طريقة تشخيص وإصلاح مشكل وميض الليد الأحمر مرثين في تلفزيونات سوني برافيا SONY BRAVIA KDL-22EX310

Hello, welcome to your KARIMI electronic Channel. The subject of this video is this 22-inch Sony TV KDL-22EX310, the TV is out of order The TV won’t start, we only have the indicator light flashing twice. The TV stays stuck in this state I’m gonna turn on the TV and try to find out what’s causing the problem. Here’s what TV looks like from the inside According to the list of error codes given by Sony Bravia, when the Indicator Lamp blinks twice The fault comes from the power supply board as shown here on this error list and specifically the line that supplies the 12 volts, we’ll check that. I’m gonna turn on the TV. I’ll take the multimeter. I put the negative probe of the multimeter on a metal part of the TV chassis I’m going to measure the voltages on these capacitors Here, there is no tension. But if I press start from the TV or the remote A 24 volt voltage appears and then disappears. I do the same manoeuvre again, the 24 volts appear and disappear It is the motherboard that detects a fault and therefore disconnects the power supply card. There is no voltage on the 2nd capacitor. I press the start button 5 Volts appear and then the voltage disappears. On this other capacitor We’ve got about 12 volts Check out I don’t think the cause is the power supply card, but I’ll run some more tests anyway. To be 100% sure I will start the power board manually; I will link the standby PIN with the ON PIN. This puts the power supply board in “open” configuration (must output all voltages). I’m cutting the power. This connector must be searched for the inscription ON/OFF Look here, you will find the ON/OFF sign here. This is the ON/OFF This is the 3.3 Volt standby power. I’m going to link the standby and on/off PINs directly. I’m going to tie the white wire with the orange wire The orange wire is the ON/OFF wire The white wire is the standby wire I’m going to use a conductive wire this way I connect the white wire with the orange wire In this way I’m putting the connector back in its place I’m turning the power back on I’m taking back the multimeter I’m gonna double-check the tension There’s nothing, maybe a defect in the conductive wire. Ah! The wire wasn’t properly connected. Here are the 24 volts It’s stable. Here 5 Volts, very good Here about 12 volts, exactly on a multimeter you can read 11.75 volts, so almost 12 volts. My friends, I think this power supply works just fine. Contrary to what can be read from the list of error codes provided by Sony Bravia As a note, this list of error codes is not always accurate. Now, I’m gonna try to get the backlight to work. I’m gonna manually turn on the Driver-Led Sometimes the failure can be due to a lighting defect and prevents the TV from starting. I have to make sure the Driver-Led and the LEDs themselves The entire backlighting circuit must be checked. This connector is the backlight connector, it supplies power to the Driver-Led circuit. In general, 24 volts are available as shown here on the power card. DIMMER is used to control the intensity of the lighting BL-ON is the abbreviation for Back Light and ON=switching on. The motherboard sends a signal to this BL-ON PIN to start the backlight. I’m gonna manually input the signal to BL-ON to start the backlight. To do this, I’m going to remove this blue wire which is the BL-ON wire and start the backlighting. As you can see, I’ve insulated this blue wire from the BL-ON I’m just going to touch the wire with my hand and see if it makes the backlight work. We’re checking to see if there’s any light coming through these slots I’m going to touch that wire Observe, as soon as I touch it, there’s a light You’ve seen There is another way to do the test, put the multimeter on the unit of measure of the diode We put the multimeter probe on the wire Observe, the light works Did you see, as soon as I take the probe off the multimeter, the light goes out. As soon as I put the multimeter probe back in, the light will work again. We can conclude that the Driver-Led and the LEDs are working well. The power supply works but the TV refuses to start and we have this flashing indicator light. Now, I’m moving on to the next step, which is to check the voltage on the motherboard. I’m going to measure the voltages on these coils I’ll take the multimeter. I’m starting with this coil Here we find 1.1 Volts On this one 1.7 Volts On this one 3.3 volts Here 5 Volts So, there’s tension everywhere. This means that these chips work, they act as a DC-DC step-down converter. For example, here, the input is 12 Volts; the chip lowers the voltage via the coil to 5 Volts. In conclusion, the voltages on the motherboard are normal. Now, I’m going to check if the Flash memory or the TV EEPROM is powered up or not. It is possible that the failure of this TV is related to a software problem (Software) I’m going to remove this metal part Underneath is the microprocessor and necessarily the Flash memory or the EEPROM of the TV. This is the TV’s microprocessor Here we find an EEPROM memory and not a Flash memory of the SPI type. I’m gonna check, see if there’s a voltage supply It’s supposed to have 3.3 volts. Here the input PIN of the supply voltage of the EEPROM Look at the multimeter, we find the 3.3 Volts It is certain that the microprocessor also receives its power supply. On top of it you can feel a slight heat, which indicates its working. The microprocessor is usually supplied with 1.1 volts as shown here on the multimeter. Let’s check the RAM, we found 