7 of 7 Grounding Doesn’t Protect against Electric Shock (4min:41sec)

fact rounding does not protect against electric shocked shocked here’s some examples I was involved in this case soldier electrocuted Iraq was Negley was next neck negligent homicide army concludes and I’m not gonna tell you the whole story but I was involved in it here’s a green beret soldier he’s taking a shower in a barracks he goes on the kills the bad guys comes back taking that it was 16 of these guys not all Green Berets over Afghanistan and Iraq you know what happened they have these metal buildings they have these showers they have the metal water piping systems they have a motor that runs the water pump inside there there was a Fault in the water pump the feeder cable that came to the building was able to your pain kind of cable it has like a it has an outer braid and that was the effective ground fault current path but when they build he’s building so fast and the contractors were not electrical people fry wouldn’t matter anyhow they made a connection and the rating of the cable did not connect to the connector to the equipment so then when there was a fault to the water pipe motor it energized the entire building including the water piping system but there was no way for the fault current returned so now I’m involved in this case because the president of KBR company called me this whole deal I spoke to the engineers in Iraq you know what their solutions were dry ground rise of the buildings and I’m like no and I’m going around and around around a circle and I I do get upset you guys the video stream guys saw me you start killing somebody it really really really bothers me you think after what I just covered an hour or so that you’re thinking you’re gonna drive a ground rod and make it say I go nuts I go nuts on this engineer I said listen here’s what you got to do you don’t go out to like 20,000 buildings or 10,000 buildings and dry ground rods all over the place you have to clear the fault not on electrons go to ground it delivers its path I said listen go drop a ground rod take your circuit conductor turn it on put an amp meter on there take volt meter measure the ground understand you don’t clear a fault so no let’s go to next graphic unlicensed raishin emits rats and boys electrocution I was involved in this case also in Miami a young boy goes into a bus shelter there’s a hunter 20 volt circuit little lights you know things like that he gets killed they found out the ground rod they were driven for the service on this little tiny building was a four foot round rod and they’re all like oh there’s the problem I said whoa no that’s not the problem the ground under was killing the boy what happened was at the transformer which we’ll see we get the Transformers there was a jumper that was missing in other words you have to have current travel back to the exo terminal that little jumper was missing so when there was a fault it energized the bus bench he sat on the bus bench he took off his shoes he sat down put his feet on the ground and he got electrocuted it had nothing to do with grounding take a look at this other one Jordan man electrocuted at tennis courts Ryan tell us a little about just your feelings about this this case here uh well you know this happened in 1989 I I actually had never heard of this until until yesterday when I was looking you know preparing for today’s work and I saw the heading of this w Jordan man electrocuted and I’ve got I just froze and I said I wonder if that’s West Jordan I started reading West Jordan yeah West Jordan well I was born and raised in West Jordan Utah this is where I spent the first 25 years of my life was in West Jordan so uh you know I as an instructor and Mike I’m sure you can say this I tell people all the time man people touch traffic signals and they die people touch manhole covers and they die but that’s in Vegas and that’s in New York ok well this was in a little town in Utah you know this happens everywhere you search hard no I mean it kind of taken you very long to find all these stats because it happens this isn’t Twilight zones all I did was happen I did real quick I search for electrocution I said Miami boom that was the case I was involved a search electrocution Iraq boom that was the case I was involved in I said and then you know it brings it all the way and I just pick it pick it pick it something a couple of over there there was no intention to be with your home place was but the important thing was this was a fence here was a case where there was a fault and then it was a fence rounding you know what happens when they get fences like this and there’s a big deal they want to drive ground rods and fences I’m like the fence is already grounded just yeah in the dirt here’s another one boy electrocuted climbing a school fence here’s another one firefighters Jody Lane electrocution I was involved in that case

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