1999-2018 Silverado & Sierra GMS 3″ Electronic Exhaust Cutout System Review

So, if you own a ’99 to ’18 Silverado or Sierra
and you’re watching this video, then chances are you’ve been looking for the loudest possible
exhaust you can throw on your truck but you still want the ability to keep things relatively
quiet and street-legal when the noise gets to be a bit much. Now, I can confirm that you’ve found the solution
with this very unique three-inch electronic exhaust cutout system from GMS. I’ll be honest guys, just recently I had some
fun with one of our Silverados in between an exhaust install video. I decided to do what most people do and run
it with no pipes or muffler for a few minutes just for the hell of it. And guys, honestly, it sounded surprisingly
good. The idle was actually really deep in a good
way and when I got on the pedal, it still sounded pretty throaty, it wasn’t excessively
raspy or gurgly, and it honestly wasn’t so loud that it was buzzing my ears inside the
cab. So, it’s a great setup to be sure, but obviously,
running your truck like this would normally mean you’re ditching your muffler and your
resonators for good, giving your exhaust a strong five out of five on our loudness meter. But let’s face it, for lack of better phrasing,
a setup like that is just not street-legal pretty much anywhere you live and it might
honestly be a bit too much on those early morning cold starts or the daily commute and
that’s where GMS’s kit comes in. This is a very easy to install cutout kit,
honestly. It takes about two to three hours to get it
bolted in. And I’m gonna give it a soft two out of three
wrenches on my difficulty meter and that’s only because you have to make some cuts to
the factory tubing using a Sawzall. So, this kit essentially clamps in just behind
the factory Y-pipe and just in front of the muffler. Now, once it’s wired up all you need to do
is press the toggle switch inside the cab and the butterfly valve on the bypass tube
opens up and it’s gonna dump all of your exhaust in front of the muffler through this tip right
here. That’s where you’re gonna get all that nasty
good sound from. However, if you’ve had your fun, you’re getting
kind of tired of it or if you do get pulled over after that spirited takeoff, then all
you need to do is press the toggle switch again and bam, you’re back to a factory exhaust
that’s quiet and unsuspecting. Obviously, Johnny Law might not be too amused. But in all seriousness, guys, this is nothing
new to the exhaust world, but what’s cool about this kit is the fact that it’s specifically
designed for the Silverado and Sierra. And all the tubing, flanges, and the motoring
wiring are pretty much done up for you. Now, cutout kits are normally installed as
one-off custom jobs or you can find them as part of a complete cat-back, but obviously,
that cost a lot of time and a lot of money. Now GMS made this kit to fit at home with
your factory exhaust and with only basic hand tools required for the install. Obviously, that makes this kit a heck of a
lot more affordable and I love the price because of it. At below $200, this is technically the least
expensive exhaust system available for the ’99 to ’18 Silverado or Sierra and it’s also
one of the loudest. So, goes without saying, that’s a really cool
two for one deal in my book. And for the price, guys, honestly, everything
in this kit is very well built. Nothing in here is considered a gimmick. Everything is made from 6061 billet aluminum
and stainless steel for the tubing itself and the electric motor is definitely rated
to operate in high temp conditions. So, the toggle switch is pre-wired, makes
that part pretty simple. All you gotta do is find power to it from
a 12-volt source and you got to find a nice spot to mount it inside the cab, but GMS details
the wiring and the power source in more detail in the instructions so you will have some
guidance when it comes to wiring things up in the cab. Now, one last thing to point out is this kit
will technically work with any three-inch aftermarket cat-back as long as you size up
the new cat-back’s mid pipe to fit with the GMS cutout. So, you’re not just stuck with that factory
exhaust if you do wanna upgrade later on down the road and you want something that’s gonna
be louder than stock when the butterfly valve is closed. And what’s even cooler is GMS even states
that you can technically buy two of these kits, can actually wire them up to work in
sequence if you have a true dual custom exhaust system installed already. So, all in all, the GMS electronic exhaust
cutout system is a very cool and very easy way to get your ’99 to ’18 Silverado or Sierra
sound going from mild to wild while spending the least amount of cash in the wallet and
while spending the least amount of time under the truck turning wrenches compared to other
exhaust systems. I’m Travis. Thanks for watching. Be sure to check this thing out more on the
site. Keep it right here at americantrucks.com.

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  2. Bearded Militia says:

    Nice set up. How about an install and run vid.

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    Mild to Wild, oh yea!

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    This is awesome, perfect timing too, I was looking for an exhaust but really like stock quietness and this solved my problem. Install video please!!!!

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    Install video please

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    Install video?????

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    Would this still work if I already have an after market cat back exhaust system?

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    Will this still pass a California smog if you go with the cutouts closed/at the stock exhaust

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