AMAZING Cheap Camera Gear, Markets & Electronics In Mong Kok, Kowloon – HONG KONG TRAVEL DIARY

we’re finally heading from Olympian City we’ve been lost for the last two hours
so we’ve just been going around in circles – Bob you are such a drama no way has it been two hours ok,
20 minutes in one place and 20 minutes in another then a 20 minutes on the Tube – I feel as if we’re making progress now so today we decided to go to Kowloon
and we headed to a place called Mong Kok and we’re just on our way there now
we’re just trying to find the main strip and just gonna have a look around see
what the place is about and what’s available there for us to do. Lots of streets with a market on them, so we’re just gonna walk through, thy look pretty impressive,
quite a narrow little road but nonetheless so yeah just on the market they’ve got
all the fish still alive in pots – barely breathing as it were, is very
fresh. so there is one delicacy here which is rotten eggs and bob is on a quest to
try and find some, now I’m not sure they’re gonna sell them here in a market, he may need to go to a restaurant. In Hong Kong you can
get cheaper electronics however it’s not always that much cheaper
with regards to getting camera gear anyway fortress is one of the better
shops not quite as cheap, so we’re just going to
head down another road to see whether we can get some cheap camera gear
down there so we’ve just come to J. co for
lunch and tried an avocado doughnut which is quite weird. had to be tried, certainly
different that’s for sure not going to say its my favourite but that
was good. what’s been really weird is trying to find some camera tripods and really
you cannot find any camera stores that sell anything other than the actual
cameras which is a little bit annoying the hunt will continue, and
then, other than that we’re going to crack on searching for cheap camera gear, we’ll walk around,
we don’t really have a purpose today we’re just soaking in the atmosphere
what’s quite weird about Hong Kong firstly everything feels quite British
it also feels quite Chinese as well so bizarre but cool, hi guys
just in Broadway in Hong Kong check out this new LG signature TV it’s well Thin
let me just quickly show you Bobs just finishing taking a photo, look at that its literally.. literally a sheet of glass. there’s a downside
to everyone being so small here and that is inadvertantly turned around a few
times and smashed someone in the face with my rucksack, not deliberately of
course I wouldn’t dream of doing that but it has happened more than once
already and this is day one we’re at their ladies
markets this is the place to be apparently if you want to get a bargain lots of bargins to be had here you need
to keep your eye out the shops around Hong Kong cannot
compete with the prices here But this is a market so you’re only gonna get
some things here maybe t-shirts or souvenirs this is a place to come I like
to see all the dodgy camera tripods, they don’t look as if they can hold off a little smart
phone let alone a main camera that said get some nice little gadgets cheap
around here doesn’t look like they have knock off gadgets here but
they’re just unbranded stuff. look how tiny this is.
how loud you reckon that is that going to be louder than your phone? This one chinese, money come back, good fortune, this one has strong man, dragon and for lady are you a strongman Bob? I’ve Eaten (laughs) Chinese meaning “wish come true” and “peace together”.
Do you have a lucky one? yes – wish come true
yeah there we go guys that’s the ladies market it just keeps on giving this
place, there’s another whole street of it but I think we’re going to pull out at
this point we’ve seen it or is it this one here?
I’ll jump straight in bob finally I found the place wing shing photo
supplies so if you are after a good camera deal in Hong Kong this is a place to go it’s
cheaper than fortress and Broadway get a good deal staff are cool and I managed
to get a good price when I made my purchase here so I’m a happy man is it too early in the trip for me to
say I love Hong Kong? I Think Not! been a really nice day visited several
markets also done a bit of camera shopping I was initially looking for a tripod
which I didn’t find, they don’t really have many tripod stops here but they do have
a lot of camera shops seems to be very franchise based so you’ll see the same
shops keep on cropping up but they do have different prices in each one
something to be wary of in the end we found the ultimate shop
that was really good price and they let me try the camera out and everything so
that was really good yeah so I ended up purchasing a little compact camera
instead of a tripod in the end but very happy
yeah just made the holiday even better so very good and I did buy some Lucky
Charms beforehand and I think that contributed a lot to my final purchase I had two initial objectives for the
holiday in Hong Kong in the initial one was to have a look for cheap electronics
and the other one was to have a look around for clothes so we’re going to be
looking at the clothes on later days in the holiday this was definitely a cool
area to go to for electronics/cameras and seen some really cool places not only that
but they did have some good deals as well like you could get really cheap
memory cards and things like that but just have to be wary of where you’re
purchasing them from as some of the shops may be more dodgy than others
I haven’t purchased anything from dodgy shops so I can’t say I had any
experience it might be fine but you never know, just something to note

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  1. Marlon King says:

    Mong Kok is a cool place to visit and grab a bargain. Anyone else been or planning to go? If you love camera gear and buying equipment its well worth going as there are so many stores to have a look around.

  2. Cathy Empey says:

    Looks like a really cool place to travel! Thank you for sharing your experiences! I look forward to your next vlog! New subscriber from Canada 🙂

  3. Mike Terry says:

    Cool video, Marlon! Must have been an epic visit! I subscribed to your channel, please subscribe to mine too, thank you!

  4. simon brenchley says:

    How have you not got 1000 subs yet!? I have been watching your HK vlog series and like your editing style. Hopefully I can visit Hong Kong one day.

  5. JimmyFungus says:

    I have been putting off buying a cheap camera for awhile… guess I am not up for the journey to Hong Kong : (

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