✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Electric Fence

How to make an How to make an Electric Fence Hi everyone! Today I got another idea! It’s really easy to build, but cool! This fence requires alot of splash potions of harming, it’s expensive. :I It will not be that practical, but you will have the coolest fence in town! This is the basics, it now works! Touching the wires give what seems like an electric shock! It, of course, looks nicer once you cover everything up and let the grass grow. :] The wires are really hard to see and you can still walk through. :I That’s why I’ve made a few more designs. This one is very modern looking! Maybe even a little futuristic… I haven’t used end rods much, but this is a cool way to do so! MagmaMusen… Really? MISTAKE ALERT! A few months later… My bad, it won’t happen again. Ohh, wait.. Ehh.. … Sorry, I’ll get it right this time. There we go (Yay!) There we go.. Feel free to high-5 me through your screen. (Don’t, you will probably break your screen!) This fence is like the first, though you can’t go through! 😀 Let the grass grow and test it! Shocks and blocks! If you’re going for something that fits a good ol’ field, this next design is for you. This one will also block intruders! (and pigs) This one will also block intruders! Again, let grow and (then) test (it). What do you thing of the consept? I hope you enjoyed watching! Subscribe if you want to see my next silly idea! :I Now look at stone! Original English subtitles by: Fredbear Fazbear See ya next episode!

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  1. •XxRagingamergirlxX• says:

    Love ur vids

  2. Weed Smoker says:

    Instructions unclear what do I do after I put my cat in the microwave?

  3. lalo martinez says:

    love you

  4. Munchkin of Pern says:

    You can also use Pufferfish underneath trap doors, though that also causes poisoning

  5. Anna Ojowska says:

    kto z polski😉😉😉

  6. zcxc zaku says:

    Yaa coal

  7. zcxc zaku says:

    My cousin thinks you are cool!!!!!!!

  8. Yandu 17 says:

    Je t'adore t trop fort

  9. 하림 says:

    한글 자막있으니 좋네요

  10. OROEL says:

    Need to make comparator repeat systen for full electric effect.

  11. Arda Emre Aslan says:

    I like 2

  12. jodie peakall says:

    "Feel free to high five me through the screen"
    sLaPs AnD bReAkS sCreEn

  13. Samuel Brosse says:

    Meilleur je connais une meilleur clôture tu mets des bloc de magma et tu mets les barrières de l'Ender ou comme tu la fait acec les files

  14. Prince2234577 GOOD GAMER says:


  15. Taco ‘Bout It says:

    If this was in 1.14 he could’ve just used sweet berries

  16. 猫好き says:


  17. Elliott - BrawlStars says:

    Yes yes “the coolest fence in town” in my creative Minecraft pocket edition to cheep to buy realms with no friends world. Got’cha

  18. 굼바킹 says:

    첫번째 울타리 위에 카팻이랑 아래 울타리문 하면 이동 못해유

  19. superbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr superbr says:

    Your vids are the best, keep doing them 1+ subscriber

  20. Ethan Ish says:

    What is the world seed?
    I wanna use it!

  21. Ethan Ish says:

    also, it's so satisfying when you have the perfect amount of materials, and seeing them all run out is so nice.

  22. NrTFlame _Shadow says:

    Easy become Wattson

  23. Camden Bradham says:


  24. Anime Fox says:

    berry bush: AHEM

  25. Reqeez Rafiq says:

    Easy, just put you're gay if you enter.
    Only costs 8 wood
    And you will have some leftover sticks

  26. Halo Grunt15 says:

    This is going to look good for my Auschwitz survival build

  27. Ice Konali PL says:

    Jesteś Polakiem czy anglikiem??

  28. Thanos chin says:

    The only downfall is that the harm potions will run out soooo quickly

  29. Shalu Modi says:

    What's inside the dispensers

  30. El gringo xd says:

    I like this canal

  31. Pure Magick says:

    To any one watching in 2019 you could put bees underneath the fence to have the sound of a electric fence

  32. Kevin Zita says:


  33. Am Ende des says:

    This would be even more awesome combined with a autobrewer supplychain through hoppers!

  34. Люцивер ий says:

    Твои постройки очень крутые. Спасибо большое за твои видео!!! 😉😉😉

  35. Carl Eroz says:

    Thank you so much! I'm on hardcore mode now I don't have to use my totems of undying!

  36. Emre bam says:

    The music🤤

  37. K B says:

    You are a Really cool
    Guy i like your Vids

  38. Ameer Shammout says:

    This is very good but not efficient for survival but great idea!

