23 Passenger Electric Shuttle Bus from Moto Electric Vehicles- GOPRO-Drone

Good afternoon. Brett Jackrel here, Sales
Manager for MotoElectricVehicles.com, here to bring you the 23 passenger shuttle review
and we’re gonna go over a lot here guys. This is 18.4 feet of sweetness guys. This
is the biggest shuttle you can get out there that’s fully electric. Now we’re not talking
50 miles, we’re talking 70 miles. Dual bank battery packs on here. Dual chargers to cut
down charge time. Power steering. There’s so much to this video, we’re gonna go over
an extensive review and give you guys some great shots from the Moto drone during the
video and we’re gonna drive the thing using the Moto drone at the end of the video, so
guys, once again, the Electro Transit Buddy 23 passenger shuttle from Moto Electric Vehicles.
With no further ado, let’s get right to it.
Alright, so to start, let’s start with the front guys. Beautifully well designed 23 passenger,
new design in front for 2015. Now we’re talking intense light exposure here. You can
use these at night time or in the day time. You have 2 headlights here. Fog lights as
well as blinkers. Obviously you guys can access the blinkers from the front and back so that’s
all the safety equipment that comes with the vehicles. You can see our customer put their
design and logo on there. For a small fee, guys we can do any prints you guys want, letters
or prints. Talk to a sales representative, but as you can see, just something to customize
the shuttle. Now this is a 23 passenger. We’re talking about the big boy. Four rows to a
seat and in the front you can see the big boy DOT windshield. If you guys have followed
us on YouTube and Twitter and Facebook, you’ll see that our windshields are always curved.
This gives more exposure and one option I always like to suggest is, obviously, tinting
the front windshield which is a great option. Now this vehicle, guys, all American major
components. We have 24 pieces of Trojan T-105s in this vehicle. We have the U.S. Curtis controller.
We have the U.S. made dual Eagle onboard chargers that come with three year warranties. All
the quality components in this shuttle and it’s gonna get you the longest range out
of any of our shuttles in our fleet. So, you’re gonna see there’s running boards on this
vehicle, there’s enclosures on this vehicle, a lot of stuff going on, but I want to show
you guys the full length 18 feet of space, and especially the cockpit which features
that power steering I mentioned in the last segment. So with no further ado, let’s get
a side shot, show you where those batteries are located and after this video you’ll
be educated on the 23 passenger shuttle from Moto Electric Vehicles.
Alright guys, so on the way over here, 18 miles 19 miles per hour, perfect for this
size vehicle, has intense spring leaf suspension here to help you guys out and then obviously
the power steering, but what I really want to go over is the main features. Always in
every cart, it doesn’t matter if you get a golf cart or shuttle, your main feature’s
always gonna be the batteries, the chargers and controllers like we talked about in the
last segment. Underneath me you’re gonna go ahead and see where one of the banks is
and we’ll pan over and see where all these batteries are. So underneath the seat, they’re
easily accessible to the driver or whoever’s maintaining the cart, you’ve got 8 batteries
underneath the first row, okay, you’ve got 8 batteries underneath the second row, alright,
and then 8 batteries underneath the third row. Now it might seem like a lot of batteries
guys, but listen, this is a 70 mile range. Now remember the cool thing about this vehicle
is that the dual battery bank is gonna switch over to the second bank automatically, there’s
no jumper systems, so all you have to do is set it and drive. Now if you guys don’t
want to go 70 miles and you’d rather go about 30-35 to save a little bit of money,
we can do only one battery bank. Ask your sales representative and we can make that
happen and obviously you’d only get one charger and that would be a 72 volt system,
but we suggest, obviously, getting the most bang for your buck and it’s worth the extra
$2,000 to go ahead and get the batteries. Now on this vehicle, if I want to show you
here, this is an enclosure. Now the enclosure is probably one of the biggest accessories
we get sold, guys, here. Any open vehicle, we have enclosed models if you want to look
on the website, but if you’re looking for the biggest vehicle, it’s gonna be the 23
passenger open and that’s the biggest vehicle that’s independent, so you guys will get
the enclosure custom fitted to each cart, and it’s made by a boat shop here locally
in Jacksonville. It’s not that cheap garbage that a lot of other companies sell to you
guys. It’s not gonna fog on you and it’ll last, okay?
The other option we have here, if we’ll pan down here, these are those deluxe running
boards. Look at these things. These things are the full length of the vehicle. Now if
we can pan up here, look at me. I’m bouncing up here. This is quality guys. This is the
difference between Moto Electric Vehicles and anybody else out there that claims that
they have the best product out there. We have invented this stuff, okay? Running boards,
boxes, anything customizable, logos, that’s what we specialize in. So, full length running
boards for a small fee. It cuts the step in half. We actually can even bring these even
lower if you wanted to cut the step to like 9 inches, okay?
