Announcement: Electrical DIY Workshop on Feb 15, 2020

– Hey, Houston. Olivia here, with Mister
Sparky, to ask you, have you ever thought about
changing out your switch or the outlets in your home yourself, or have you tried already and done it successfully
or unsuccessfully? I ask, because we’re
gonna be hosting an event on February 15th from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. here at our headquarters in Katy, Texas. That’s gonna be our monthly
DIY Homeowner event. So the reason that we’re doing this, of course, we always
recommend that if you can, you hire a licensed
professional electrician to do work in your home. Of course, that’s always
the best-case scenario. But the reality is, sometimes you don’t, and we see it when we come
into your homes every day. And sometimes you do a beautiful job, and sometimes it’s a little bit unsafe and we’re having to correct some stuff. And we get it. There’s a lot of misinformation out there. There’s YouTube tutorials, there’s blogs, and it’s not all accurate. It’s not all up to the most recent code. It’s not all written by electricians. So what we want is to help you. If you’re gonna be doing
things in your home, make sure you do it safely. Now, you may be asking yourself, is this a bit of a no-no in our industry? Are we gonna catch some heat for this? Ah, we might (chuckles). We may. But the reality is, the where we are, in this day and age in 2020,
we know you go on WebMD before you go to the
doctor, and we know you look at YouTube before you call us out. And rather than fight
that, we want to give you the information that you
need to be empowered safely to make decisions that
are best for your home. So this is just one of many changes that we’re gonna be making in 2020, to give you, the homeowner, what you need and what you’re asking us for, rather than trying to
hold it all to ourselves and kind of stay in control and fight this amazing digital age that we’re in. So we look forward to seeing y’all there. Again, it’s February 15th on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. That’s the day after Valentine’s Day, just to kinda keep it in your mind. We’ll be showing y’all some love. So what I’d ask is that
we’ll have an event link with this video. If you could click on that and RSVP, let us know that you’ll be here. Let us know how much coffee to bring. And we’d really love to have y’all out and learn what it is that
you’re most interested in and concerned about when
it comes to the electrical in your home and have some fun. This is our training area actually. This is where we’ve trained
some apprentice electricians, so we have lots of demo
spaces for you to learn. So we’d love for you to see our space, learn from each other,
and kick it and hang out. So again, RSVP at the
link, and we look forward to seeing you that
Saturday, February 15th.

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