7550 Wireless Configuration

Hi in this video you will learn how to configure
your wireless settings on your 7550 wireless router. Let’s go ahead and get started.
Browse to Enter admin for both the Username and Password
Click on Wireless Settings You should see the Wireless Status page
Click Basic Settings on the left menu Make sure the On Radio button is selected
for Wireless. Enter the name you would like to use for the wireless network.
Click Apply Click OK
It should take you back to the Basic Settings page.
Choose Security Settings on the left menu Choose WPA Any in the WPA Type drop down menu
Change the Group Key Update Interval to 30 seconds
Enter a password for you wireless connection in the WPA Shared Key field. The password
should be 8 characters. Frontier recommends a strong password with a combination letters
and numbers with at least one capital letter. Click Apply
Click OK It should take you back to the Security Settings
page. That’s it! You’re all set.

8 comments on “7550 Wireless Configuration”

  1. Crazygamer Gaming says:

    still won't let us connect any of our wireless devices

  2. Ricky Bennett says:

    how about a video on how to re flash the modem with ddwrt instead of frontiers crappy firmware

  3. Nazku says:

    When I was in that I changed something wrong and now I can't connect to internet

  4. Hankerson Photography & Video says:

    The IP Address not working for me. Any suggestions

  5. tom smith says:

    I got this issue solution from Frontier technical #support team on 1-844-711-1008

  6. TheBaconPirate says:

    The security type dropdown menu only gives me 3 personal options, WEP, and Security off. No option than says "any". how can i work around this?

  7. Brady Wall says:

    Can anyone help me bridge my router?

  8. Kyle Heck says:

    Hey frontier, go fuck yourself for being a piece of shit scam company. "High speed"? 80 KBs download is not high speed you fucking assholes

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