Accessible Electronic Books

NARRATOR: Electronic books that follow standards and best practices for accessibility can be read on a variety of reading devices including specialized assistive technology used by people with print disabilities, like screen readers. COMPUTER VOICE: Link. Skip to global navigat– Heading level one. Academic Ableism: Disability in High– Link. Skip other de– HTTP, colon slash
slash. Heading level one. Table of contents. Series information. Dedication. Acknowledgements… NARRATOR: To be truly accessible, electronic books with images must include textual descriptions of those images either in the surrounding text or in markup associated with the image. COMPUTER: As Ellen Cushman began writing about the “rhetorician as agent of social change” in her influential article about
breaking down the barriers between universities and the communities around
them, she first described the steep steps of “the approach,” a set of stairs, long and
disrepair, between the city … NARRATOR: Without textual description, some readers will miss out on the meaning and purpose of important images. Preparing accessible books means
publishers must know the standards and properly encode books in the most
accessible format during production. It also means that editors must work with authors to ensure that images are described effectively. COMPUTER: Here is a postcard picture of how the steps used to look. Link. Image. Figure one. Postcard. Approach to Rensselaer. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Library Archives. One Nine One Zero. The steps are made of a light grey stone. They are about two-zero meters wide on their bottom flight, which is at the forefront of the photo, so that we look up from the very bottom … NARRATOR: When authors, editors, and all publishing staff work together to promote accessibility, it results in books that work for all

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  1. David Erdody says:

    Clearly demonstrated with fine narration, good scene transitions, and no annoying background music. A wonderful production.

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