10 Best Cheap Electric Cars 2020

Cars with electric motors are marvelous machines
that offer several advantages offer combustion powered vehicles. They’re more efficient than
typical gas powered cars and offer significant cost savings of ownership over the life of
the vehicle. Many car manufacturers are focusing their attention on affordable and reliable
electric cars that are packed with the latest and most innovative features, here are ten
electric cars with reasonable prices. The Smart is a compact car well known for
its special ability of fitting in the tightest of tight parking spaces, being the ideal vehicle
for rush hour and day to day commuting, this electric version of the Fortwo model is simply
the perfect choice for a city car. With Zero waste, a range of 58 miles and a top speed
of 80 miles per hour this 2363 pound car is worth considering for light daily city usage. The Leaf is Nissan’s best selling EV model
and, as of recently, they made it even more appealing by adding some new and improved
tech features that will turn driving into a truly relaxing activity. Powered by a 147-horsepower
electric motor, this car is not only powerful, but it can also roll for an extended 151 mile
range on a single charge. The Nissan Leaf offers the best value for money in the subcompact
category, costing around $30,000 and being able to reach a top speed of 98 miles per
hour. The popular Kona is not the only electric
car produced by Hyundai, the Ioniq Electric being their other, more budget friendly option
that you can buy for around 30,000 dollars. Characterized by high safety scores and an
above average reliability rating, this electric car offers roomy front seats, a 7-inch touch
screen and other nice design elements that make it very attractive. A satisfactory range
of 124 miles and a top speed of 96 miles per hour are the technical specs that place the
Ioniq amongst the most convenient electric cars on the market. It looks like a Golf, it drives like a Golf
but it doesn’t kill the planet like a Golf, this all electric model from Volkswagen being
the perfect alternative for environmentally concerned drivers who’d like to enjoy the
same driving experience they are used to while also going green. The chassis of the e-Golf
is identical to the classic one, the total range you can achieve on a single charge is
that of 125 miles and the maximum speed registered is 93 miles per hour. Not bad! The thing with the Fiat 500e is that it looks
really nice, with its tiny and colorful bodywork, but this cheap electric car is actually not
the cheapest on our list; in fact, with a price of $33,000 it is more expensive than
other EVs that are bigger and more powerful. This electric Fiat looks exactly like its
petrol burning sibling, with a range of 85 miles and a top speed of 88 miles per hour,
the 500e is a reliable short-distance EV that prospered on the market against all odds. The Tesla Model 3 is 2019’s bestselling
electric car in the United States, in fact it is so popular that it became the first
EV to outsell an impressive number of gas-powered rivals. Extremely reliable and incredibly
safe, this elegant looking electric car has an unbelievable range of 240 miles and can
go as fast as 140 miles per hour, but these specs can be upgraded if you plan on going
for something more than the base model. Surrounded by sensors inside and out, Tesla Model 3 is
the God of affordable electric vehicles. For the sum of around 36,000 bucks, the Chevrolet
Bolt offers better features than many other EVs with similar prices. With a pretty swift
acceleration that can take you from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 6 seconds and an unbelievably
generous range of 238 miles, this compact car might just be one of the best options
for electric fans. If you could get used to a top speed of 91 miles per hour and a classic,
not too technologically inclined, interior design, then the Chevy Bolt is the right cheap
electric car for you. Kia Soul has been on the market for quite
a while, in fact its petrol propelled model was a best seller for the company, so it’s
no wonder that this electric counterpart continued the legacy and brought in a new category of
environment savvy drivers. The 2020 model of the Soul EV really outdid itself, packing
some killer specs such as an extended range of 237 miles and a generous top speed of 104
miles per hour, all these for around $40,000. The BMW i3 is known as a solid car with a
high future reliability, two elements that can make or break a deal when shopping for
an electric car. This EV is definitely more on the costly side, even though it is still
advertised in the budget friendly category; for around $45,000 you’ll get a medium 153
mile range and a not so impressive top speed of 93 miles per hour, but on the bright side
the acceleration is quick enough to make you feel like you’re driving a top a performance
car so all in all, the BMW i3 does have a right to be on the EV market. A 5 door hatchback model with a modest ‎23
or 33.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, the Ford Focus Electric offers the same reliability
and handling as its petrol-powered ancestor, the exterior and interior design being very
similar and making this electric car a suitable option for the Ford obsessed drivers who’d
like to go electric. With a price point under $30,000, this green car can go as fast as
84 miles per hour and last for around 115 miles before you need to charge it again,
not too bad considering it is one of the cheapest electric cars out there. This was our list featuring the best affordable
electric cars. Go electric and subscribe to our channel. Thanks for watching and have
a great day.

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  1. Beasts of Gym says:

    starting to get more affordable

  2. Dennis Richards says:

    I really like the I3 but I think for the lengthy production run its had they should price it much lower in the budget catagory.

  3. Donald Parish says:

    They need to keep a cheaper battery size available. Maybe offer a later upgrade to a larger size after car is paid off.

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