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    Incredibly helpful, thank you!

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    Wow! Awesome content

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    awesome video but why does the playlist have some videos in the wrong order?

  4. veramentegina says:

    love this guy!! Great lecture really!!

  5. SJ says:

    Wow, a computer architecture video on Youtube without a Indian accent.

  6. GamerX84 says:

    Since it wasn't mentioned, the older 8/16 bit systems often used bank switching to access more hardware resources within the 64KB address space. The CPU could only see 64KB at a time, but the hardware mappings within the 64KB could be changed on the fly as is possible with the Commodore 64.

  7. Dorky Flake says:

    Why don't they call it copy XD

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    thanks for sharing

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    MIT has the best professors

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    Very interesting video ! I am also recorded now video about ASSEMBLY !💻💻💻

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