Add and configure Recipes in iX Developer. Video 9 by Beijer Electronics

This video will demonstrate how recipes are
added and configured in iX Developer. Recipes allow the operator to quickly save and
load tag values. In this example, we will define a recipe which
controls tags related to a TrendViewer object. We will start by adding a recipe to the project.
Click on the Insert ribbon tab followed by
Recipe. Now we need to select which tags should be
part of the recipe. In our case, the recipe items are added by
clicking on the Add button. Each item’s name is updated. This is optional,
but makes it easier to understand the type of
tag or parameter that it is connected to. Finally we select which tags should be part of
the recipe. Recipes can be added or saved in runtime. You
can also define default recipes. Click on the
Runtime Data tab to add default recipes. By clicking on the Add button, a recipe is
added. Let’s name it “Normal”, and define the
values which are loaded to the tags. We’ll add one more recipe. Let’s call it “Zoom”
and define the values which are loaded to the
tags. Actions need to be configured to Load, Save and
Delete recipes. For the first button we select the Load Recipe
action. The second button is configured to Save Recipe
and the third button is configured to Delete
Recipe. In order to display which recipe that is loaded, a
System Tag needs to be added. Click on Add – System Tag. Select the Latest Loaded Recipe tag. Let’s add a text object to the screen.
We will increase the font size and select white
as font color. Let’s also change the text to “Current Recipe”. The Text object is then connected to the
recently added System Tag. Let’s simulate the application. Click on the
green Run button. When clicking on the Load button, a dialog
appears. The user can then select which recipe
they wish to load. Observe that the tag values were updated as
well as the tag that displays the current loaded
recipe. The user can save the current tag values in a
new recipe. When clicking on the Save button the user can
define the name of the new recipe, in this case
Quick”. When clicking on the Load button the newly
created recipe is available to select from the
dialog window. The user can easily delete a recipe by clicking
on the Delete Recipe button. Select which recipe you wish to delete, and
simply confirm your choice.

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