Once again, Brett Jackrel here on the 23 passenger review. Gonna take it to the back of the vehicle
to show you guys the back light package and then we’ll actually get on the back and
show you how many people can fit on this thing, because I’m 6’2 and you guys need to see
the height of this vehicle, it’s beautiful. Aright, so on the back of the 23 passenger
shuttle, I want to show you guys this. First of all you can see your light package. You’ve
got your blinkers on the back. You’ve obviously got your brake lights and then obviously your
reverse alarm which we’ll go to the cockpit which you’ll see next, when you guys put
it in reverse. Key thing here is your dual chargers, guys. I have the best chargers out
there. Three year warranty, they’re trickle chargers and they’re not gonna wear on you.
It won’t wear your batteries out. It has a microprocessor, it’ll shut itself off
and the cool thing is it’s a standard 110 volt outlet. Zoom in there. All you’ve got
to do is bring an extension cord that’s heavy duty, 10-15 feet, with you and you can
charge this anywhere as long as there’s an outlet. Which brings me to the next thing,
let’s talk about the wheels guys. We’re talking 14 inches here. 14 inch steel rims
with the hubcap. Aluminum, we don’t put aluminum wheels on this cause it actually
won’t handle the weight like a steel rim will, but we have the hubcaps on there which
makes it look good. Alright, on the back of the vehicle I want
to show you the seating also. Look at this thing guys, now I’m 6’2, I’m 6’2 I’m
not small, okay? This is the smallest seat when it comes down to how much space you have
because you have the grab bar here. Look at this, one seat here, two seats, three seats,
four seats, okay? You have four people per seat and that’s how you’re getting your
23 passengers. Really cool thing that we do with this vehicle is when you guys have the
deluxe stereo system on, not only do you have the stereo system speakers in the front, you
also have two sitting right above us, so when you guys use the PA when you have something
maybe playing on the DVD monitor you can add, everybody can hear what’s going on.
These are perfect for tours, churches, zoos, they’re all using them and they’re saving
you money. Stop using diesel, stop using gas, go to something like this, an electric shuttle.
One to two cents a mile and people love it. You’re outdoors; it’s like an attraction
to people, okay? Last thing I wanted to do going over the 23 passenger, I want to go
over the cockpit. It’s all enhanced, it has stereos, it has power steering, I want
to go over that stuff and then we’re gonna give you some good shots from the Moto Drone
and my assistant here Adam’s gonna drive it around. So, with no further ado, let’s
get to the front cockpit and that’ll complete our 23 passenger shuttle video.
Oh boy, this thing is sweet guys, I’m telling you, look at this cockpit. Okay, first of
all, we’ve got a stereo in here, that’s connected, obviously to the surround sound
speakers that we talked about. Four speakers inside this vehicle, also has a PA system
if you guys want to hear what that sounds like. [Check, Check, Check, Check, Thank you
for visiting the religious facility here at the temple] Okay, this one happens to be a
temple that bought this. Like I said, we do a lot of churches, a lot of religious facilities,
zoos, and it’s perfect. You can hear it throughout the whole vehicle. It also has
a siren on there if you want it [siren buzzer] Pretty cool, pretty cool. So, you guys have
a couple sounds. Now going over to the mechanics, we have an
independent parking brake for safety, so if you guys need to pull up on that for a kid
maybe going through, you have an independent parking brake. We don’t put the brake on
the pedal. But look at this, I’m gonna hop in here. This is awesome, so any person of
any size can actually be in this vehicle. Look, it’s not coming out at me. I always
go over this. A lot of the carts it comes out at you. It becomes very difficult for
a person to get into this shuttle, but it’s high, it’s a big steering wheel, and the
great thing is, power steering. Look at this thing. I’m sitting in one spot guys, it
just keeps spinning. Okay, that’s the difference between our shuttle and a lot of the ones
just rack and pinion. It’s very easy to steer and we’re gonna get a good shot of
that with the Moto Drone in a second. Okay, you’ve also got a horn [honk, honk]
blinker bar on the left side, and then the cool thing, obviously, we have an all-digital
dash up here that tells you how many miles are on the cart, how fast you’re going,
like I mentioned, we were going about 18-19 when we got over here, and then how much battery
is left. We drove about 3 miles to this location, didn’t even come off a bar. Why? Because
you guys got the 24 batteries in here. I’m telling you, it’s worth every penny. Last
thing I want to talk about is obviously the windshield wiper. Full DOT windshield wiper
on the DOT windshield, okay? You can’t get much better than this.
So to close out this video guys, once again, this is the 23 passenger from Moto Electric
Vehicles. This thing is beautiful and I’m super excited, we’ve already sold a couple
of these and I think you guys will love this vehicle because it’s the most bang for your
buck. With no further ado, let’s go and let’s take this for a ride. If you guys
have any questions you can give us a call at the office at 904-247-1818, ask for me,
ask for one of my sales representatives to help you and you can visit us online at MotoElectricVehicles.com
if you’re watching this on YouTube. Thanks for joining us guys. Let’s take it to the
Moto Drone. ♫ Music ♫

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