[Сирия 21+] “Идлиб. Необъявленная война”

English subtitles by R&U Videos T-90 tank monitor excellent! aim higher! Look where they are – higher to the left! slower, slower The night of February 23rd-24th can be considered the date
the beginning of a new phase of Operation “Idlib Dawn” over the past few days, government forces have not only
managed to transfer reinforcements to the M5 highway but repel several major terrorist attacks as well Moreover, they were supported by
Turkish armored vehicles and artillery Today, command of the 25th Division set the soldiers a task –
to take possession of the large settlement – Kafr Sejena Today we destroyed two militants in addition – two vehicles as well Inside the vehicles – weapons, one has
a mounted DShK (12.7 mm machine gun) – Below, the road is open
-Yes, understood Let’s mark the coordinates – Go ahead, guys of the 25th Division (Tiger Forces) ! – Now, after the storming of (village) Rakaya Sijneh – we will move towards Kafr Sejena – and then, we’ll move towards the village Sheikh Mustafa – and God willing, in several hours, forces
of the 25th Division will liberate this area February 24th, 2020 Since the time of the battle for Khan Sheikhun,
Kafr Sejena was seriously fortified by terrorists   the area and strategically important heights
gave them the opportunity to concentrate and with one blow cut the M5 highway on the section
between the cities of Khan Sheikhun and Maarat al-Numan before the soldiers of the 25th division opened
up a view of the mountains of southern Idlib but in order to reach them, it was still necessary to
liberate many towns and villages beyond Kafr Sijnah   it has become increasingly difficult for
militants to deter government offensive Retreating to the mountains, terrorists
were abandoning their last fortifications Following target on the way of the Tigers was the city of
Ma`arrat Hurmah, to the north-west of the M5 highway Here is the tank, and ahead of the tank I sent you a mine trawl three militants already nearby, strike at them from the tank To the right of you “Shilka” and Zu-23, they covering you – after capturing Ma’arr Zita, we continue
our advance towards Ma`arrat Hurmah – we are inside the village, were met
by resistance – shelling, enemy snipers – but we continue our advance, everything goes according to plan February 25th, 2020 this is the mountainous area of South Idlib North of the infamous city of Kafr Nabudah it was from these territories in the summer of
2019 that militants attacked government forces now, when the soldiers of the 25th Division
is already near the city of Kafr Nabl illegal armed groups leave these territories [ militants’ motorcycle ] militants were in these caves just last night literally everything around was showing it:   light, abandoned food, and ammunition left in a hurry to the north,   and the only place where they could at least
somehow try to resist was the city of Kafr Nabl this village is called Basqala, from here
opens up a view of Kafr Nabl, therefore, it is not surprising that the militants
decided to meet government forces here now at this height, there are militants who continue
to resist, they are being killed off by artillery Idlib province
Strikes on
Illegal Armed Formations (IAF) Militants preparing rocket launcher to fire at government forces Militants towing mortar Masked multiple rocket launcher after a short but fierce battle, the last
villages before Kafr Nabl were taken armor and assault groups were
entering the city from three directions February 25th, 2020 Daylight hours already ending, today was not an easy day But troops of the 25th Division already
entering the eastern outskirts of Kafr Nabl – Soldiers of the “Termah” group ! all that I will say – it’s in your honor, and in honor
of Qomhana (Hama province), where you are from Qomhana, you are the source of courage,
Qomhana, spring originates from your land Qomhana, you are the source of courage,
Qomhana, spring originates from your land your people – old people, youth – for the enemy they are
like an earthquake, may God protect your noble people My Qomhana, I appeal to everyone, young and old Let troubles pass you by and grief dissipate – We are already on the Kafr Nabl outskirts now here arriving armor equipment, assault
groups, each group will have their own sector Whether an enemy will be found here, is not yet known But it is possible that militants transferring all their
reserves to Idlib – to attack Nayrab and other territories Well, here we are in the center of Kafr Nabl it is felt that the 25th division is literally stepping
on the heels of the retreating militants only we alone, found in the darkness 3 destroyed
pickups, they had trophy weapons inside apparently the militants continue to
retreat, apparently in al-Bara or Hzarrin February 26th, 2020 even before the war, Kafr Nabl was considered the
unofficial capital of the Muslim Brotherhood movement And although the walls of the city greeted us with numerous
graffiti about the “Syrian Revolution” and the Arab Spring, the authority in the city did not belong
to those who call themselves “opposition” armored vehicle “Hayat Tahrir al-Sham” the police department in Hass (just east of Kafr Nabl) one could see this by visually examining the
numerous caves dug by militants around Kafr Nabl Special Forces Unit Howitzer shell Camp “al-Wadi” daily routine: prayer, breakfast,
arms study, training, sports, sharia lessons. it is forbidden to approach civilians Another striking example of barbarism by terrorists
is the ruins of an ancient Byzantine city Shinsharah Syrian al-Qaeda set up here a training center the calculation was very simple –
governments do not strike at historic sites   and therefore, here, fanatics could feel completely safe essentially terrorists held hostage a cultural
heritage belonging to the whole world while not having the slightest relation to it after the capture of Kafr Nabl, the Syrians
managed to liberate the small town of Hzarrin It became a bridgehead from which the Tiger Forces
began to climb up the mountains Jabal al-Zawiya to the terrorists, their loss threatened the speedy loss
of the second strategically important highway in Big Idlib we are talking about the M4 Aleppo – Latakia motorway Strikes on
Illegal Armed Formations
in Idlib province militants’ armored equipment is discovered Militants’ frontline in the mountains near
the M4 highway continued to crumble, but now Turkey has openly intervened President Erdogan back in mid-February put
forward an ultimatum to official Damascus – by March 1st, move to the borders of the
de-escalation zone and Idlib outlined in 2018 to put the weight behind those demands, a
