馃攳 NVIDIA JETSON NANO an谩lisis del MEJOR SINGLE BOARD COMPUTER para emulaci贸n Raspberry pi killer

I don’t need to say something the
emulation of this platform is amazing, this nvidia jetson nano runs very well Nintendo 64 very good viejuners welcome to my channel,
Today I bring you this little green box with the nvidia logo what is it? Is the
Nvidia Jetson Nano is a single board computer, it’s not a card
graphic as what we have used nvidia, it’s a small insert
which carries everything necessary to function as a computer
autonomous and a gpu with korea and maxwell or be interesting good to see that now
what can this rachita do? come on we go there many of you
you will be thinking my god envy has gone crazy has gotten to compete with
the raspberry pi to create a insert to emulate cody retro consoles
and put netflix et cetera well I think that the main objective of envy
and that is nano is not killing the Raspberry insert in this type of
things the orientation of this product is that of the intelligence market
artificial and robotics providing the projects that we want to do with a
plate that occupies very little space very low power consumption and a
milk potency as you know the turner channel is dedicated to video games
similar retro so this analysis I’m going to focus on the performance that
you can find a machine to emulate and also as a desktop pc of
basic use I made it a no that I’ve received is a kit of
and it has come with the following with usb your TV to flip a feeder from
5 volt current 3 amps a microusb cable to connect it in addition
a most concise manual I’ve seen in the box that comes the plate and good
kind of cardboard assembly to be able use the box as a base not to
putting nvidia jetson nano is curious the truth is that good to do the experiments
what am I going to do is going to come in handy having it at the base is not there anymore
stable enough that I can not fall of course a sting that is not very
important the insert has the following connections as you see a
standard power connector a HDMI port and other display port 4 USB 3
0 a gigabit ethernet network port of not really like the one on the raspberry pi 3
gigabytes gb and a power port micro usb may seem weird the
fact that it has two connectors feed explanations that give us
these options to be able to feed the plate with a feeder less
power with the 5 volt 2 micro usb amps or with a feeder with
standard connector with which we can get to feed the plate with 5
volts and 4 amps i guess for action which projects can
it is necessary in the plate of more we can see more things a gp port I said
port have made it similar to that of raspberry pi according to the ejido has the
mass voltage pins well with the same distribution so it is compatible
with many of the seals that we can buy for ripley flush now
we see four pins that are to be able to feed the plate with power over
ethernet on the other side of the heatsink we see these pins that are for
connect it to usb ttl and from there to a pc to monitor things we have
connected to the berlocq board you like will you understand this this functionality if
you are going to do a project to emulate video games and maybe this is not
would this serve for more projects of robotics et cetera right next door we see
these pins that serve to put you then a power button a reset and also
we can reset the configuration of plate factory
here we see a port to connect a camera that according to the Jason Hacks website
it is compatible with the camera that we can use with raspberry pi I don’t know if
you know but well many people who use raspberry pi to mount cameras
security and similar things as you see all this is very oriented to
functionalities that go beyond a machine to emulate videogames ones
things that catch my attention the most design that these people have done in
nvidia is that the insert is insert that you see that is just below the
heatsink is the brain of the beast and it really is a removable plate it
can take out can be extracted comes in a slot so dimm if we remove the insert
you can see that really the brain thinking is here and everything else all
the big plate as they are ports et cetera the brain at the same time takes you
a nvidia maxwell gpu with 1,128 with shield half that a tegra x1 carries a
processor arm11 counts i7 to 1.43 gigahertz which is as if it were a
have x1 rolled down I very much emphasize the tegra x1 in
compare it because it catches my attention That is the processor that will carry
I understand your fact or the envy shield a ram memory has been put in 4 gb of
ddr memory the deutsche oper that I show you has a
microsd slot to put the system as you see on its website there is another version of
the plate that is not the development kit this version instead of needing a
micro sd to install the system operational carries memory mmc the truth is
that kind of memory is much more fast that also created sd and it will work
looser the system that is when boot when you start applications
etc it will be much looser than not with the
micro sd anyway with micro sd once the application starts
system pretty good now now you will see Apart from these things I explain
Jenson is also envious another decode 4k video at 60 and 30
frames as well as in 1087 20 and the dimensions of the gpu carry module is
front small are 70 x 45 mm having removed the insert is at
discovered below because a bus from m2 expansion in which we can put
cards that support it as per example wifi cards thanks to which
we can expand the possibilities of this plate for example can put them
wifi cards or any card that is compatible in my view
I think the fact of being able to extract the module with processor and so on
it gives us a lot of versatility that is yes no take out more powerful plates we can
change it very easily keeping their and the base with the
power ports etc. we will do in size if we compare it with a
raspberry pi is roughly twice as much as large in extension of the pcb and also in
height the y are nano is twice as high if we compare it with each other and it has
two in extension of pcb is very similar and in height then also if we compare
with the atomic pib so we see a great difference the atomic insert is
quite larger in extension and in height to tony and in this sense it is
unbeatable as an operating system in time to make the video is available
this ubuntu linux image on the page from nvidia so good you downloaded me