1.7 volts. In conclusion, we can say that the problem is due to a defect in the software (Software) But there’s one thing you should know about this Sony Bravia TV The software of this TV is not stored in this EEPROM. When I talk about software, I mean a computer program with instructions. The TV is like a PC, it needs instructions from the software. So TV has a computer program just like a PC The Flash memory which contains the software of this TV is integrated in the microprocessor. In this microprocessor is also integrated the graphics card that processes the signal that goes to the LVDS. This microprocessor comprises several integrated circuits including the Flash memory This Flash memory contains the software that gives instructions on how to operate the TV. On the other hand, this EEPROM serves only as a memory. For example, if we were watching a channel at a particular volume When you turn off the TV and then turn it on again We find the last channel watched at the same volume With the same brightness, colors, etc All changes made with the remote control are stored in the EEPROM. The TV does not start from the EEPROM, but the Boot is done from the Flash memory integrated in the microprocessor. The EEPROM has nothing to do with the TV software, but it may be the cause of the failure. I’m going to do another action As I just said, the EEPROM is for the storage of data relating to the use of TV I’m going to remove the EEPROM and erase the data (formatting). Then I’ll put it back in the TV to try it out, maybe the TV will start up. As I said before. It is important to know that for Sony devices At the slightest problem, the TV freezes and as in this case we only have a flashing indicator light. There is a chance that the fault is in this EEPROM. We will see the result after reformatting the EEPROM. As a note, this chip is not an SPI flash memory, the same for this chip. I think those are voltage regulators I’ll take out the EEPROM, I’ll put in some flux After removing the EEPROM, what do you think, my friends, if we did a test run of the TV! Let’s test without the EEPROM and see if there’s a change. But before I do, I’m going to take out that conductive wire I added And put that blue wire from the backlight back in place and see what happens. Like this I’m turning on the power The indicator lamp does not light up any more Ah! The indicator light has turned green You saw, there’s been a change But the backlighting doesn’t work Ah! All this indicates that EEPROM is the source of the problem. I’m going to take the measure of the voltage The power supply board is in operating mode You really have to try to understand these technical points Observe the multimeter, there is a voltage, the power supply card is working, it is in ON mode. I’m gonna cut the power. I turned off the power, I’m turning it back on Check out The indicator lamp, it’s neither red nor green, it doesn’t work. We’re waiting for a little while. Did you see the green indicator light come on? I’m going to erase the data from this EEPROM (formatting) and we’ll see the result. I’m cutting the power again I take this special Socket for EEPROM I’m putting the EEPROM on it. You have to put the mark on the EEPROM on the side of the red wire of the Socket. Ah, there was another EEPROM in the Socket I’d forgotten it. I put the EEPROM this way. Like this Then we put it on the programmer I’m going to use this RT809F programmer. This way, then I’ll connect it to the PC I connect the programmer to the PC with a USB cable. We open the software of this programmer We click on the Smart identify button This EEPROM is a 16 Bit EEPROM with a memory of 32 Kbytes. I will choose, the tab 24_256 As can be seen, the software recognized the 32 Kbyte EEPROM Click on the Erase tab. This will erase all data (formatting). That’s it, it’s over, we’re reading Erase successfull. The EEPROM is formatted Now I’m going to put the EEPROM back in the TV and see the result, I hope it’s good. All right, now I’m going to turn the TV on and see the result The indicator light came on right away Ah! Did you hear that Sony TV starter jingle? Backlighting works Ah! As you can see, the TV has started up The outage was weird. On the list of error codes, the blinking twice was related to a problem with the power supply card. Anyway, you have to work smart with the TVs of Japanese brands. Like Sony TVs, Sharp, etc They practically all work according to the same principles The TV’s back in factory mode You choose the language Here we enter a code for parental control except the code “OOOO”. for example 8888 I’m starting over. Press OK You can choose the mode of use Home or Shop We put Home Here is a question that proposes to launch a search for chains Right now, we’re not going to do that. Well, now the TV is working fine. Note, the TV started with a French TF1 HD channel. Here is the France 2 HD channel Not all of these channels are recorded in the EEPROM. Presumably, this information is stored on another memory chip This memory can be integrated in the microprocessor. We can conclude that the EEPROM we just formatted Does not store channel information This EEPROM stores only certain data such as image adjustment, sound volume, etc All this information is stored in the EEPROM that has just been formatted. If you remove the EEPROM again and analyze it with the programmer We will find several instruction codes Such as what we just did, like choosing the sound, language, mode of use, parental code, etc. I hope you will enjoy this video, be useful, goodbye, and see you with a next video.

