A Brief History of B&H

This is a brief history of B&H Everyone’s favorite photo and video store The year was 1973. The mets went to the world series The first cell phone call was made! And Blimie and Herman opened a specialty photography shop at 17 Warren Street New York City They had a simple philosophy “Be honest.” “Treat People Right.” “And they will come back.” Thanks Irving! Also FREE CANDY!! And it worked! Over the next 20 years we expanded and moved to west 17th Street then 34th Street and 9th Ave And added more products! Lighting Binoculars Telescopes Audio Video Tripods Computer/Printers Mobile Televison/Projectors/Drones And EVEN MORE free candy!!! Now it’s three stories And over 400,000 products And over a 1,000 employees We take MILLIONS of orders online And ship to 179 countries and counting… You can talk to us in person… on the phone… or online… Check out our check out baskets Also check out our check out numbers Also check out the flair on Mireya’s vest And everyone’s favorite part? Our conveyor belt “The benefit of the conveyor belt is… you don’t have to worry about the product… or schlep it around any more until check out.” NICE! These are the owners they still come to work EVERY day They’re around here somewhere… Anyway… This is Jeannette oh… sorry… she’s busy… This is our warehouse!!! This is Yaacov and Levi fighting over lighting kits B&H is NOT a chain B&H is open every day! Except Saturdays… of course… Now you know ALMOST the whole story We Are B&H

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