Abhilasha Patel – UWM-SCE | Electrical Engineering Certificate Participant

My background is architecture and construction management. I do not have a technical knowledge of Electrical Engineering and so when I sit down in the meetings with a lot of experienced people, I kind of have to pretend sometimes that I do understand whatever they are talking [about]. So, this was the high time for me to decide that now I need to come out and, you know, really get into the things that they talk about all the time in the meetings and so I can be like more beneficial to the team and to the project. I would definitely recommend anybody to come out here, try this course. It’s a very simple, easy and understandable way that they teach here. It pretty much covers all the basic principles that I can implement basically learning from here into my work every day. I will be able to execute
my projects with much more understanding. From somebody who doesn’t have any
experience in electrical engineering background, this is the place to come. I’m Abhilasha Patel and I’m a lifelong learner.

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