17 Types of Computers and Uses of Computers | Computer Awareness Lesson 3

Hello friends Types of Computers Based on Work Analog
The analog computers are computer systems that measure variations in quantities such
as temperature, voltage, speed, etc. Analog computers are known to measure the
data that varies continuously Digital
Digital computers are the computer systems that count things by manipulation of certain
discontinuous numbers and letters through representation of binary digits (also called
bits) in contrast to analog computers that measures the variations in quantities). Hybrid
Hybrid computers as the name suggests are a good mix of analog as well as digital computers,
using an analog computer front-end, which is then fed into a digital computer’s repetitive
process. Hybrid computers are used for scientific calculations,
in defence sector. 6. Based on purpose General Purpose
These computers are designed to work on different types of applications. In these types of computers the programs are
not stored permanently rather programs are input at the time of their execution. Personal computers, including desktops, notebooks,
smart phones and tablets, are all examples of general-purpose computers. Special Purpose
Special-Purpose computers are task specific computers and are designed to solve a particular
problem. They are also known as dedicated computers,
because these computers are dedicated to perform a single particular task repetitively. Automated Teller Machines are perfect example
of this. ATMs are used for a specific task and they
were programmed to do that only. 7. Based on Memory Size and Performance Super Computer: They are focused on performing specific actions
and follow heavy extremely intense and critical calculations like weather forecasting, fluid
dynamics etc. They are generally used by scientists and
are very powerful and expensive. The speed with which they operate is highly
blazing. Mainframe Computer: They are the typical large computing machines
which occupied extremely large space, more than the size of the rooms today. They were capable of operating multiple users
via single interface and typically operated more than million instructions per second. Mini Computer: They are the intermediate solutions between
Mainframe computers and Micro Computers. And they are also known as mid-range computers. Micro Computer: Microcomputers came into picture as computers
having single chip micro processors. They are the most common computers being used
for domestic / commercial purposes now a days. They also include solutions like Desktop Computers,
Game Consoles, Tablet Computers, and Smart Phones etc. They are basically portable and carry very
less space. Types of Personal Computers Tower model
This model of personal computer refers to a computer in which the power supply, motherboard,
and other mass storage devices are stacked on top of each other in a cabinet. Desktop model
Desktop model means computer that are designed to fit comfortably on top of a desk, with
the monitor sitting on top of the computer. Notebook computer
Also called ultra book. These are extremely popular because they are
extremely lightweight and portable. Laptop computer
Laptop are now a days also called notebook computers .These are small and portable .You
can make them sit on your lap and work on them. Hand-held computer
These computers are portable enough to be carried in one’s hand. Palmtop
These computers as the name suggest fit in your palm. Due to extremely small size their use is limited
to phone books and calendars . PDA
PDA’s have electronic pens rather than keyboards for inputs unlike laptop. They also incorporate handwriting recognition
features. and voice recognition technologies i.e can
also react to voice input . Smart phones
Smart phones are cellular phones that function both as a phone
and a small pc. Uses of Computers In the Field of Education Making classrooms effective Providing online education Helps in research Work In the Field of Office Document Management system : Document Management
system consists of different applications like
word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets etc. • Word Processing
• Desktop Publishing • Spreadsheet Application Office Support System : It is used to coordinate
and manage the activities of a workgroup. The members
of a workgroup can share their work and coordinate with one another. In the Field of Medicine • Hospital Administration
• Recording Medical History • Monitoring systems
• Life Support System • Diagnosis of Diseases In the Field of Defence • Computers are used to track incoming missiles
• Computers are used in helping the military find out where all their assets are (Situational
Awareness) • Computers are used in tanks and planes
and ships to target enemy forces. There are
many more uses of computers are there. Comment the usage of computers you know that
is missed out here. We will see you in the next session about
components of a computer system.

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