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    جزك الله كل الخير

  89. خالد عطايا says:

    أشكرك على هذا الفيديو عندي تلفزيون سوني به نفس العطل و إن شاء الله سأصلحه اليوم جزاك الله خيرا لقد ساعدتني

  90. Khaledchebbi Khaledchebbi says:

    جزاك الله خيرا

  91. رجب عايد says:

    أخي انت تستاهل مليون لايك

  92. ali Jwad says:

    ممتاز أستاذ كريمي.
    ممكن مسح البروم من خلال A v g
    للتلفاز إلى كيبل الكومبيوتر
    بدون رفع البروم ؟

  93. abdelhamid Elshikh says:

    بالتوفيق احدد ازاي الفلاشه من الاي سي من منظم الجهد

  94. abod has says:

    ماشاء الله تبارك الله ربي يحميك اخي الكريم
    والله استفدت منك كثيرا
    جازاك الله خيرا

  95. عصام ابراهيم says:

    بارك الله فيك موفق بإذن الله
    استاذ محمد راسلت كذا مرة بموضوع شاشة سوني سمارت اندرويد ٥٥ بوصة اللمبة الحمراء تضئ وتنطفي 8 مرات

  96. Magdy Msry says:

    السلام عليكم
    اولا شكر كبير لحضرتك وربنا يجعله في ميزان حسناتك
    ثانيا شرح فوق الممتاز
    حضرتك في شرح ازدواج الصوره وعدم ثبات الالوان
    وانا كان عندي شاشه بتعمل نفس العيب وعملت نفس الخطوات واتظبطة بس بعد تشغيل الشاشه يحصل رعشه في الشاشه والصوره بتدي لون احينا اخضر واحيانا موف برجاء تقولي الحل ايه وياريت لو حضرتك عندك واتس لارسل عليه صور توضح قبل وبعد

  97. ghasem sadat says:

    سلامعلیکم استاذ محمد کریمی مشکور علي شرح الله يعطي العافية. تحياتي الک…….

  98. ADIL LAIB says:

    السلام عليكم اخي عندي تلفاز LED نوع بروند 32 بوصة يشتعل مدة دقيقة أو اقل ثم ينطفئ أفدنا من فضلك وشكرا

  99. star hany says:

    بجد انا اول مرة فى حياتى اكتب لحد بس بجد برافو انا صنيعى برو

  100. 3g elctrony elctrony says:

    بارك الله فيك اخى كريمى وزادك علما،م احمد من ام الدنيا ،هل هذه المبرمجة تباع جاهزه ولامن صنع يديك

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