  39. Jayden finnegan says:


  40. Laurinka Minářová says:

    Ty jsi můj nejlepší youtuber🤣🤣🤣

  41. Harris Smith says:

    Magma I have another idea, but you'll have to be in creative to make it you need a command block 2 layers of pressure plates and command blocks under them that have the command /summon lightning_bolt

  42. Kuyanndrew reacting and gaming says:

    MagmaMusen: Fell free to high five me from the screen
    (Grabs a Hammer)
    Me: will this thing works?

  43. Bopperooski says:

    You could use puffer fishes, no?

  44. DatFabMC_YTB says:


  45. Chhungi Tangpua says:

    its aswme

  46. AstraLestHD Channel says:

    The Minecraft background music is like someone died and the spirit haunts you

  47. Anatasya Dinata says:

    The ways are very easy and interesting

  48. Deymon Boy says:

    much better if every coordinates summons a lightning

  49. Саша Радашевский says:


  50. Marcelo Paiva says:

    I love your videos !! they are amazing !!

  51. EduGamer Tube says:


  52. David Heredia says:

    6:11 ¿how will enter?

  53. Fűçķ øff says:

    Recomend watching the video at 1.25x playback speed

  54. blaze acidh says:

    А не проще командный блок снизу поставить и спавнить молнию

  55. Ruby says:

    poor dirt block under the pillar
    btw fun video!

  56. Enes Çini says:

    Pig picture now
    Chickeen yes

  57. XxGACHA LOVExX says:

    Hey magma I had minecraft I learn different things to you I love it

  58. Jakub Szymankiewicz says:

    Magmusen jesteś świetnym YouTuberem masz świetne pomysły

  59. E ms says:

    quite expensive for me but i will use it in future

  60. Team Zg0d says:

    It is cool

  61. Juampy Lombardi says:

    it would be better with poison

  62. nico dimeo says:

    Great! Now the jews can't escape

  63. Animelover YT says:

    Ich habe es ausbrobiert es geht nicht

  64. Jalynn McCain says:

    Can someone tell me how to make harming potion

  65. Phantom says:

    Use creative mode. It’s much easier.

  66. Pj masks toys says:

    *feel free to hight 5 the screen
    ME:slaps the screen
    nothing happens
    Me HMm MayBe I HiT iT tO geNtLy
    gets hammer
    Me:YoU ArE GoiNG DoWn

  67. Stephen Raftery says:

    I high 5 my screen it breaks

  68. PhiBa PANDA says:

    Wow cest trop beau 🤩

  69. EvilGirl67 Gacha says:

    It happened again
    I still love your channel

  70. Christopher Terzakos says:


  71. Pietro Tilocca says:


  72. Crispy Boio says:

    Trough the screen

  73. YellowKat lol says:

    Magma:feel freee to high five me throigh the screen!
    My screen:i hate magma
    Me:slaps screen

  74. YellowKat lol says:

    I hit the like button so hard it turned blue

  75. li li says:

    I think we can use puffer fish now…

  76. American idiot American idiot says:

    1k PayPal to delete this world from minecraft

  77. オオカミの結晶Diana says:

    Omg the mordern one is perfect for the 3 of us since we have a mordern house

  78. ender phyco86 says:

    Good concept

  79. Rubbish Can says:

    You could use puffer fish to get a similar and cheaper effect

  80. Joshua Rogols says:

    6:25 The farm you can never harvest..

  81. alessandro moschini says:


  82. Jennifer Rafaele says:

    Vei esse canal tem cada vidio daora

  83. PotatoJunkee says:

    Could use pufferfish, no?

  84. Pavel Veligzhanin says:

    can go good for traps

  85. Aryan .s.f says:

    It was so good

  86. Aryan .s.f says:

    I liked it

  87. mishawrld says:

    what about builders?? they can build up the fence 😬😬

  88. ididknow TH says:

    I use this with Jurassic craft mod

  89. Loris Hofer says:

    I would use bonemeal around the tripwire hooks so u cant see em

  90. Roi sub extabite Baldo says:

    It seems you forgot your iron shovel

  91. ToMbOy ErSs says:

    All my cows died, thanks

  92. Diwesh Thakur says:

    your builts are execllent🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

  93. 마싯는 쿸이 Cookie says:

    Seems like people really hate people/mobs coming into their house

  94. Simon Johnson says:

    its a great concept but I think they'll see the tripwire

  95. Creative Channel Name says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  96. Creative Channel Name says:

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


    How do we go inside

  98. Katty Cruz says:

    Se puede mejorar y hacerlo más discreto y dañino

  99. Jack Fitzpatrick says:

    You are my favourite YouTuber keep on going love inspiration

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