Adjusting the Electric plane Base

Base of Electric Hand Plane Set to zero It is almost new, but the base is distorted Use a glass surface plate for correction sand paper Polish the base to remove distortion. Become flat. Soon, this Benchtop Jointer will be renewed.
It’s going to be great !! Since the base was shaved, the blade became higher. Adjust the blade height. Turn the screw to change the blade height. Make it the same height as the base. Sharpen the wood to see the blade height. You can see the asymmetry of the blade height by looking at the wood chips stuck to the blade. Fine tuning I was able to adjust.

29 comments on “Adjusting the Electric plane Base”

  1. Electronic view says:

    use full video friend

  2. 3006spikespiegel says:

    I am not even a woodworking person nor have a workshop, but watching your videos feels:
    1- relaxing
    2- really tell how work in Japan is: small steps, get into details and achieve nice task… I can tell because I work in a Japanese company near Nagoya!

  3. I Enjoy Creating Videos says:

    Great video Friend! Thank you for sharing it with us.👌👍😎JP

  4. vladi g says:


  5. robert mccully says:

    Not sure why he did not adjust the height with the knob, and the blade with the aligning tool that comes with it?

  6. 리메이커 LeeMaker says:

    좋은정보 감사합니다.
    항상 잘보고 있습니다.~^^

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  8. Mahendra Tiwari says:

    What a neat work of explaining 👌👌love all your videos my friend 😊. Thank you

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  10. Artur Lend says:

    🇵🇱 👏

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  12. Elektronik Atölyem says:

    Super 👍

  13. nilson patricio says:

    Muito bom, preciso nos ajustes.obrigado.

  14. Abdoul BOUBBAD says:

    Super! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oscar Il Mio says:

    This means that we can't even trust big brands like makita …
    Well done ….. well done.
    I have a question, have you also measured the accuracy of the cutting index?

  16. Itamar Carrijo says:

    Nice job. Congrats and thanks for share.

  17. Hugo Alfredo Ordóñez Chocano says:

    Que buena recomendación la de verificar la planitud, antes de usarla. Esa rectificación es lo correcto. Estupendo trabajo.

    Gracias por tu tiempo y mostrar cómo podemos modificar y hacer nuestra canteadora.

  18. Wood Project says:


  19. Jose Silveira says:

    Thanks for posting! I never took the time to check if my electric planes were… well… "plane", as I only used them for roughing. After viewing your video, I checked and the oldest (20+ years) is acceptable, but the newest is just like yours – some precision work ahead required, because I intend to convert it to a jointer.

  20. Дмитрий Сахарков says:

    про шлифовку постели рубанка-это замечательно!!!! Отлично!!! Спасибо. Привет из России.

  21. Artus Samrotzki says:

    Just let me say your projects and videos are amazing!
    Do you use birch or beech plywood for your builds?

  22. lpenap says:

    Can't wait for the jointer improvements!

  23. Mounir Turki says:

    Only for craftsmen, who know the real value, for machines.😊😏✌👌

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  26. Dayanadan Dayanadan says:

    Good 👍🍇🌹🍎💰

  27. Tsewang Thinlas says:

    Good idea, I like to watch it well done. I am from India Leh Ladakh I like to buy it so how to I contacted you

  28. 이상호 says:

    계양것도 좋아요~^^

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