and installed to start testing things that we all old
they are interested in operating the emulators I was testing with
My compi ricard greetings from here paste thanks for everything we have
passed many hours of testing fruitless
in fact I have the plate for a couple of months and at that moment the thing
it was quite green in reference to the emulators to be made have not
past the weeks and it seems that little to little thing has improved with this
I also contacted Carlos a boy who is deeply involved in
the issue of the ascending behind this plate
in case you want to see what makes having a super complete post in each other’s forum
side on which you are testing nullifiers and more things
Carlos has been kind enough to pass me the compiled binaries of regulators
I’m going to test and has given me clues to make them work true that is
a whole crack thank you very much for your collaboration the truth that if it wasn’t
for you this video would not have been possible in fact Carlos has ventured to
deal directly with the people of retro for and to collaborate in performing
a port of retro country for this plate in how much of the news mind will I
commenting well let’s go to the mess I will start testing nintendo 64 one of the beasts
black emulation I don’t need to say something the
angulation is platform is amazing how it goes very well in the
envy and 8 dwarf is brutal the performance in both 007 which is a
difficult game emulate always try like in this star walk fraser looks
frankly well and very fluid just they observe defects in the audio and in the
graphic level you don’t see anything weird either the truth is that it cost us a lot
hit the key at the end we have given notice that it shows a lot of improvement
deactivating clouds and in this emulator from recesses so after a few
how many tests entrepreneurship is as you see
let’s see another platform let’s see as you can see it goes very fluid to
video level looks great the emulation although at the audio level yes that
some defect is heard but well nothing important on this platform and others already
we can see approved although as always I say these kinds of tests are tests
preliminary over time may get to improve them let’s see what happens with
the last as you see the duration is not quite
publicity still touching the settings of the emulator the thing because nothing is going
fine This is one of the simulators that I believe
that they did have it but they give us surprises With this delivery, let’s see
another psp platform I have done some experiment that another with
this emulator with open gl as you see it behaves in a more than correct way
but if we go to the app and vulcan that the fixed performance is going pretty bad
so better leave it with the profile on performance in both ghost of war ‘
I commented that 6 is fantastic I think which is better than in any single bar
computer that has brought so far to channel let’s see another platform
PlayStation good to expect perfect emulation let’s see another platform of the most
hard sega saturn to see what happens don’t see the brutal performance it has
this plate is a real past emulate frankly well
in fact I think it’s the first time that I see Saturn running a device like this
that is not a pc it seems to me magnificent emulation and eye that this
emulator is not quite because I notice I comment that with some of the
games that is testing us for some failure of some flickering textures
etcetera with glitch but in others it is brutal is someone who goes what a surprise
that has brought me the truth as a general purpose pc as you see good
will behave really well together if you compare it with the performance you had
take and I think it overcomes you look are how to play videos at 1080 even
do 4k without really messing up at load the applications well i’m going to
look for them you notice much more loose that the atomic insert
I am pleasantly surprised by this envy and the senate the plaque that I have
taught in the video and has given it to me the site people study puntocom a
Chinese store that was the first site where the available in addition to being one of
the official envy providers of this plate and are usually quite serious
go seeing this type of material in addition that the moment they are going to
they gave in the truth that is quite cheaper than in other places even
that the express I leave the link in the video description for purchase
isa if you want it lame because surely the customs part for
the amount that is worth it usually happens like this that you are prevented and after
evidence you’ve seen we can say that in basic tasks like navigating
edit video documents ie start desks unfolds
quite well what I do recommend is that you choose a microsd card
class 10 but make it high end so that the system runs loose we
I will leave a link in the description of video so you can see the backside that I’ve
used that went quite well if you use more normal cards the boot
of programs or the system will go a tad slower at the platform level
retro games you have already seen what it is and the most difficult platforms yield
great with psp with drink as with saturn I had never tried a single board
computer that was able to move with so much nintendo 64 and saturn that
yes with gamecube it is not quite right as East
it should be noted that the whole theme of the retro emulation promises a lot and only
is starting that yes to have a healthy lifestyle
as you have seen in the video with such regulators there is a lot of work
behind that is not a raspberry pi install an image and make a signature
you have to compile emulators you have to do thousands of tests and so on inside
of a time if they launch theater for it functionally by this platform as well
which will be much easier so it will be like a raspberry pi ultra
powerful thanks to the hardware that has above all take into account a
thing the original orientation of this plate is not to be a platform of
games this is why it still lacks a little way to go though the
truth is that at the moment do this video this plate hits a new envelope
upside down year ep 4 in a matter of emulation better
you want me to ever get over the envy rang 24 o’clock because I
like opinion comments and what We speak
Well, we don’t see any neighbors in the next video see you later lucas

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