Hey everyone, welcome to our latest video you guys showed us last year that one of your favorite videos we did was one where We? Broke down some of the awesome wireless earbuds out there on the market with Christmas just around the corner we figured it was time to see what’s new and exciting in the world of wireless earbuds for 2018 We’ve got five great options that offer something for everyone whether you’re looking for something suitable for When you’re getting some exercise you need a set with some extended battery life or you’re just after a high-quality audio file experience Nobody likes wires and cords especially When it comes to wearing earbuds while you’re exercising and all five options on this list offer a top notch wireless experience Most of these options, also provide a microphone so you never have to miss a call while you’re listening to your tunes as with all our videos if you want the full information on any of these products Including a link to buy them at a great price you can find that in the video description down below Alright let’s dive into the video Getting things started at number five we’ve got the mpow d7 upgraded bluetooth headphones treat your ears to luxurious HD stereo sound and kickstart your active lifestyle with the incomparable d7 from M pal they, feature powerful and springy sound that offers rich layers of detail thanks to their finely tuned drivers and advanced CS our Bluetooth 4.1 tech The ergonomic and flexible design with soft memory ear tips and supersoft silicon over ear hooks Ensure that they fit securely and comfortably on your ears making them perfect for use at the gym or while running or cycling Ipx7 water resistant technology means you don’t have to worry about damage from sweat Or a light rain and built-in microphone and button controls make it easy to handle, calls while you’re rocking your tunes Best of all the upgraded built-in lithium batteries support an astonishing 10 to 12 hours of continuous music playback maximizing your enjoyment between charges and Mpow offers a lifetime warranty at a 45 day money back guarantee on all of their products Up next at number four we’ve got the u8 I Bluetooth headphones from let’s calm These beauties offer an unmatched audio performance with a focus on high fidelity sound delivered through an 11 millimeter vibrating diaphragm that creates superb bass and exceptional clarity at both high and low volume with a built-in microphone and CBC noise cancellation you’ll be able to make and receive calls quickly and easily and the ipx7 Waterproofing coupled with an internal nano, coating protects the headphones from heavy rains or damage from sweat the built in polymer lithium battery can provide up to 8 hours of talker audio time on only a two hour charge and the headphones themselves feature simple buttons that allow you to play or pause the music adjust the volume skip a track Answer her end calls and activate the voice control feature of your phone Moving on to our number three wireless earbuds for 2018 we’ve got the anchor sound core Spirit Pro These are some incredibly solid and high value earbuds that come absolutely loaded with great features sweat guard takes an already impressive ip68 waterproof rating and adds a layer of hardcore defense the waterproof structure is inspired by submarines and the Impermeable hydrocele offers total protection against water and the corrosive power of sweat making a cover for the charging port unnecessary the spirit pro is engineered with a premium lithium-ion battery and exclusive power management technology which combines to provide 10 hours of nonstop music One of the coolest features is the ability to switch EQ modes and unleash a powerful wave of sound driven by six millimeter graphene drivers base up technology and apdex high fidelity to create stunning clarity and deeper more powerful, bass sound than anything else on the market Just a quick reminder if you want the full Information on any of these products including a link to buy them you can find that in the video description down below Our number two option today is perfect for the audio files out there the Optima new force B II live five They, adopt a lightweight aluminum. Alloy material while retaining the classic new four cylindrical design in order to boost comfort while preserving their elegant and classical design with support for apdex and AAC high quality sound resolution the beautiful details of your music that you want to listen to will truly shine through and The eight hours of battery life will keep you rockin out while you’re living life on the go Complimentary comply memory tech make these earbuds incredibly comfortable to wear and they help to facilitate a broader range of sound quality I px5 water resistance helps to protect them against wet weather and sweat while you’re on the move and the built-in microphone makes phone calls or voice commands simple and effective Truly one of the finest wireless earbuds available on the market And at number one on our list of the best wireless earbuds of 2018 we’ve got the Onuki I 100 Bluetooth headphones At an excellent price and sporting a perfect five star Rating on Amazon these incredible earbuds are the best choice for the music fanatic on your Christmas list designed by music lovers for music lovers they employ the latest technologies to make sure that they sound loud and clear While providing a deep and powerful base They filter out background noise for perfect speech transmission in busy or noisy environments and they have a compact design and lightweight construction To ensure that they are as comfortable as possible I Px7 nano-coating provides water and sweat resistance and the lithium-ion polymer battery provides up to nine hours of playback time as a bonus they Also come with a zipper carry case as well as a micro USB an iphone charging cable and they have conveniently located Controls built right into the earbuds themselves Well there you have it five incredible wireless earbuds available on Amazon in 2018 Dodge the tangled web of wires and enjoy true Wireless freedom for yourself or anyone on your Christmas list with any of these great choices Like with all our videos you can find detailed product information Along with links to buy any of our featured items in the video description below Which one’s your favorite let us know in that comment section down below Make sure you subscribe to our channel so you can stay up to date on all the latest videos breaking down the coolest gadgets on Amazon while you’re at it do us a favor and hit that like button to show your support Share this video with your audiophile pals and hit the bell icon to ensure that you get a notification each time we upload a new video from all of us here at techno nerd thanks for watching

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