Aqara HomeKit WIRELESS Switch

Hey guys! So when it comes to wired Homekit switches there are a lot of different options out there for you.
Different manufacturers, Different price points. There’s even a couple out there
that have additional features built-in. Like the one that reviewed, was the Ecobee+ which has Lady A built into it. Which is really cool. But when it comes to wireless
HomeKit switches there’s really not a lot of options. There are a couple Homekit enabled switches out there. Most of them only work within their own brand of
products and the ones that don’t are very expensive and they are Bluetooth
which has a limited range. Well recently I came across a line of Aqara products
including these wireless switches which are just awesome. Not only do they work
with other Aqara products, of course, but they also work with other HomeKit
enabled products. Let’s go ahead and check them out. [UPBEAT MUSIC] Welcome back guys my name is Eric you’re watching ModernDayTech we’re like simplify tech for your life. This is part of
my Homekit series if you guys are into smart homes I hope you consider
subscribing down below. For full disclosure Aqara did send these to me along with a
a couple of other smart home and security products but that’s not gonna sway my
opinion in one way or another. If I don’t like something I’m definitely going to tell
you. I’m also going to leave affiliate links down below you can pick up all these
products from Aqara. Some are here in the US on Amazon others might be
overseas because they’re just not in the US yet so definitely check out those links
down below. For these switches to work you will need the heart of the system
which is the Aqara hub. Along with that you will need a HomeKit hub which you
can use an Apple TV fourth-generation a home pod or an iPad with iOS I think
it’s 13 or better in home kit mode. Aqara has three different wireless
switches, the single rocker, the double rocker, and the wireless mini
switch. Which we’re not going to talk a lot about today only cuz it’s very
similar to the single rocker There is a newer model however that has a shake
feature but unfortunately that shake feature is only in the Mi home app and
you can’t run Aqara and Mi home app for HomeKit at the same time, and the
shake feature is not in HomeKit just yet. So I’m not going to talk about that
anymore. Now since these are wireless you can place these anywhere in your house
as long as it’s within range of your Aqara hub. It is ZigBee so the range on
ZigBee I think is maximum of 75 meters or about 245 feet something like that
but of course you know walls and other factors are gonna reduce that single
down. Either way it’s still gonna be stronger than Bluetooth. You can place
these down on a table just like that and easily use it or you can mount it on the
wall. It does come with double-sided adhesive and a couple screws but
unfortunately there are no screw holes on the back of this. It would be nice if
they had some pre-drilled screw holes for you. But personally, I’m
gonna use some 3m velcro. That way I can take it down and move it about. On the
bottom there are two little lights on each unit those are primarily just to
let you know the batteries working so if you’re having issues you can easily just
test the battery by pressing button you can see it light up or not. Now when it
comes to battery life they say it lasts about two years I’ve been using mine
about six months no issues thus far but while I am right that change it is super
easy to change you just pop off back with a flathead screwdriver and replace
the CR2032 battery which you can find in your local grocery store. To set up a
switch you have to install it in the Aqara app first. Each switch does not have a QR
code for HomeKit. Only the hub does so once you’re in the Aqara app, hit the plus
in top right corner, select what type of switch that you have, select what hub, you’ll then be prompted to hold down the switch for about 10 seconds and…..
[HUB TALKING] Ready to connect to child devices. Child device connected. [ERIC] and wah-la, you’re connected! Go ahead and name the accessory whatever you want to name it. Assign it to a room. Unfortunately when you bring this over to Homekit, a lot of
times that room doesn’t come over or it’s assigned to a different room. I did
go back into the Aqara app and do the Homekit binding, unfortunately, it didn’t
work. It actually named that particular accessory or that particular switch into
a totally different room for whatever reason. It was easy to find and I just
reassigned it within the Homekit. Once you bind Aqara with Homekit, the nice
thing is that these switches were work with your entire ecosystem of Homekit
products. For instance these studios lights are on an iHome plug but I can
still turn them on and turn them off even though they are different brands. Now within the Homekit app there are some limitations when it comes to triggers
and conditions. Unfortunately you only have a single press, a double press, and a
long press per switch. Now if you get into conditions which you have to go
outside of the Homekit app and go into apps like the Eve app or the Home+ app
to set conditions you can double those simply by using conditions. Now if you want to use the Aqara app, unfortunately you can only use Aqara
products within the Aqara app. The bright side is that if you do have a bunch of core
products there are more triggers and more features available to this product. For instance, on the double rocker switch instead of just one single tap, DoubleTap
and long-press per switch you can also use both switches as a trigger together so
you can do a single press together or a double tap together or a long press
together as additional trigger for a total of nine triggers all in this one
switch. Additionally in their Aqara app they do have it on/off conditions for
your triggers so you don’t have to set up multiple triggers for an on and off
command for instance. These background lights I have it set up within Homekit
but turn it off I have to hit it twice as an additional trigger and then to turn
it on I have to press it once Whereas I set these studio lights in the
Home+ app with one click on and one click off. So I definitely highly
recommend that you check out the eve app if you want something free or the Home
plus app if you don’t mind paying for additional app. But when it comes to
these switches I gotta tell you these things are awesome. I think they’re like
$18 each. They’re dirt cheap they work with a Homekit, they work with other products
they’re wireless so they can go anywhere where you put them plus they’re a
physical switch. You can’t forget that when you have family guests over they
might not know the names of your rooms or devices they can’t talk to lady a and
Siri they don’t have a phone to control your devices so having a physical switch
out in the open is a must-have. I got to tell you smart home guys if you’re into
smart homes you got half switches still I’m sorry
you can get into automations a little bit but you still gotta have the
physical switch. My personal opinion. If you guys want to see the next video
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next video thanks for watching.

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