large group of the Turkish army entered Idlib And situation escalated to the limit on the night of 26th to 27th  That night 33 Turkish soldiers were
killed by the Syrian airstrike it was this that gave Ankara official occasion to
announce the beginning of the operation “Spring Shield” the Turkish side used all the weaponry
that were in the Idlib de-escalation zone in a short period of time, three planes and two
helicopters of the Syrian Air Force were shot down  also strikes hit columns of reinforcements coming
to help government forces in the Saraqib area Turkish attack drones circled in the sky above the city retreating militant units concentrated in the area of ​​this
strategically important intersection of the M4 and M5 highways their goal was to gain a foothold In order to stabilize the front, “Tiger Forces” were urgently transferred from the mountainous regions of Idlib to
the defense on the Aleppo-Damascus highway  everyone was expecting the moment when
the Syrian air defense kicks in at full capacity Well, on March 1st, Turkish attack
drones begun to fall down from the sky About 6 drones were shot down in one day And that what served as a signal for
the 25th Division to go on the counterattack Strikes on
Illegal Armed Formations
in Idlib province Militants’ reconnaissance group Militants hiding vehicles in two buildings both buildings destroyed Group of militants entering the building rocket launcher firing rockets militants picking up dead and wounded in Saraqib March 2nd, 2020
Saraqib outskirts 3 o’clock in the morning, usually the 25th
Division does not attack in this time of night But lately, Division’s tactics seriously changed Basically, enemy tactics have been adopted, militants’ tactics Now infantry, in small groups gathering inside the buildings, – it was happening all these days – the equipment also pulled here – to the
frontline, masked, hidden from the view all because of the Turkish drones in the sky Tonight, the fighters of the 25th Division will have
to enter the city of Saraqib from the southern outskirts, only infantry will take part in the attack Early morning of March 2nd, we are in
the city of Saraqib on the M5 highway at night, fighters of the 25th Division managed to enter the city, a battle ensued and the militants were
driven out to the northern outskirts  right now, Turkish artillery striking at government forces Turkish drones are also circling in the sky therefore we have to move from
building to building in short dashes The main task for the government forces at the moment is to
secure a foothold because everyone expects a counterattack There were some difficulties due to
Turkish shelling, drones, and infantry Despite all the difficulties in this battle, we
destroyed several armored vehicles and militants. when the militants entered Saraqib they hung on a
telecommunication tower a huge “Free Syrian Army” flag now it’s not there Apparently they took it while retreating
or it was blown away by the wind.   Anyway, this banner no longer flys over the city – Militants’ rifles?
– Yes, trophies – we got is on that side have to wrap him up, he was injured by a Turkish drone strike and by the way, it was a vile strike,
at first it struck on the group of people Then waited until the vehicle came
to help the wounded it struck again – They struck the ambulance – at first, the projectile landed that way… targeting one group went to help them, the attack continued, an ambulance came and it was struck by a direct hit This is how the Turks operate The shelling ended, the battery was apparently suppressed   so now the assault groups are clearing
the city, militants are definitely here Get the tank and fold the building – only faster, faster I will shoot once and drive back a bit, and will continue like that – is anyone in there? who’s shooting? – there is an enemy – What faction you are from?
– “Faylaq al-Sham”=I am a rookie, only joined “Faylaq al-Sham” – Is Turkey supplies your with armor and supports you with fire?
– yes – where is the support comes from?
– Turkey – Does the Turkish army take part in advance?
– Yes – How about Turkish officers?
– Yes, present – where are you from
– “Qukrai” – who’s paying you?
– Turkey – How much exactly?
– “Combat fee” – 10,000 liras a day ($20) – do you have foreigners
– not with us – were foreigners in Saraqib? – most likely on other direction – Uzbeks, Uyghurs, do they fight here?
– yes, they are – al-Nusra and Turkey, are they allies?
– That’s right – So there an interaction between them?
– Turkey supports them – Did you take part in the storm of Saraqib? – No, only last night came to the positions I’m a rookie only for the first time in battle 🙂 March 6th, 2020
Dadikh (west of Saraqib) On March 5th, Moscow hosted negotiations
between the presidents of Russia and Turkey the main topic was certainly the situation in Idlib Right during the meeting, the terrorists launched
a massive counterattack on the village Dadikh and while in Moscow they shook hands,
here there was a fierce battle In the evening, it was announced that ceasefire
in Idlib starts at 0:00 (midnight) Moscow time A buffer zone is being created around the M4 highway
and joint Russian-Turkish patrols will soon be launched. The Turkish President had to abandon his main demand – to force government forces to withdraw to
the borders of the de-escalation zone of 2018 many analysts called it the victory of Russian diplomacy Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorists announced that the results
of the negotiations are a betrayal by the Turkish leadership group announces the continuation of armed confrontation this is how terrorists once again turned out
to be bargaining chips in a major political game negotiations in Moscow ended, but
the militants remained lying in this dirt Prayer timer a large number of military analysts were
looking forward to the last day of February because there was a real possibility
of Turkey declaring war on Syria  Despite the fact that this was not done, the
intensity of the battles near Saraqib was fierce  the Syrian army has been fighting terrorism for 9 years, having lost tens of thousands of soldiers and officers over the
years, had to face one of the strongest armies of the NATO bloc What will historians write about this undeclared war?
whom will they call the winner? who are the loser? only time will tell  But in this fierce struggle, government forces
managed to keep the Aleppo-Damascus track now it is again open to traffic for civilian routes and goods the highways through the rebellious province
are important for the future people of Syria And what awaits the terrorists of Hayat
Tahrir al-Sham and their accomplices? remains to be seen “Jund al-Aqsa”, “Islamic State” Training camp

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