improved compared to non-Plus Buds since they have 2 more of them but I don’t see a huge difference in your videos

  10. David Horn says:

    I’ve been using the Galaxy buds+ for about a week with my iPhone 10XR and have been experiencing drops in Bluetooth connection during calls. Frustrating!

  11. Alex Knight says:

    I have all 3. The AirPods pro sound WAY better to me. The Samsung buds sound almost identical to precious version to my ears. A bit louder. And old version wasn’t very good either. I do love them. But for my ears I dislike the sound qualiru

  12. MrMuhhamed says:

    Buds+ are surely for someone who wants to listen more music, than talking, in other ways for iPhone users Pros are the only choice in most of scenarios)

  13. Prem Garu says:

    I just love all your videos Max. They're so detail and informative. Thanks bro.

  14. Nafis Fuad Shad says:

    i’ll buy wavefun flex pro instead of buying airpods or buds+.

  15. Vlad Miron says:

    the galaxy buds are not even worth it for samsung users

  16. Mark Conforti says:

    why don't you promote your other work on this channel?

  17. Ricky Stelzer says:

    I have AirPods pro but looking for a cheap/good pair of workout earbuds for the gym to sweat/run in. Are the buds+ a good fit? They are only IPX2

  18. Dytran says:

    I think you’re really cool

  19. Edward Persaud says:

    Good review. Can you shed more light on the noise cancellation between the Galaxy buds+ and the EarPods pro

  20. JmirePhysX says:

    I have the galaxy buds + on my iPhone 11 Pro and have been great! No dropped calls and they connect quickly. To me the sound quality is good what sold me was the battery life and also the call quality. ANC is nice but not worth it for the price to me. I also like how discreet they are. I did use the airpods pro for a week and it was not worth it for the price. I can say I’m really happy with the buds!

  21. Brian Parker says:

    Airpods look funny it look like pencils hanging out your ears

  22. Cj Carroll says:

    Go to developer option and it will have a fourth option of ambient mode

  23. Erenst Lawyer says:

    Quick Question…is there a firmware update for the Galaxy Buds to function like the Galaxy Buds+?…on iOS…

  24. Khalid Al Syabi says:

    I do have galaxy buds , but still i usually use wire headphone bcoz more comfortable

  25. JoeCzo says:

    I have an iPhone pro Max and I went with the galaxy buds+. Honestly I don’t have any complaints. Sound is great and battery life is awesome. They connect immediately to my iPhone once I get them out of the case. Double tap to skip songs, press and hold for volume up or down. They’re very comfortable in my ears as well.

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