Amazing Qi Fast 3 in 1 Wireless Charger for Smart Devices 2020

Hi everybody my name is Frady from esource
parts, today we’re gonna talk to you guys about a new product that we just got in, it’s
a three-in-one fast wireless charging unit this unit
will allow you to charge any mobile phone that’s capable of wireless
charging your ear pods as well as your Iwatch let’s get started so what I’m
going to do is I’m going to show you what comes in the box so it comes with
the stand itself manual and type-c cable so this device has three components to
it so it’s got the fast charger for the phone for the air pods as well as your
Apple watch on the back here it just connects by USB type-c so what I’m gonna
do is I’m going to show you here how this thing works
so all you need to do for this example I’m just going to use my own cable here
because it’s a little longer and we’re gonna plug it into the type-c charger
alright so we’ve got our devices here we have our eye watch we have our iPhone
and we have these air pod look-alikes they are the eye 18s so first I’m going
to show you how the phone charges so like I said we we’ve plugged it into the
USB type-c charger all you got to do is put your phone on the charger do what
that after and as you can see from the icon that it’s charging so I’m going to
take that off again and then I’m gonna put it back on I’ll
show you guys here see that it’s charging and then for the air pods all
you gotta do is plug them into the dock and those are charging and then the
iWatch so you can have it loose like that it’ll still charge and that’s
pretty much it again all you need to do is just place
the phone on the dock and it’ll automatically charge same thing with the
iWatch and the air pods thanks very much guys for watching our
video we’ll have lots more videos on boxing videos and other products for
your mobile phones and tablets coming out soon don’t forget to subscribe like
and thank you have a great day guys

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